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Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

Sales Guide - Romantic Germany Experience enchanting moments in the region around Rhine and Moselle


Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

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Hohe Lay, Nassau, Lahntal

A warm welcome to Rhineland-Palatinate!

and Moselle rivers, charming little towns with

We hope that our Sales Guide will provide

half-timbered houses, a wide range of cultural

you with information about the tourist

points of interest and a wonderful mild climate

amenities and cooperation opportunities

are all hallmarks of the Rhineland-Palatinate. It

available here. The following pages provide

is a region full of historical highlights, while at

suggestions and ideas about events and

the same time remaining a modern and active

tourist attractions, examples of active or

region. Museums, concerts, theatres and a

wine vacation packages and special offers

multifaceted menu of events await all visitors.

from selected incoming partners.

The picturesque scenery of the UNESCO World Heritage site Upper Middle Rhine Valley has

2 / 3

Every holiday should be a pure pleasure.

been considered the epicentre of the romantic

Rhineland-Palatinate, the most westerly area of

Rhine for over 200 years and is one of the most

Germany, on the border to Belgium, Luxembourg

important transport routes in Europe.

and France, welcomes guests with the utmost

The valley is characterised by its uniquely

hospitality. Vineyards as far as the eye can see,

high concentration of castles, making it both

almost 500 fairytale castles, palaces and ruins

mysterious and historically inimitable. A central

decorating the river landscapes around the Rhine

feature of this area is the mythical Loreley Valley

”Laacher See”, Eifel

near St. Goarshausen, where the song of a

Outdoor deluxe

beautiful girl is said to have lured seamen into

The natural beauty of Rhineland-Palatinate


provides the perfect natural playground for a number of outdoor activities like hiking and

A splendid bouquet

biking. Few other German regions offer such a

Viticulture was brought to Rhineland-Palatinate by

variety of terrains combined with certified, well-

the Romans over 2,000 years ago and has been

marked, high-quality walking trails and cycling

thriving there ever since. The region produces

routes, as well as accommodation designed to

around 70 percent of all German wine and is a

suit the active holidaymaker’s needs. The region’s

real paradise for wine lovers and connoisseurs

most famous hiking trail is the Rheinsteig, well-

with the six wine regions of Moselle, Rhine,

known from documentaries featured by various

Ahr, Nahe, Palatinate and Rheinhessen, which

television channels like the British BBC. Cyclists

includes the only German “Great Wine capital”,

have the choice between several scenic routes

Mainz. The Palatinate region boasts the biggest

following the Rhine, Moselle or Nahe rivers.

wine festival and even the biggest wine barrel in

Rhineland-Palatinate offers routes of different

the world, located in the city of Bad Dürkheim.

lengths and for all levels, providing groups and

The outstanding winegrowing areas will not fail

families countless options for a truly personalized

to delight with their award-winning wines. A

dream vacation.

special experience for any friend of wine is to visit the vineyards and learn about the traditions and history of German wine from the one person who really knows – the winemaker himself. The traditional wine festivals are additional highlights that anyone visiting the region in autumn should not miss, as well as the region’s award-winning wine architecture venues.

Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

s group trip le p m a x E Near Birkweiler, Palatinate

The Garden of Eden on the German Wine Route - and Germany‘s „Great Wine Capital“

Ti p A pink backdrop Almond blossom enjoys great popularity in the Palatinate, with its pink mantle heralding the end of the cold winter months! Almond blossom time along the German Wine Route promises a wealth of experiences, ranging from the Almond Blossom Festival to hikes along the Almond Trail, almond orchards, almond spa and wellness treatments and almond delicacies!

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Route: From Mainz to Bad Dürkheim on

entertained prominent guests, including Margaret

the German Wine Route and onward to the

Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev. However, this is

French border.

by far not all that this lovely little town has to offer: Deidesheim is part of Cittaslow, an international as-

Day 1: Get off to a great start in Germany’s

sociation that aims to improve the quality of life in

“Great Wine Capital” Mainz

towns. It also holds wonderful events, like the inti-

Rheinhessen is the largest wine-growing region in

mate Christmas market, an event that you should

Germany and is famous around the world for its

definitely try not to miss. Stay overnight in one of

quality wines. It is therefore no coincidence that

the neighbouring towns.

Mainz has earned the honour of being one of the “Great Wine Capitals” of the world. Spend the day

Day 2: Plenty to see and do along the German

in Mainz, beginning with a guided wine tour in and

Wine Route

around the historical city with its Roman past. Later

In the morning, drive to Neustadt and make a

in the afternoon, continue on to the Palatinate, the

short detour to visit Hambach Castle, known as

southernmost and most varied of the wine-growing

the “Cradle of German Democracy” since the

regions. Travel south along the German Wine Route

Hambach Festival of 1832. Stop off for lunch

towards Bad Dürkheim, passing a sea of vineyards

in Sankt Martin, with its winding lanes in the vil-

along the way. You will pass plenty of places of in-

lage centre, followed by a visit to Villa Ludwigs-

terest, including Limburg Monastery, the ruins of

höhe in Edenkoben, the summer residence of

Hardenburg Castle and the world’s largest wine

King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Continue to Venningen

cask. Continue onwards towards Deidesheim and

and visit the “Doktorenhof” vinegar estate. All

enjoy dinner at the Deidesheimer Hof, where Hel-

the way along the route you can also purchase

mut Kohl, the former German Chancellor, often

international award-winning quality wines from

renowned wine estates. A profusion of picture-

tacular scenery becomes more Mediterranean,

postcard wine-growing villages line the German

with the sun bathing the inviting wine estates set

Wine Route, with their red sandstone gateways

in gently rolling vineyards in warm colours. Pass-

lending them a Mediterranean ambience. One of

ing Klingenmünster where you can visit the ruins

them is sure to be the perfect place to bring your

of Landeck Castle, continue on to Bad Bergza-

day to a relaxing end.

bern, a spa resort with the very latest spa and wellness facilities and plenty of attractive places

Day 3: A Mediterranean feel and historical

to stop off for lunch. In the afternoon, choose


between cycling or walking in the surrounding

Set off for Annweiler and the imposing Trifels

area, visiting the German Wine Gate or venturing

Castle, the striking fortifications of which date

further afield to Alsace or the Vosges mountains

back to the era of the Hohenstaufen and Salian

in neighbouring France. Bring the day to a won-

dynasties. This is also where King Richard the

derful end with an overnight stay in the region.

Lionheart was imprisoned in 1194. Continue along the route to Leinsweiler where the spec-

Tip Emotive architecture in the wine region The innovative architecture in the wine-growing region, the link between the winegrowing estates, the landscape and tradition, reflects a caring respect for Nature and wine and the distinctive character of the wines. When you visit Rhineland Palatinate wine estates you will experience the wines with all your senses, thanks to the modern architecture of the buildings. Gault Millau awards have also been presented here!

Mediterranean climate, wine and kiwis Looking for wine, sparkling sekt, secco, brandy or wine vinegar? Kiwis, lemons, figs or chestnuts? Then the lush and diverse Rheinhessen and Palatinate region with its Mediterranean climate and hospitable people is the place for you. A suggested group trip: • 3 nights’ accommodation with breakfast „Villa Ludwigshöhe” Edenkoben, Palatinate

• 1 x guided tour of Mainz • 1 x wine-tasting with a guided vineyard walking tour • 1 x guided tour of Bad Dürkheim • 1 x guided tour of the ruins of Hardenburg Castle OR the ruins of Limburg Monastery • 1 x visit/guided tour of Deidesheim Wine Museum • 1 x dinner at Deidesheimer Hof • 1 x visit to Hambach Castle • 1 x lunch in St. Martin • 1 x visit to Villa Ludwigshöhe • 1 x tour of the Doktorenhof Estate including vinegar-tasting • 1 x visit to Trifels Castle • 1 x visit to Landeck Castle • 1 guided tour of Bad Bergzabern

Mainz, Rheinhessen

Itineraries and prices on request

Romantic Germany

Ingelheim, Rheinhessen


excursions, events, guided tours, transfers, transportation, hospitality programmes, technical visits and much more. Did you know that? 1. In 2013, the interactive multimedia visitor experience ‘Romanticum’ opened in Koblenz. The 800m² exhibition tells the story of the romantic Middle Rhine Valley with all its facets and unique features. 2. Rhineland-Palatinate is home to several vineyards which have won architectural awards, where visitors can attend wine tastings in spectacular surroundings. 3. The State Horticultural Show will be held for

