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�All of such players, these politicians are not greater than puppets. They don�t serve people. There is no real democracy. They serve the rich and powerful operating the entire world understanding that could be the bankers who control the amount of money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money whether or not they make bank investments or otherwise not. Wars are good for them and consequently, they control the politicians.

Psychopaths are running the world.� - Ken O�Keefe ISIS

Ken O�keefe, an ex US Marine as well as a Gulf War Veteran of Irish-Palestinian descent who experimented with renounce his US citizenship last 2001 is viewed speaking boldly in the video above in regards to the Syrian crisis within a televised debate on PRESSTV that has been aired nearly Three years ago. Exactly the same video is rightfully making its rounds again on social media platforms including Facebook following the brutal attack on Paris which left a lot more than 100 people dead plus a little over 350 injured.

In accordance with O�keefe, he was discharged from your US Marines as they �spoke out openly about abuse of power by my �superiors� and as a consequence I paid much price. I realized that honour and integrity were virtues which are often punished as an alternative to rewarded and also the Marines supplied me with my first serious taste of injustice.�

Serious allegations regarding the origins of Al-Qaeda and also the Islamic State were given away to the open by O�keefe against Senior Fellow in the center for American Progress, Lawrence J. Korb with claims both the notorious terrorist organizations counseled me made-in-the-USA- it's intended to divide and conquer the guts East and ultimately create a Greater Israel.

An instant review on the reputation war participated by the Usa shows a ring of truth with O�keefe�s impassioned extrapolations. The usa has ceaselessly meddled together with the affairs of other nations since conclusion of World War II. Korean War. Vietnam War. War on Lebanon. Persian Gulf War. Iran. Cuba. The Invasion of Panama. Iraqi War and now the Syrian War. In each of

those tumultuous times of all time, America is figure that�s ever present- in humanitarian aid or perhaps military aid. But mostly, in military aid. Artillery support is now its hobby.

Undoubtedly, they have always brandished to the world its impenetrable naval supremacy. And then for any State just the least display of threat towards it is deemed an immediate target. Despite its strong naval control in any world�s oceans and it is superpower status, America is, in truth, insecure.

The director from the National Security Agency under Taxation, General William Odom recently remarked, �By any appraise the U.S. has long used terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was attempting to pass a law against international terrorism - in most version they produced, the lawyers said the U.S. could be in violation.�

From the 70s, the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to thwart Soviet expansion and arrest the spread of Marxism among the Arabs. America also showed support on the Sarekat Islam in Indonesia and Jamaat-e-Islami terror group against Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. And lastly, there exists Al Qaeda.

Looking at the infancy to its full-blown anarchy, Osama Bin Laden and the organization has also been nurtured with the CIA. Aside from the claims of Ken O�keefe, former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook also corroborated his claims concerning the Al Qaeda, which means �the database� in Arabic because it was originally can be a master listing of all Muslim extremists trained from the CIA to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. The CIA created monsters that monsters are now running amok, spreading their limbs across Central Asia and clawing their way into Europe as well as the U . s ..

Currently, you will find three wars being waged in Syria: One, between the government along with the rebels, between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the third, between US and Russia. The latter may be the one flirting which has a under-developed war. A neo-cold War for the present time one that can potentially spawn another major worldwide chaos. It�s worth noting the ISIS thugs are confidently displaying American-made M16 Assault rifles.

Washington�s Middle East policy includes oil as well as, Israel. Using the invasion of Iraq and removal of Sadam Hussein, America has partially satiated its desire oil. The Syrian crisis conversely, has everything to apply Israel as well as the coming of Greater Israel with the ultimate purpose of depriving its oil-rich neighboring enemies of Syrian and Iranian support.

As the Al Qaeda experiment backfired, ISIS too has certainly backfired in fact it is not scared nor embarrassed to take in the hands that fed it into a colossal abomination. If America wants to win this �War on Terror� this must stop aiding and abetting terrorists. It has to cease motivating terrorists and providing them means and methods to consummate their twisted ideologies.

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