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YELLOW a zine by sharachel

for so long i was green, blue, i spent a long time purple and then suddenly, or maybe it was gradual, i was yellow. everything was yellow.

here is my first zine – a love letter to my new favourite colour

yellow, obviously in the sunshine, but also in my eyes, my favourite cardigan, the bees and bright raincoats yellow, found on the streetlights, the roads, doors and cars i walk past i am no longer oblivious to the yellow in my life, as i had been i'm opening my eyes, letting the light in, seeing the beauty around me

it’s happiness

after being afraid for so long it’s every day since that day it’s letting go of the blues yellow is the spring and summer that follow a grey winter

it’s just a colour that was always too bright for me

a day spent in the pool my best friend's bedroom walls in high school lemon candy, comfort me summer shandy, set me free sunflowers, rubber ducks yellow feels like giving no fucks

feeling so light

feeling alright

(all photos/words by me @sha_rachel)


a zine about a colour and a feeling

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