Incoming Service You are looking for an experienced and reliable

the fourth time in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2015, this time in the ctiy of Landau. (see page 30) 4. Rhineland-Palatinate is constantly developing

partner in Rhineland-Palatinate with extensive

new hiking trails, such as the long distance hiking

knowledge of the region? The Rhineland-Pa-

trail Moselsteig. This opened in spring 2014. The

latinate tourist board offers a broad range of

region’s first-class wines can be enjoyed at one

incoming services, enabling you to make your

of the many local taverns along the way.

planning as convenient as possible. We have

5. Some of our offers for biking tours have been

built up a solid network of local partners uni-

divided into two different price categories, pro-

que to this region and are happy to include you

viding you with the opportunity of an even better

in this network. Our service incorporates group

target group customisation!

travel, special interest tours, hotel reservations, wine tastings, river cruises, seminars,

“Nero - Emperor, Artist and Tyrant” From May 14th to October 16th 2016, the Rheinisches Landesmuseum, the Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier and the Museum am Dom Trier will present the grand exhibition project “Nero - Emperor, Artist and Tyrant”. It was especially his last years in power that have formed the “modern” image of Nero as a tyrant, persecutor of Christians, arsonist and that of a Roman emperor whose megalomania and cruelty knew no boundaries. This firmly fixed image arose primarily from the writings of ancient authors such as Tacitus, Suetonius and Cassius Dio, members of the Senatorial aristocracy, whose way of thinking Nero was ignorant of. In the Rheinisches Landesmuseum, visitors will be able to view more than 400 exhibits from renowned lenders from 16 countries and over 80 museums and institutions. Based on the latest research results in archaeology and studies in ancient history, a unique exhibition, never seen before in Germany, has been planned concerning Nero as emperor, artist and tyrant.

More information

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Eve n t H ighlights AHR VALLEY


selling Christmas ornaments, wooden toys

Historical Wine Festival • Heimersheim

Hunsrück marathon , Emmelshausen,

and other crafts. The aroma of Glühwein and

14 - 16 August 2015, 19 - 21 August 2016

Kastellaun, Simmern

roasted almonds fills the air and the young-

The Middle Ages come to life once a year in

22 - 23 August 2015, (always at the end of

est visitors look forward to meeting St. Nich-

the wine village of Heimersheim. During the


olas and watching the puppet show.

Historical Wine Festival, craft stalls, street per-

The 14th RWE Hunsrück marathon on the Schin-

formers and musicians in colourful costumes

derhannes Cycle Route from Emmelshausen to

For information concerning other enchant-

create a unique atmosphere, which culminates

Simmern via Kastellaun.

ing Christmas markets in Rhineland-Palatinate, visit

in a historical parade through the festively decorated streets.


Ahrweiler Christmas Market • Ahrweiler

Flower parade • Bad Ems

Every weekend in Advent

30 August 2015 (held annually)

Visitors are enchanted by the Christmas market in

Every year around 800 helpers decorate the 35

Ahrweiler‘s old quarter, which is often compared

floats in this parade using one million dahlias.

to a scene from a fairytale. The town‘s pretty tim-

Brass bands and other entertainment accom-

ber-framed houses are beautifully illuminated, the

pany the procession as it winds its way through

stalls offer delicious Christmas fare and gifts, and

the streets.


the mulled wine is made with grapes from local vineyards. There is a midnight Christmas market

Wetzlar Festival • Wetzlar

on the third Advent weekend.

Annually, May - August Open-air performances on three stages with a

EIFEL Historical Castle Festival • Manderscheid 29 - 30 August 2015 The Historical Castle Festival in Manderscheid is held against the impressive backdrop of two castle ruins. Every August visitors can travel back in time to the colourful Middle Ages, where knights on horseback test their skills with lance and bow in a tournament, while street performers and storytellers entertain their audiences with songs and fairytales. There is also a lively medieval crafts market.

varied programme featuring opera, concerts, plays, children’s theatre, comedy and musicals.



Moselle Music Festival • Moselle Annually, July - October

Wine and Walking Festival • Bad Sobernheim

The annual Moselle Music Festival takes place

19 September 2015

in the towns and villages along the Moselle.

The Wine and Walking Festival (Weinwander-

The 2015 festival will be the 30th such event.

wegsfest) in the Naheland wine region is tradi-

The festival presents a varied selection of clas-

tionally held on the third Saturday of Septem-

sical concerts of international standard as well

ber. Along the festival route, you can sample

as a variety of wine-related events.

the fine local wines. Growers will tell you all about their wines and the Nahe area. A walk

Middle Moselle Wine Festival • Bernkastel-

through the vineyards offers panoramic views


across the Nahe Valley.

03 - 07 September 2015

Burgenfest Manderscheid, Eifel Burgfestspiele • Mayen Annually, May - August The famous Burgfestspiele - medieval festival plays - have taken place in the small town of Mayen for over 25 years. Every year, plays, musicals, operettas and comedies are performed against a medieval backdrop, including works such as “Heidi“, „Amadeus“ and „Genoveva“.

The attractions at the largest wine festival in

Romantic Christmas Market •

the Moselle region include a spectacular fire-

Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

work display, a vintners’ parade, a large fair-

Every weekend in Advent

ground and lots of exciting wine stalls in the

As darkness falls, a veritable sea of lights

streets and squares of the old quarter.

greets visitors to the Christmas market in the spa gardens of Bad Münster am Stein-Ebern-

Christmas Market • Trier

burg. Ancient trees, lovingly decorated stalls

23 November - 22 December 2015

and the pretty, half-timbered Kurhaus are re-

The mighty cathedral and the market square,

splendent in the glow of thousands of lights.

with its lovingly restored houses, present an impressive backdrop for Trier Christmas market, which features around 100 stalls

Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

Eve n t H ighlights Rhine in Flames ® • Koblenz

St. Goar, Romantic Rhine

8 August 2015, 6 August 2016 (held annually) Every year, Rhine in Flames captivates hundreds of thousands of visitors who gather along the banks of the Rhine to enjoy the celebrations. It is an unforgettable experience when the towns, villages, castles and palaces of the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley are bathed in the magical glow of red Bengal lights.

International Jazz Festival ‘Bingen Swings!’ •


Bingen 26 - 28 June 2015, late June 2016 The town, situated on the confluence of the Rivers Rhine and Nahe, invites the world to an open-air jazz festival at numerous venues ranging from the castle to the banks of the Rhine. The festival covers the full spectrum of jazz music, from ragtime and the hot jazz of the Twenties to bebop and modern jazz.

Wurstmarkt - the World‘s largest Wine Festival • Bad Dürkheim 2nd and 3rd weekend in September (held annually) The Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim is the world‘s biggest wine festival. It owes its atmosphere both to the exciting funfair rides and the unique Palatinate welcome. Excellent wines, including local Sekt (sparkling white wine), flow freely at


the festival.

Mainz Midsummer’s Eve Fair • Mainz

German Grape Harvest Festival • Neustadt

18 - 21 June 2015

an der Weinstraße

A four-day festival in Mainz city centre with cul-

2 – 12 October 2015, October 2016

ture, culinary delights and celebrations in hon-

The German Grape Harvest Festival (Deutsches

our of the city’s most famous son, Johannes

Weinlesefest) in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse


lasts for nearly two weeks. Highlights include the Palatinate and German wine queens and Germany‘ s largest vintners procession. The German Wine and Sekt Fair allows visitors to compare


products from all German wine regions.

Middle Rhine Music Festival 9 May - 31 August 2015, May/June till end of August 2016 Every year, the prettiest towns and villages along the Middle Rhine set the sense for some unforgettable musical performances. Visitors can look forward to fantastic concerts featuring highly acclaimed artists and up-and-coming talents.

WESTERWALD European ceramics market • Höhr-Grenzhausen 6 - 7 June 2015, June 2016 The market attracts around 150 exhibitors from all over Europe who display everyday and ornamental ceramics, genuine salt-glazed stoneware, unusual clay pipes, ceramic jewellery and countless other ceramic creations.

