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Potato Battery Sarah Harari 8C


Objective To save energy in the world by doing a clock that charges with the potato instead of energy that can make bad to the world. This clock will be an environmental clock.


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Background The potato clock instead of batteries uses potatoes. The potato have inside some type of chemical energy that makes power. When you connect the potatoes to the clock it works like a battery. Making a clock that charges with a potato is easy and better for the world because this way we save power and energy. A potato is an electrochemical battery. The chemical power of this potato is converted into electric energy, with an electron transfer. Â In this case, copper wire will be used to convert the chemical power into electric power.


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Hypothesis If we do a potato clock, then we are going to do a good thing for the environment because instead of using power we are going to use potatoes, so that means that we save power.


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Material List

# •# 2 Potatoes # •# 1 Clock # •# 1 Copper Wire # •# 2 Alligator Pins # •# 1 Galvanized Nail


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Procedure # 1.# Get the materials # 2.# Wire the two potatoes to the poles of the clock. # 3.# Put the nail through one potato at the opposite side from the wire. # 4.# Put the alligator pin taking the nail. # 5.# Connect a wire to the pin and connect it to the opposite pole.


Science book  
Science book  

This book is about an environmental science fair project. This project is about how we try to do a potato clock.