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Commercial Locksmith Tips – How to Prevent Retail Robberies

If you own a business and want to know how to make your business protected against robbery then you need to implement the following tips. It will help decrease the rate of burglary no matter wherever you run your business. The security tips given below may discourage robbers and prevent your business from getting ransacked.

Use deadbolts on all inside doorways and outside access. Keep your portable locks or padlocks, locked and make sure they are made of strong steel. Try to remove the serial number on your lock otherwise unauthorized key access may take place. Use strong metal lines or security crossbars around all external doors in order to prevent security breach. Fix all uncovered hinges so that nobody can remove them.

Advanced locks along with burglar-proof glass should be used on windows. Consider using metal mesh/grates on windows for high level of security. Take away all luxurious items from your display window at night to avoid attention of robbers and make sure that no one can through your windows after closing hours.

Lighten up your office from both the inside and outside area. Make sure sufficient light is there around windows, doors, skylights, and other possible entries. Again, cover up exterior lighting fixtures and power supplies to prevent tampering. Keep the parking lot well lighted and facilitate clear views. Vacate your cash counter and preferably keep it outside your business so that police can monitor it easily during day and night. Don’t forget to leave it free and empty after closing hours.

If you are unable to check retail robberies in spite of all the above given tips, then take help of the expert locksmiths at Our locksmith experts can handle everything including residential, commercial and automotive lockouts and beef up your security in an unequalled manner.

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Commercial locksmith tips – how to prevent retail robberies