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Near Flonheim, Rheinhessen

„Layensteig”, Hunsrück

Where hiking and cycling are a true joy Where walking leads to good wine, good food

Cycling fun for everyone

and good company

Rhineland-Palatinate is an excellent cycling region

Whether it’s a pleasant, leisurely tour on climb-

with a wide variety of well-marked routes. Leisurely

free trails or physically demanding scrambles up

bike paths stretch out for miles along the river-

narrow, winding paths, Rhineland-Palatinate has

banks and along old railway tracks. The bike paths

all the right ingredients for a great walking holi-

following the courses of rivers such as the Rhine or

day. On ten outstanding and richly varied long-

Moselle offer not only beautiful panoramas but are

distance trails, you can see castles, fortresses

also almost all climb-free. Steeper climbs await in

and palaces, make new friends in traditional tav-

the more mountainous areas of the Eifel and Palat-

erns, sample famous wines and enjoy mouthwa-

inate regions and in the rolling hills of Rheinhessen,

tering cuisine. Along the way, of course, there is

promising a challenge for even the fittest cyclists.

a whole world of countryside and unspoilt nature

Those looking for a more leisurely ride might con-

where you can relax and switch off. For a good

sider doing these routes on a pedelec or electric

night’s rest after a full day’s walking, choose

bike. An extensive network of bike hire centres and

from a wide selection of walker-friendly hotels,

charging stations can be found in these regions.

which are easily reached on foot, by bus, by train

Whilst the electric drive system of the e-bike allows

or hotel transfer. Read more about our cycling

you to ride without any pedaling at all, the pedelec

has a motor to provide extra power – so some ped-

holidays hiking.


alling is still required! As you pedal along through forests, meadows and delightful little towns, look out for the castles and historical houses. Dotted along the various routes are cyclist-friendly accommodation providers whose quality and affordable prices help you to get the most out of your tour. Read more about our walking packages at

Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

Flughafen Köln/Bonn









Bad Neuenahr

Hiking at its best




The idyllic region of Rhineland-Palatinate is a hiker’s dream comes true. We have put together a collection of hiking packages including trips along the famous Rheinsteig and Saar-Hunsrück-Steig trails, through the Eifel, Westerwald and Palatinate regions, and along the Lahn River.


Bad Bertrich






MoselleHermeskeil Saar Birkenfeld Kell am




Weisskirchen Mettlach-Orscholz




Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn







Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg Alzey




Flughafen Zweibrücken

Flughafen Frankfurt


Bad Kreuznach



St. Wendel

Saarland Ottweiler Saarlouis



St. Goarshausen

Emmelshausen Kastellaun

Zell Traben-Trarbach



Bad Ems


Wittlich Ürzig


Romantic Braubach 4 6 Rhine Boppard





1 AhrSteig trails As you travel through the wild, romantic Ahr Valley, why not call in at one of the many vineyards or wine taverns? The red wine town of Ahrweiler with its romantic old town is also well worth a visit. Offer: The tour includes six stages through the varied landscape of the Ahr Valley on the red and blue AhrSteig trails and 7 nights’ accommodation. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 460,00




2 Bitburg


Ahr Valley Koblenz



Bad Marienberg


1 Blankenheim

Lahn Valley





Weinfelder Maar, Eifel




Bad Dürkheim



Neustadt a.d.W.


Edesheim Germersheim Landau

2 Eifelsteig trail Top Trail of Germany Under the slogan „Just you, the water and the rocks“, this tour takes you on a journey to the treasures of the Eifel region: volcanic craters, maars, tranquil valleys, rock formations, rivers and lakes. Offer: The tour includes six overnight stays and the option to choose between three beautiful routes, each with five stages. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 378,00


3 Lahn hiking trail Follow the Lahn River and enjoy dreamlike panoramas, small towns crowned by castles, wine tastings in the surrounding region and the thrill of hiking through the Rupertsklamm gorge. Offer: This hiking trail leads from Diez to Lahnsteig, where the Lahn and Rhine rivers converge, and includes five overnight stays and four stages. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 397,00 4 NEW: Moselsteig trail LEADING QUALITY TRAIL - BEST OF EUROPE The Moselsteig is a long-distance hiking route that follows the course of the German Moselle river and allows hikers to experience the variety of the Moselle wine-growing region. Offer: The tour consists of seven stages and six overnight stays and can be booked for different sections of the River Moselle. Price per person in a double room from € 426,00 5 Premium hiking trails in the Palatinate region Discover the three premium hiking trails leading through the Palatinate Forest, along the German Wine Route and around the Donnersberg Mountain, all of which pass by picturesque villages, spectacular rock formations, romantic castle ruins and vineyards. Offer: Different packages, from six overnight stays and four stages to eight overnight stays and seven stages, offer the perfect hiking experience for every taste. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 299,00 6 RheinBurgenWeg trail & Rheinsteig trail Top Trail of Germany Pass by rugged cliffs in the central Rhine Valley, as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites and winding vineyards in the Rheingau region. Offer: One of the most scenic parts of the trail leads from Koblenz to Rüdesheim and can be walked in six stages with seven overnight stays. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 511,00 7 Saar-Hunsrück-Steig trail Top Trail of Germany Experience a wonderful blend of nature and culture on the trail voted “Germany’s most beautiful” in 2009. Offer: The tour includes eight overnight stays and seven stages leading, for example, from Idar-Oberstein, Germany’s gemstone capital, to the old Roman town of Trier. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 525,00 8 Soonwaldsteig trail Viewing towers such as those at Teufelsfels and the ruins of Koppenstein Castle give breathtaking panoramic views over the ridges of the Soonwald forest and a glimpse of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Offer: Six stages through fairytale forests and scenic beauty. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 455,00 9 Westerwald-Steig trail Top Trail of Germany Discover the “barefoot trail”, the Kneipp herb garden, the Westerwald lake region and the 300-metre railway viaduct. Offer: This tour involves seven overnight stays and six stages. Prices per person in a double room start from: € 420,00

10 / 11

Please note: Available all year upon request and subject to availability. Individual modules may vary according to the season. The tour operator’s terms and conditions apply. Prices valid for 2015. Prices for 2016 may vary.

Near Weinfelder Maar, Eifel What’s included in the price • All rooms with shower/bath and WC • Hotels and country hotels, sometimes inns or guesthouses • Pick-up / transfer to start points (if no public transport available) • Luggage transfer between hotels • Tourist taxes • Walking map • Detailed description of tour • Walking certificate • Eifelsteig pin • Travel costs for public transport not included

Features of the tour • 315 km, Kornelimünster to Trier • 15 stages of between 15 km and 29 km • Premium walking route



The Eifelsteig is one of the Top Trails of Germany, offering an exclusive journey of discovery that takes in the treasures of the Eifel, with all its cultural heritage, serene valleys, bizarre rock formations, rivers and lakes. The 315 km route, which mostly consists of paths in their natural state, starts in the historical heart of Kornelimünster and follows the Moselle to the oldest city in Germany, the Roman imperial city of Trier. Possible routes A: Kloster Steinfeld – Daun (five stages, total distance approx. 110 km) B: Daun – Trier (five stages, total distance approx. 100 km) The length of the stages varies between 15 km and 29 km. Tours start every Saturday/Sunday between mid-April and end of October. Start possible on other days by arrangement. Shorter distances and additional nights can also be booked. Small surcharge of E 40,00. for just one or two participants.

How to get here By car or train to the first hotel on your tour. Parking at hotels is sometimes free and sometimes a charge is applicable. If travelling by train, take taxi from station to hotel.

Tour operator Klein’s Wanderreisen

Prices: Departure Last night’s accommodation at finishing point of walking tour. Travelling by train: Travel home from station at end of tour. Travelling by car: Return to car at starting point.

