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Annual Progress Report Committed individuals working together to find creative ways to build better lives, for now and for generations to come. Volunteer expertise coordinated, three task force reports completed, many recommendations accepted.

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What is

Shaping our Future?

A framework for collective, future focused decision making. A process harnessing and applying local expertise to local issues. An independent organisation dedicated to delivering a shared vision for the future.

Who’s behind it?

A volunteer Steering Group, a part-time paid coordinator and institutional partners committed to the district’s vision of a great future. Steering Group: Jim Boult, Pete Bullen, Celia Crosbie, Ralph Hanan, Prue Kane, David Kennedy (chair), Alastair Porter, Ed Taylor, Trent Yeo Coordinator: Alexa Forbes Partners: Chamber of Commerce Queenstown, Chamber of Commerce Wanaka, Destination Queenstown, Lake Wanaka Tourism, Otago Polytechnic Centre for Sustainable Practice, Queenstown Lakes District Council. Previous Steering Group members: the late John Aspinall, Sally Battson, Sue Coutts, Debra Lawson, Ella Lawton, Vanessa Van Uden

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The Process

What’s been done so far? • Established a volunteer steering group, set up an Incorporated Society




• Completed a community visioning process IMPLEMENTATION

• Established a collaborative website • Facilitated 3 forums with great results:

– The Events Forum Task Force recommendations have produced a dedicated Events Office

– The Economic Futures Forum has produced committed funding for a research project towards establishing a permanent office

– The Energy Futures Forum has produced a significant report with 5 recommendations to agencies

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How does it work? The theory

The framework sets up a continuous spiral of visioning, establishing baselines (where we are now), raising awareness and working on steps towards the vision (where we want to go). Each step further raises awareness and further moves the baseline towards the vision.

The practice

It starts with public forums and online discussions where people can identify issues that inhibit our path towards our shared vision of a great future. This progresses to putting together volunteer task forces which investigate the issues and ultimately present recommendations to local and national agencies.

Community – vision and priorities identified THE FUTURE STEP 4. DOWN TO ACTION


Now we know where we’re going we can get on with it

STEP 3. COMPELLING VISION Step three is about building a vision which we can all aspire to

The first step is to become aware of a need or an impending issue


Public forums – explore issues in response to priorities

Does it move us in the right direction? Is it a flexible platform? Is it a good return on investment?

Volunteer task force established to investigate and make recommendations Recommendations go back to forum for approval then to agencies Action

Step two requires that we understand where we are now

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The Future we want 1000 people contributed online and at forums through facilitated public meetings

in Makarora, Glenorchy, Kingston, Wanaka, Luggate, Arrowtown and Queenstown, online surveys, contributions from the U3A (University of the Third Age), Chambers of Commerce and school children we created a commonly held vision and priorities we should work on.

The Vision “Spectacular environments, enterprising people, exceptional solutions” Individuals and groups committed to finding creative ways to build better lives, for now and for generations to come. A district embracing the concepts of Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga. Applying these values reflects our intention to move forward together, based on a shared approach. KAITIAKITANGA means guardianship, care and protection. It includes the management of natural, cultural, and built environment resources for current and future generations MANAAKITANGA implies a reciprocal responsibility upon a host, and an invitation to a visitor to experience the best we have to offer.

This vision is a draft – your comments are always welcome.

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The Priorities

Preserve and enhance the environment

We are concerned about our environment and collectively want to improve its state

Community development

As we create the district we want, each Forum needs to consider the agreed Priorities established in the visioning process. Every task force creates reports in the context of these priorities and the vision.

We are close communities that value our people. We want to work together in partnership and want our infrastructure to support that


We see a future for innovative learning centres (sports, arts, business) of excellence, incubators. Facilities that support lifelong learning that will support our economy and become vital to our tourism industry

Engagement in governance

We want simplified access to our local, regional and central governments. We want to be more involved

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Diverse economy

We use this Funnel metaphor to graphically map the drivers of change in our community.

We envisage a strong local economy and communities that people can afford to live in. We see opportunities as an events destination and in the ‘knowledge economy’ and in retaining local money in our own district


We need excellence – sports, education, cradle-to-grave health, sewerage and water systems

Build self-sufficiency

We envisage local energy solutions, local food production, better building design and want to learn how we can keep more of our own money in local circulation


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We want to be better connected in all ways – internet, transport, tracks and trails, communities


We want to build high value contributing tourism, respectful, long stay and “slow tourism”


It’s important that we value and retain our heritage

Town Development

We want development that supports our vision and priorities. Many want to see the development of a spatial plan

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Happening in


New forums taking a district-wide, future-focussed view on issues that concern our communities.



Register your interest at • Indicate the task forces you’d be interested in

• Comment on the vision and priorities • Initiate a forum on a subject you feel strongly about

• Innovation forum underway • Tourism forum planned • Membership drive to increase participation

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