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Adv. Digital Arts Portfolio Shaquille Ray

Spring 2014

Introduction This book highlights moments of my spring semester in my 3000 level Advanced Digital Arts II (Photography) Class at UNC-Pembroke with professor John Labadie. You will see content from the class that is photographed and edited in photoshop. I put together photos that range from landscapes to athletic activities and are all edited to resemble paintings and various styles of abstract works. Each image was taken handheld and put through photoshop and enhanced with leveling and balancing before being put through any filters. As you can see through out each section each image is rendered as a painting or an abstract work. This is accomplished by using several filter and changing the sliders on each image to achieve a specific look. All photos were taken by a Canon Rebel XT Camera The filters used were: -Cutout -Poster Edges -Paint Daubs -Oil Painting


Cutout filter used to achieve rigid effect.

Additional photos also editedLeft- Oil Painting, Paint Daubs, Cutout. Right- Cutout, Paint Daubs and Poster Edges.

If you take a closer look you can see very small detail in each image from the filters used, each has it own unique attribute, but all were edited the same with the same filters.

Above- Edited to resemble a cartoon.

Left<The effect achieved by the use of paint daubs and poster edges.

Right>This image was edited using pixilate filter.


All images in this section include shots of individuals eyes and edited.

Left- Very saturated edited with added lens flare Right- Desaturated and used cutout filter to achieve different levels of gray and added color darkest levels of Gray

Different depictions of the eye with the filter used.


Abstracted with cutout filter and simplified edges, and fidelity.

Right- Added plastic wrap filter


A still life of cans bottles and random objects on my living room coffee table.


All images are long exposures done by waving the camera at lights on the street.Edited and original images included

All edited to resemble paintings. Edited on top original on bottom.


Edited with poster edges filter and cutout filter.

Cutout filter with simplified edges creates a more geometric composition.


Section includes images from my intro level digital arts class and high school.

Final Portfolio Shaquille Ray 3000 ADV Digital Art

Digital Art 3000 Final Portfolio  

Includes Shots Taken From My Digital Art Photography Class.