8-day tour from

receive Operators mission 15% com on offer

E 378,00

Prices per person in double room with breakfast

What’s included in the price • All rooms with shower/bath and WC • Hotels and country hotels or accommodation at a winery • Luggage transfer between hotels • Tourist taxes • Walking map • Detailed description of the tour • Walking certificate • Moselsteig pin • Travel on public transport not included Features of the tour • 365 km, Perl to Koblenz • 24 stages of between 12 km and 24 km • Premium walking route

Moselsteig trail near Brauneberg, Moselle-Saar



The Moselsteig is a long-distance hiking route that follows the course of the German Moselle river and allows hikers to experience the variety of the Moselle wine-growing region. Even the total length of the route makes hiking enthusiasts sit up and take notice: 365 kilometres of the very best hiking, split into 22 attractive stages. The starting point is in the Franco-German border town of Perl on the Upper Moselle, a landscape that cannot fail to enchant you with its space and openness, with views extending far into France and Luxembourg. Downstream, Trier, Germany’s oldest city, awaits you. The route continues along steeply sloping vineyards and through picturesque villages. Koblenz, the Deutsches Eck headland and the mouth of the Moselle finally mark the end of the Moselsteig Trail - or, of course, the starting point, depending on your individual plan. Possible routes

Arrival (applies to all sections): By car or train to the first hotel on your tour; parking is free at some hotels but charged at others! (Details in the travel documents). If travelling by train, take a taxi from the station to the hotel. Alternatively: travel by car to the last hotel on your tour and return by rail or Rhine ferry to your starting point.

A: Perl - Palzem - Nittel - Konz - Trier - Schweich (five stages, approx. 100 km) B: Schweich - Fünfseenblick - Neumagen-Dhron - Osann-Monzel - Bernkastel-Kues Ürzig - Traben-Trarbach (six stages, approx. 104 km) C: Traben-Trarbach - Reil - Zell - Bremm - Senhals - Cochem (five stages, approx. 85 km) D: Cochem - Pommern - Burg Eltz - Moselkern - Löf - Kobern-Gondorf Güls/Koblenz (five stages, approx. 80 km) The length of the stages varies between 13 km and 24 km. All stages are available from March to November, starting every Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Small transport surcharge of €40.00 for only one or two participants. Special ‘luxury’ tour with shorter stages (approx. 10

Departure Accommodation for the last night is at the finishing point of the walking tour. Travelling by train: Travel home from the railway station at the finishing point of your tour. Travelling by car: Return to your car at the starting point. You can also travel back to your car on a Moselle riverboat!

12 / 13

km), see separate programme of events! Tour operator


Klein’s Wanderreisen 7-day tour from 8-day tour from

receive Operators mission 15% com on offer

E 426,00 E 497,00

Prices per person in double room with breakfast.

What’s included in the price • All rooms with shower/bath and WC • Hotels and country hotels, sometimes inns or guesthouses • Pick-up / transfer to start points (if no public transport available) • Luggage transfer between hotels • Tourist taxes • Walking map • Detailed description of tour • Walking certificate • Rheinsteig pin • Travel costs for public transport not included

Erpeler Ley, Romantic Rhine



Narrow steep tracks, rugged rocks, rambling vineyards and shady valleys, combined with panoramic views of the Rhine Valley and across the slopes overlooking the Rhine - the Rheinsteig brings you close to nature. It offers the most beautiful gateway to the cultural wealth of the Rhine Valley. In the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are over 40 castles, chateaus, fortresses and convents. Possible routes A: Wiesbaden – St. Goarshausen (six stages, total distance approx. 110 km) B: St. Goarshausen – Leutesdorf (six stages, total distance approx. 120 km)

Features of the tour • 320 km, Wiesbaden to Bonn • 24 stages of between 14 km and 22 km • Premium walking route

How to get here Travel by car or train to the first hotel on the tour. Parking at hotels is sometimes free and sometimes a charge is applicable. (Details in travel documents.) If travelling by train, take taxi from station to hotel. Alternatively: Park your car at the last hotel on the tour and travel by train or Rhine ferry to the starting point. Departure Last night’s accommodation at finishing point of walking tour. Travelling by train: Travel home from station at end of tour. Travelling by car: Return to car at starting point. You can also return to your car by Rhine ferry.

C: Leutesdorf – Bonn (six stages, total distance approx. 100 km) D: Koblenz – Rüdesheim or Rüdesheim – Koblenz (six stages, total distance approx. 120 km) The length of the stages varies between 14 km and 22 km.

Tours start daily between March and November. Shorter distances or additional nights can also be booked. Small surcharge of €E 40,00 for just one or two participants. Tour operator Klein’s Wanderreisen

Prices: 8-day tour from

receive Operators mission 15% com on offer

E 511,00

Prices per person in double room with breakfast.

Hilgenroth, Westerwald

Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

Flughafen Köln/Bonn






Bad Neuenahr




Ahr Valley

5 Moselle Treis-Karden

Bad Bertrich

Daufenbach Mülheim





Great cycling



A variety of cycle route packages leading through beautiful scenery are available in Rhineland Palatinate, from the picturesque Rhine and Moselle rivers and vine-covered landscapes to the glorious hills of the Eifel and Hunsrück regions and the Westerwald Forest.

Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn





Rhein- 3 hessen 2

Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg Alzey


St. Wendel





Bad Dürkheim




Neustadt a.d.W.


Flughafen Zweibrücken




Germersheim Landau

1 Relaxing tours along the Moselle & Saar – cycle routes for connoisseurs Discover Roman cultural monuments and picturesque wine-producing villages along the winding banks of the Moselle between Trier and Koblenz. Cycle along the banks of the Moselle and the Saar and leave everyday worries far behind as you explore the region where Riesling wines are produced. Offer: 7 days and 6 nights in double room, from € 444,00 per person

2 Rhine & German Wine Route – Circular tour between Rhine and Palatinate Forest A mild climate, lush orchards and vine terraces stretching as far as the eye can see are what give the charm to this route through the Rhine Valley and gently curving hills around Neustadt a. d. Weinstraße. Offer: 6 days and 5 nights in double room, from € 388,00 per person

3 Romantic Tour along the Rhine between Speyer, Mainz and Koblenz Admire the unique scenery of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover the fascinating cities of Koblenz, Mainz and Speyer. Offer: 7 days and 6 nights in double room, from € 499,00 per person

4 German Wine Route Cycle through Germany’s second biggest winegrowing region, exploring scenic routes between the Rhine and the Palatinate Forest. You will start near Germany’s secret wine capital, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, and en route you will discover cultural landscapes that are over 2000 years old. Offer: 5 days and 4 nights in double room, from € 265,00 per person

5 Tour along Rhine and Moselle From your bike, admire the many castles and chateaus that you pass on this tour of romantic river valleys and picturesque villages with traditional half-timbered houses. Your accommodation will be in Trier and Koblenz. Offer: 5 days and 4 nights in double room, from € 315,00 per person

6 NEW: Three imperial cathedrals on the Rhine - Rheinhessen & Palatinate The imperial cathedrals in Speyer, Worms and Mains rise up impressively and imposingly over the Rhine riverbank, sheltered within the wonderful historical cityscape. Nearby, walk in the footsteps of the Nibelungs or Martin Luther and discover German-Jewish and Roman history. Offer: 6 days and 5 nights in a double room, from € 420,00 per person

14 / 15




Saarland Ottweiler Saarlouis


Bad Kreuznach






Hermeskeil Birkenfeld

Flughafen Frankfurt

St. Goarshausen

Emmelshausen Kastellaun

1 Moselle-Saar

Kell am See






Romantic Braubach Boppard Rhine

Ürzig Zell Traben-Trarbach


Montabaur Bad Ems





Koblenz 3





Bad Marienberg





Lahn Valley



Eifel Nordrhein-Westfalen

Please note: Available all year upon request and subject to availability. Individual modules may vary according to the season. The tour operator’s terms and conditions apply. Prices valid for 2015. Prices for 2016 may vary.


Piesport, Moselle-Saar

What’s included • Accommodation in selected hotels of the specified category • Buffet breakfast or large continental breakfast • With half-board: 3-course dinner • Luggage transfer between hotels • Carefully prepared route guides • Detailed travel documents – route description, sights, restaurant recommendations • 7-day service hotline

Relaxing tours along the Moselle & Saar – cycle routes for connoisseurs 1 Relax, unwind and recharge your batteries on a cycle tour – and where better than in one of Germany’s most beautiful winegrowing areas, the Moselle? Using the excellent network of cycle paths, you will explore the broad Moselle valley, the great loops of the river and the dizzying steep sections of the Middle and Upper Moselle. In the

Character of the route Level route along the banks of the Saar and Moselle, very easy cycling. Well signposted cycle network, mostly on both sides of the rivers.

mild, Mediterranean climate, exceptional wines thrive on the sunny steep slopes. The Moselle winegrowing region also includes the Saar, home to scenic cycle routes between extensive forests and bizarre rock formations. In Saarburg you can visit the attractive old town and see the waterfall in the town centre. The tour starts from Trier and Koblenz. Here you can discover cultural treasures spanning two millennia, from Roman times, the Middle Ages and more recent history.

Parking Parking available at the hotel or in secure public car park, approx. R 12,00 per day without reservation

Individual tour: 8 days/7 nights – approx. 260 km Trier – Excursion to Saar – Trier – Trittenheim – Zeltingen – Zell – Treis-Karden – Koblenz 7 days/6 nights – approx. 220 km:

Arriving/departing by train Trier railway station (Intercity) – taxi fare to hotel approx. R 10,00

Trier – Trittenheim – Zeltingen – Zell – Treis-Karden – Koblenz

Arriving/departing by air Zweibrücken, Köln-Bonn, Frankfurt Hahn, Fraport Frankfurt or Metz-Nancy

Tours start daily between

Return by train Train from Koblenz to Trier, hourly departures, approximate journey time 1.5 - 2 hrs.

Tour operator:

Dates 2015: 12 April - 18 October 2015

PRICES: 8 days/7 nights from E 496,00 7 days/6 nights from E 444,00

Prices per person in double room (extra nights can be booked in Trier and Koblenz)

What’s included • Accommodation in chosen category • Buffet breakfast or large continental breakfast • With half-board: 3-course dinner • Luggage transfer between hotels • Carefully prepared route guides • GPS tracks on demand • Detailed travel documents – route description, sights, restaurant recommendations • 7-day service hotline

Hambach Castle near Neustadt/Weinstraße, Palatinate

Rhine & German Wine Route – Circular tour between Rhine & 2 Palatinate Forest This circular tour takes you from the heart of the German Wine Route to its southern edge, near the border with Alsace in France.

Character of the route Level route along the Rhine Valley. Slightly hilly terrain in the vineyards around Neustadt/Weinstraße, but manageable even for inexperienced cyclists.

In the Rhine plain you will explore a varied landscape of scenic forests and huge tobacco-growing regions along the romantic ‘Altrheinarme’, lakes marking the former course of the river. You will travel through the winegrowing regions of Rhine-Hesse and the Palatinate, where you can enjoy an excellent wine or two at the grower’s own table in one of the numerous wine taverns or ‘Strausswirtschaften’. En route, amid a cultural landscape that is over 2000 years old, you will encounter splendid monu-

Parking in Neustadt/environs Hotel car park, reservations may be required, free or approx. R 3,00 – 7,00 per day depending on hotel of arrival

ments of German history, such as the imposing cathedrals in Speyer and Worms and

Rail stations + airports • ICE stations in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse and Mannheim • Fraport Frankfurt, Frankfurt Hahn, Baden Airport

8 days/7 nights – approx. 260 km: Neustadt an der Weinstrasse/environs – Bad Berg-

Bookable extras • GPS tracks / routes • Garmin Etrex GPS unit

Schwetzingen Palace with its beautiful grounds. Individual tour: zabern – Germersheim – Speyer – Worms – Bad Dürkheim – Neustadt an der Weinstrasse/ environs 6 days/5 nights – approx. 155 km: Neustadt an der Weinstrasse/environs – Bad Bergzabern – Germersheim – Speyer – Neustadt an der Weinstrasse/environs Dates 2015: Tours start daily between 15 April - 15 October 2015 Tour operator:

16 / 17

ces Reduced pri

PRICES: 8 days/7 nights from E 568,00 6 days/5 nights from E 388,00 Prices per person in double room (extra nights can be booked in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse and Speyer)

What’s included • Accommodation in selected 3*** or 3***-level hotels • Buffet breakfast or large continental breakfast • With half-board: 3-course dinner • Rhine cruise between Rüdesheim - St. Goar • Luggage transfer between hotels • Carefully prepared route guides • GPS tracks on demand • Detailed travel documents – route description, sights, restaurant recommendations • 7-day service hotline Character of the route Level route along the Rhine Valley. End-to-end cycle network with suitable signposting on surfaced paths, away from traffic except in towns

Deutsches Eck, Koblenz, Romantic Rhine

Romantic Rhine Tour – Upper and Middle Rhine between 3 Speyer, Mainz & Koblenz The Rhine is a classic destination for cyclists. The excellent and very level cycle network leads downriver and connects the Rhine’s many tributaries, including the Neckar, Main, Nahe, Lahn and Moselle. On the route, the broad Rhine plain between the Palatinate Forest and Odenwald becomes the narrow, impressive Middle Rhine Valley between Rüdesheim and Koblenz. Few regions can boast such a range of cultural treasures in such a small area. Along our cycle route, you will encounter one highlight after another. The imperial cathedral in romantic medieval Speyer is followed by St. Peter’s Cathedral in Worms and St. Martin’s Cathedral in Mainz. These historic, monumental buildings are always part of their own unique cultural context, be it Roman or Jewish history, Martin Luther’s Reformation, the Nibelungs or the written culture of Gutenberg.

Parking in Speyer Free hotel car park

Individual tour 7 days / 6 nights – approx. 245 km: Speyer – Worms – Oppenheim – Mainz – Rüdesheim – Bingen/Rüdesheim – Koblenz

Arriving/departing by train ICE rail station in Mannheim, trains to Speyer, taxi fare from Speyer station to hotel approx. R 10 IC rail station in Koblenz, taxi fare from hotel to station approx. R 10 Arriving/departing by air For Speyer & Koblenz - Fraport Frankfurt, Frankfurt Hahn Return transfer from Koblenz - Speyer By rail from Koblenz - Speyer, departures every 30 mins, approx. journey time 2.5 hrs, approx. R 35,00 – 50,00/per person with bicycle

Dates 2015: Tours start daily between 10 April - 20 October 2015 Tour operator:

ces Reduced pri

PRICES: 7 days/6 nights from

E 499,00

Prices per person in double room (extra nights can be booked in Speyer, Mainz and Koblenz)

Romantic Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E

Langenlonsheim, Naheland

Wine, culture and culinary pleasures What can be sweeter than a bouquet caressing

for wine grapes, but also for almond, fig and

Leading grape varieties of

the glass as its being poured? The best bouquet

lemon trees. Rheinhessen, „the land of a thou-

rhineland-palati nate:

in Germany is a product of premium grapes cul-

sand gentle hills“, has vineyards as far as the

tivated in the Rhine and Moselle regions, where

eye can see, with more than 26,000 hectares

Moselle-Saar: Riesling, Elbling

about 70% of German wines are produced. The

under vine. Last but not least is the Romantic

Middle Rhine Valley: Riesling,

flavours and the spirit of good taste are also

Rhine, the region of rieslings, where dramatic

Müller-Thurgau, Pinot noir

reflected in the countless delicious specialties

castles follow one after another high above the

served according to traditional recipes as well as

river. Wineries are the best places to enjoy the

Nahe: Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Pinot

modern kitchen art. Try the wine and the com-

light, fruity and delicate wines grown in the ex-

noir, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau

plementary food directly from the vintners table

cellent Rhineland-Palatinate soil. Read more

Palatinate: Riesling, Müller-

and enchant your senses with tastes that have

about our wine holidays at www.romantic-

Thurgau, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc,

been developed through generations in each

Ahr: Pinot noir, Portugieser, Pinot Noir Précoce

Rheinhessen: Sylvaner, Riesling, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Pinot noir

Pinot noir, Dornfelder, Portugieser, Bukettsorten (Kerner, Scheurebe, Gewürztraminer)

and every vineyard. The wine traditions go back


to Roman times and secure the quality that can only be achieved through experience. Wine fes-



ing itself, are all events not to be missed. Three Eifel


Rhineland-Palatinate. A near mediterranean cli-


Moselle Saar




Romantic Rhine


Hunsrück Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn

whose sunny vine-clad slopes are sandwiched

nate, meanwhile, occupies the sunniest part of



Palatinate, impossible not to love, the Moselle,

stones compete for your attention. The Palati-

Koblenz Mosel


Lahn Valley


Ahr Valley Ediger-Eller

the Ahr region up in the far north of Rhineland-

Nahe, where splendid wines and precious

Bad NeuenahrAhrweiler Ahr

wine areas derive their names from local rivers:

between the Hunsrück and Eifel hills, and the




tivals, wine fairs and, of course, the wine tast-






Naheland Nahe


Edenkoben Flughafen Zweibrücken



Flörsheim-Dalsheim Zellertal Worms Frankenthal






Traben-Trarbach Bernkastel-Kues

Bad Dürkheim

Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse Edesheim




mate presents the perfect conditions not just

18 / 19

Please note: Available all year upon request and subject to availability. Individual modules may vary according to the season. The tour operator’s terms and conditions apply. Prices valid for 2015. Prices for 2016 may vary.

Package includes: • 3 overnight stays with breakfast in a wine-themed double room • Tasting of three Burgunder (pinot) grapes: Frühburgunder (pinot madeleine), Spätburgunder (pinot noir) and Grauburgunder (pinot gris) • Winemaker’s snack • Packed lunch and Red Wine Trail walking map • Transfer to and from the Hohenzollern restaurant • One romantic three-course evening meal • Admission to the Ahr sauna

Ahrweiler, Ahr Valley

Tête-à-tête with the Ahr pinot noir Explore the idyllic ‘valley of red grapes’ At the foot of myth-enshrouded Landskron Castle, the gateway to the red wine paradise of the Ahr Valley, lies the elegant Burggarten wine estate. Discover the diverse appeal of the Ahr valley, from the sophisticated spa town of Bad Neuenahr to the half-timbered buildings in Ahrweiler, Germany’s red wine capital. A stroll along the famous Red Wine Trail is a particularly good way to enjoy the countryside that is dotted with steep vineyards, volcanic rock and traditional wine taverns. Red wine romance at the 4-star Weinquartier Burggarten hotel

Not to be missed: • Former government bunker, Ahrweiler • Roman villa, Ahrweiler • Olbrück Castle, Niederdürenbach • Maria Laach Abbey, Maria Laach • Arp Museum, Remagen • RosenMond garden festival, Bad Neuenahr • Museum mile, Bonn

The wine estate run by the Schäfer family for four generations and the newly built vineyard hotel elegantly combine cutting-edge design with the traditional atmosphere of a winery. Here, deluxe accommodation is complemented by an informal ambience. The themed guest rooms are named after grape varieties, such as pinot noir, domina and pinot blanc. Experience the fascination of wine Get better acquainted with the Ahr pinot noir during a wine tasting at the winery or a romantic dinner amid the vines. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine at the Burggarten wine estate. WineLand special Dine in the elegant ambience of the Hohenzollern Restaurant, surrounded by vineyards with views of the red wine town lit up at night. Let us spoil you with a romantic three-course meal and your own personal shuttle service. Tour operator Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.

Prices: from E 235,00 Price per person for two nights in a double room.

Package includes • 2 overnight stays with breakfast • 3-course-dinner at the hotel • 3-course-dinner at Restaurant Reuter’s Holzappel at Pleisweiler-Oberhofen • Wine tasting of six different wines at Vinothek Landau • 1 x free entrance to Villa Ludwigshöhe • Various information

Near ”Ruine Moschellandsburg”, Palatinate

Full of flavour and a delight for the eyes: The Palatinate The biggest wine barrel in the world, the largest wine festival in the world, the famous German Wine Route... there are so many good reasons to visit the Palatinate.

Not to be missed • Palatia Jazz Festival • Hambach Castle, Neustadt/Weinstraße • Villa Ludwigshöhe, Edenkoben • Speyer Cathedral (World heritage site), Speyer • Historical Museum of the Palatinate, Speyer • Pilgrimage routes for a slower pace of life

A wine area of outstanding quality More and more people are discovering the Palatine region. This is not surprising, because its mild climate and its attractive scenery make this region an excellent destination for a relaxing holiday. And the outstanding wine from this region is becoming ever more popular as well. Your Wine Empire delight Discover the enchanting scenery of the Palatine region. Enjoy the southern European atmosphere that you can taste everywhere in our region. Wake up in the morning in a small wine village, enjoy an extensive breakfast and dream about what to do with the rest of the day. At least two gourmet highlights are on the programme and of course you will also taste some wine. And in between you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sweet treats on offer. Tour operator: Pfalz Touristik e.V.

Prices from E 209,00 Gleishorbach, Palatinate

20 / 21

Price per person for two nights in a double room.

Package includeS • 2 nights in double or single room • A Reis’ens welcome drink • 2 x large buffet breakfast with regional, homemade and organic produce • A 4-course WeinWand menu including seven complementary wines • A 3-course deluxe menu • Wine tasting session with expert commentary at a nearby premium wine estate or in the wine bar • Opportunity to purchase wines in the wine bar with expert advice • Extra day possible from R 43,00 p.p.

Bernkastel-Kues, Moselle-Saar

Wine Lovers’ Package - holiday in the heart of the Moselle region The 3-star superior hotel Zeltinger Hof is located in the picturesque town centre of Zeltingen-Rachtig, in the heart of the Middle Moselle region, the home of the Riesling. The town is situated directly beside the river, just a few kilometres from the medieval town of Bernkastel-Kues (famous for its wine and as the birthplace of philosopher Nikolaus von Kues), and is surrounded by many famous steep slopes, such as the ‘Zeltingen sundial’.

Not to be missed: • Wine and food events at Hotel Zeltinger Hof • Bernkastel-Kues, winegrowing centre and birthplace of philosopher Nikolaus von Kues (Burg Landshut / Wine Cultural Centre) • Guided tours of Roman Trier (UNESCO World Heritage Site) • Moselle Music Festival • Maare-Moselle cycle path • Hiking on the Moselsteig • Buddha Museum and Jugendstil in Traben-Trarbach • Burg Eltz, Münstermaifeld and Reichsburg, Cochem

Wine lovers welcome Owned by the Reis family, the hotel offers 23 comfortable rooms and suites, some in the romantic half-timbered style or elegant country house ambience and some with a modern winethemed design. The wine bar at Zeltinger Hof also offers a very large selection of wines by the glass. Around 150 of the 400 wines – which include exceptional wines from regional growers and rarities from estates of the VDP and Bernkasteler Ring – can be sampled by the glass. Choose regional When it comes to food, the hotel champions freshness, quality and regional produce. The knowledge and secrets of traditional dishes, passed down from generation to generation, are refined with finesse and creativity. Most of the ingredients used are sourced from the local region and some are organic. In recognition of its excellent quality of service, fresh regional cooking and an outstanding selection of wines, the hotel has been certified as a quality provider by MOSEL WeinKulturLand. Discover the Moselle Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Moselle region on a walk, cycle tour or sightseeing flight. Bicycle hire and filled backpacks for walkers are available. On request, wine tasting sessions with expert commentary can be arranged at nearby premium wine estates. (Charges may apply.) Tour operator: Mosellandtouristik GmbH

Prices from

E 174,00

Price per person for two nights in a double room.

Selected offers from our incoming partners The following pages list offers and packages from our incoming partners, which you can use as components to make up your own packages. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the various contact methods listed on page 35 should you have specific questions about individual partners. We would also be happy to put you in touch with the relevant businesses and establishments.

Olbrück castle, Eifel


The comfort hotel in Hunsrück - quality & ambience The 4-star hotel takes its name from Kastellaun, the ancient fortified town in the Hunsrück mountains. With a lovingly restored town environment, proximity to nature and plenty of leisure and shopping opportunities, it offers the perfect setting for a relaxing stay. The owner-managed hotel is perfect for a longer holiday, a short break or a seminar at the BurgStadt Business Center. The hotel has 59 rooms with international satellite TV and free Internet, minibar, safe and many other facilities. The 24 Comfort single rooms also have 2.1 m/7ft Frolexus beds, French balconies, 26“ LCD screens and air conditioning. In our restaurant our team serves up freshly prepared regional specialities and delicious creations. In the SKY bar and the new Red Baron lounge in the basement, you can watch live German and European football. NEW since 2014! iTAKEOFF - a visitor experience dedicated to flying with two professional flight simulators and passenger cabin for 24 passengers. Prepare to be surprised! Or if you‘re looking for peace and relaxation and travelling by caravan or camper van, look no further than the BurgStadt CampingPark above the hotel with its quiet, well-maintained surroundings. Distances from cycle routes 0,1 km Schinderhannes-Radweg 0,1 km Hunsrück-Mosel-Radweg 25 km Rhein-Radweg

Rooms: 1 Apartment Hotel facilities:

22 / 23

Distances from walking routes 0,2 km Traumschleife BurgStadt-Pfad 9 km Masdascher Burgherrenweg 8 km Traumschleife Baybachklamm

BurgStadt-Hotel F5 Südstraße 34 56288 Kastellaun/Hunsrück Tel.: +49 (0) 6762/40 80-0 Fax: +49 (0) 6762/40 80-100 e-mail:

Price: € 60,00 Per person in double room including breakfast Group rate (20 people or more) from € 50,00

Hotel Deutschherrenhof «««

WELCOME TO YOUR VACATION Welcome to the historic Hotel Deutschherrenhof, directly on the banks of the River Moselle. Where the Order of the Teutonic Knights once met, we now combine modern hospitality with a family-orientated atmosphere, offering 50 individually appointed rooms in our main building and guest annex. DISCOVER the Moselle region We provide the ideal starting point for all your exploratory tours: Europe‘s loveliest hiking and cycling routes and a ferry landing stage lie directly on our doorstep! A wealth of different places of interest are also only a stone‘s throw away. If you would be interested, we would also be happy to take you out on a thrilling hike through the wine estate or tempt you to a wine-tasting in our historic vaulted wine cellar. REST AND RECOVER Let your cares drift away in our new spa and wellness zone, overlooking the magical river landscape... whether you choose the Finnish sauna with river view, herbal biosauna, slate-clad steam bath, aroma bath or a beneficial massage. Our restaurant team are on hand to spoil you with regional dishes by the open fireplace in the Rittersaal (Knights‘ Chamber) or in one of our many other rustically furnished rooms. You‘ll finally relax into holiday mood with a chilled glass of Riesling sitting overlooking the Moselle and its vineyards. We look forward to your visit!

Price: from € 38,00 Rooms:

Hotel facilities:

Hotel & Restaurant Deutschherrenhof Deutschherrenstr. 23 54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig Tel.: +49 (0) 6532/935 0 e-mail:


Hotel schloss Engers ««««

per person in a double room including breakfast + €14.00 per person/day for gourmet half-board Special prices for groups of 5 or more and tour organiser.

Culture and fine food at Schloss Engers on the Rhine The chateau on the banks of the Rhine was originally built as a hunting lodge by Johann Philipp von Walderdorff, the Archbishop-Elector of Trier. The best artists of the Rococo period created an architectural jewel with magnificent state rooms in a beautiful setting. Today the castle hosts concerts and cultural events and is home to a hotel and restaurant, conference centre, museum and much more. The hotel consists of three buildings with a total of 50 rooms (4 single and 46 double): Schloss Engers (17 rooms), Gästehaus Schloss Engers (18 rooms) and the 4-star Residenz Schloss Engers (15 rooms) with a small sauna facility which is open to all guests. All three buildings are situated just a few minutes‘ walk apart. The extensive breakfast buffet is served in the historic vault restaurant in the castle, and in fine weather you can also eat outside on the Rhine Terrace. With a dedicated and experienced team, sophisticated dining, live music and creative decorations, any celebration is an unforgettable experience. The Rhine Terrace is the perfect place for a champagne reception or coffee and cakes, while the magnificent Garden Room makes an exquisite wedding venue. The historic restaurant can also be booked for private functions. Schloss Engers offers five conference rooms for between 2 and 80 guests. The hotel complex allows meetings and social events to be combined so that guests do not have to travel far in the evenings. Our evening programme ranges from dinner in the restaurant and wine tastings in the castle’s historic vault restaurant to exclusive set menu evenings with theatre. And if you‘re looking for active or sporty team activities, we are well-connected with local providers.

Price: from € 50,00 Rooms:

Hotel facilities:

Schloss Engers Betriebs-GmbH D6 Alte Schlossstrasse 2 56566 Neuwied/Romantic Rhine Tel.: +49 (0) 2622/92 64-295 e-mail:

Per person in double room including breakfast

weinhotel des Riesling zum grünen kranz «««S

In the heart of Rüdesheim ‘s old quarter Zum Grünen Kranz, a hotel in the Rheingau specialising in active holidays, is the perfect destination for lovers of the great outdoors. As well as hiring out its own bicycles, the hotel manages a family-owned premium vineyard and a wine shop, which can organise various tours and wine-related activities for guests. A hotel for walkers and a certified stopping point on the Rheinsteig trail, the hotel provides superb catering, from a healthy-start breakfast buffet, and packed lunches to nutrition-packed gourmet dishes and fine wines in its restaurant and wine garden. With years of experience in the field of leisure, particularly cycling and walking tours, the hotel team provides guests with plenty of support and advice. Fine dining The Kranz kitchen serves fresh, regional and seasonal dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes and made from locally-sourced produce. The à la carte menu boasts a wide range of regional specialities, which are perfectly complemented by a selection of local riesling and pinot noir wines from the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Distance to the cycle paths 0,1 km Radwanderweg Hessen 0,5 km Europäischer Fernradweg - Mainz - Koblenz 1,2 km Nahetalradweg - Bad Kreuznach - Idar-Oberstein


Distance to the trails 0,1 km Rheinsteig 4 km RheinBurgenWeg

Weinhotel des Riesling F7 Zum grünen Kranz Oberstraße 42-44 65385 Rüdesheim/Rheingau Tel.: +49 (0) 6722/48 33-6 Fax: +49 (0) 6722/48 19-5 e-mail:

Hotel facilities:

Kaiserbad Bad Ems

Price: from € 37,90 Per person in a double room with full board Group rates (20 people or more) from € 32,90

Bad Ems - the Emperor‘s Spa The imperial spa town of Bad Ems has one of the richest spa traditions in Europe. It is situated in one of Germany‘s most attractive holiday regions. In the 19th century the cosmopolitan spa welcomed emperors, tsars, kings, artists and scholars. The list of eminent guests included Kaiser Wilhelm I, Tsar Alexander II, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Richard Wagner, Jacques Offenbach, Victor Hugo and Goethe. Today, Bad Ems continues to delight visitors with its many sights such as the baroque Badeschloss (now the Grandhotel), Germany‘s oldest casino and the Roman Limes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town attracts visitors from many countries, who come to enjoy the outstanding health and wellness facilities and outdoor activities. Specialist spa clinics and Europe‘s leading Ayurveda clinic provide a wide range of treatments. Since 2012 Bad Ems has also been home to one of the most modern and attractive thermal spas in Germany, which since 2014 includes Germany‘s only ‚river sauna‘. For those who like to be active on holiday there are plenty of sports acdtivities, including watersports, walking, cycling, mountain biking and golf. Bad Ems is also famous for Germany‘s biggest flower parade, held in late August, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. Highlights: Cruises on the River Lahn; raft trip with buffet, music and dancing; trip on the Kaiserbahn (excursion road train); trip on the Kurwaldbahn (one of the steepest funicular railways in the world); themed city tours in various languages; guided walks on the Lahnwanderweg; guided cycle tours on the Lahntalradweg; mountain bike course at Emser Bikepark; wine tastings with winegrowers; visit to flower parade with accompanying programme; complete packages including accommodation, e.g. with visit to thermal spa and wellness treatments. Distances from walking routes 0,1 km Lahnwanderweg 0,1 km Way of St. James 11 km Rheinsteig

Distances from cycle routes 0,1 km Lahntalradweg 10 km Rhein-Radweg Stadt- und Touristikmarketing Bad Ems e.V. Bahnhofplatz 56130 Bad Ems/Lahn Valley Tel.: +49 (0) 2603/94 15-0 Fax: +49 (0) 2603/94 15-60 e-mail:

24 / 25


Prices on request

Get more at the Moselle

Ferienland Bernkastel-Kues The holiday region Bernkastel-Kues has plenty to offer in its four regions: the charming Moselle villages, the town Bernkastel-Kues, a county and the scenic Moselle-Hunsrück. Whether you are interested in culture, fine food and wine, cycling or pure relaxation - let us tell you more about the holiday region where you get more: The remarkable half-timbered houses attract visitors from all over the world to the old town. The historic market square, the famous “Pointed House“, Karlovy Square and the picturesque narrow lanes contribute to Bernkastel-Kues‘ unique flair. One of the best ways to learn about the town‘s history is by taking a guided tour. No visit to the Moselle would be complete without savouring the excellent wines. The exquisite Riesling wines made German wine world-famous. One of the highlights of any trip to the Moselle is a visit of one of the wine and street festivals, which reflect the convivial way of life of the local population, the “Moselaner”. The holiday region is also a paradise for cyclists: whether you are a leisure cyclist or more ambitious, the possibilities are endless. There is an extensive network of cycle routes along the River Moselle. The routes are also ideal for electric bikes. The Moselle-Maar Cycle Route takes you through the volcanic landscape of the Eifel into the Moselle Valley. If you prefer more of a challenge, why not consider ‚Hunsrück on Tour‘ by mountain bike. Package deal: Wine Lover‘s Tour in the Holiday Region of Bernkastel-Kues · 2 nights‘ accommodation with breakfast at selected hotels · 2 group evening meals (on half-board) · Trip by panoramic tourist train to the vineyards · Guided walk through the vineyards · Guided wine-tasting and light meal on the estate (as lunch) · 1-hour guided tour through the old town of Bernkastel · 1-hour river cruise starting/finishing in Bernkastel-Kues Wein- und Ferienregion Bernkastel-Kues GmbH Abteilung Gruppen- und Pauschalreisen Gestade 6 54470 Bernkastel-Kues/Moselle Tel.: +49 (0) 6531/50 01 95 e-mail:


Die Weinstadt Bingen

Price: per person from 169,00 € in a double room from 189,00 € in a single room Booking: The programme is available on request and subject to availability from Easter to October. Minimum number of participants: 10 Register at least two weeks before the start of your trip.

The ancient winegrowing town of Bingen am Rhein lies in the midst of vineyards and forests at the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the jewel of the romantic Rhine. It is also uniquely situated at the meeting point of the four winegrowing areas of Rheinhessen, Nahe, Mittelrhein and Rheingau. This was the home of Hildegard of Bingen, one of the most influential women of the Middle Ages. Bingen celebrates the traditional Winzerfest between 27 August and 7 September 2015. This 11-day celebration is the longest wine festival on the Rhine. On the last weekend in June, the three-day international jazz festival makes Bingen a magnet for jazz and swing fans. Bingen is the start or end point for the Rhine Castles Trail, the Soonwaldsteig Trail and the Nahe Cycle Route, and the Rhine Cycle Route also passes through the town. This makes Bingen a popular destination for hikers and cyclists. Guided tour: 2000 Years of History at the Confluence of the Rhine and the Nahe E 75.00 for groups of up to 30 people; foreign-language tours E 10.00 extra Guided tour: In the Footsteps of Hildegard of Bingen E 110,00 for groups of up to 30 people; foreign-language tours E 10.00 extra Wine tastings from E10.00 per person for groups of 10 or more Vineyard tour by tractor including wine tasting and buffet E 45,00 per person for groups of 10 or more Vineyard walk with wine tasting and buffet E 37,00 per person Accommodation in 2-star plus hotel Group price E 40,00 per person in double room

Tourist Information F7 Rheinkai 21 55411 Bingen/Romantic Rhine Tel.: +49 (0) 6721/184-205 and -206 e-mail:

Prices and packages on request


Holiday region of Cochem/Moselle For active holidays - Anything but ordinary! With its imposing castles, beautiful vineyards and picturesque villages, the area around Cochem an der Mosel has a fairytale quality. It‘s a paradise for holidaymakers who like walking, good wine, and a wealth of culture. The holiday region of Cochem extends from Bremm at Calmont, Europe‘s steepest vineyard, to Moselkern - close to Eltz Castle. The epitome of the romantic Moselle is Cochem, a small town with barely 5000 inhabitants, which is first recorded in 886 as ‚Villa cuchema‘. If you stroll through the historic old town and climb the steep path to the Reichsburg, you‘ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Moselle Valley. You can then go on an unforgettable journey through time with a guided tour of the castle (March to November) followed by a medieval banquet in the historic cellar. Enchanting views can also be enjoyed from the Apollorundweg trail in Valwig (approx. 2 1/2 hours), which takes its name from the many Apollo butterflies. Another jewel is the attractive Beilstein, used as a location for many German films (such as Der Schinderhannes starring Curt Jürgens). Known as the ‚Sleeping Beauty‘ of the Moselle, with its market square, the Klosterkirche and Metternich Castle, it makes the perfect fairytale ending to a holiday. Distance from cycle routes: 0,05 km Mosel-Radweg

Distance from walking routes: 0,1 km Moselsteig 0,1 km Mosel-Höhenweg 0,1 km Mosel.Erlebnis.Route

More information about holidays in the Cochem/Moselle region is available from the tourist information office or on; Visit us on Facebook!

Prices and packages on request Ferienland Cochem E5 Endertplatz 1 56812 Cochem/Moselle Tel.: +49 (0) 2671/60 04-0 Fax: +49 (0) 2671/60 04-44 e-mail:


Precious stones and glittering treasures One man, one year, one metre. That‘s how long it took one prospector to dig one metre into the hillside to uncover sparkling gems from the hard mother rock. At the gem mines in Steinkaulenberg, agates, amethysts, rock crystals, jasper and smoky quartz have been mined for over 500 years. At the second point on your tour, you will visit the Historische Weiherschleife, the last surviving agate grinding waterwheel, which dates from the 17th century. Watch the gem grinders at work and see how a red rock is transformed into a sparkling jewel. Then we continue on to the Idar district, where you can see some of the most beautiful treasures and costliest jewels ever made at the unique German Gemstone Museum. Then we continue to the old town of Oberstein. Two imposing structures, Schloss Oberstein and Burg Bosselstein, tower high above the town like two sisters. They were home to brothers Emich and Wyrich, who were both so in love with the same woman that Wyrich pushed Emich out of a castle window to his death on the rocks below. At the place where he died, Wyrich built the Felsenkirche or ‚chapel in the rocks‘ as a sign of his remorse. This unique building is still the town‘s emblem. After descending the many steps into town, we will visit the German Mineral Museum.

Package: Precious Stones and Elegant Wines • 3 nights with breakfast in 3* Superior hotel • 1 x traditional spit roast • Sightseeing: gemstone mines, Historische Weiherschleife (gem grinding waterwheel), German Gemstone Museum or German Mineral Museum, Felsenkirche • Taster session: grind precious stones yourself for two hours Prices per person from Tourist-Information der Stadt Idar-Oberstein Hauptstraße 419 55743 Idar-Oberstein/Naheland Tel.: +49 (0)6781/64-871 Fax: +49 (0)6781/64-878 e-mail:

26 / 27


€ 185,00

Single room supplement from E 40,00 Bookings taken: 15 March – 15 November

Mosel-treffpunkt traben-trarbach

Nestled in a unique landscape of river and vineyards, the twin towns of Traben and Trarbach are situated on the left and right banks of the Middle Moselle with a unique three-mile riverside promenade. The forest and vineyards gather round the two halves of the town like a vine-covered amphitheatre. Associated with winegrowing and the wine trade since time immemorial, in the 19th and 20th centuries Traben-Trarbach was the world‘s most important wine-trading town after Bordeaux. Its importance is shown by the magnificent art nouveau buildings in the town. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, cosmopolitan wine merchants built a wealth of structures in the art nouveau and Belle Epoque style. The town is also home to historic landmarks such as the Bridge Gate, the ruins of Grevenburg Castle and the once mighty fortress of Mont Royal. And for visitors hungry for more history and culture, Trarbach is home to the Museum of the Middle Moselle, the Haus der Ikonen, the bicycle museum and the Buddha museum. Of course, no visit would be complete without the world-famous Moselle wines. There are wine tastings, wine festivals, vineyard tours, cellar tours all year round as well as the Moselle Wein-Nachts-Markt, a Christmas market with a distinctive wine flavour.

Distance to the trails 0,1 km Mosel-Camino 0,1 km Mosel-Wandersteig 0,1 km Mosel-HĂśhenweg

Distance to the cycle paths 0,1 km Mosel-Radweg 0,1 km Mosel-HĂśhenweg

Mosel-Treffpunkt Traben-Trarbach Am Bahnhof 5 56841 Traben-Trarbach/Moselle Tel.: +49 (0) 6541/83 98-0 Fax: +49 (0) 6541/83 98-39 e-mail:

Near Birkweiler, Palatinate


Prices and group rates available on request

Bingen-RüdesheimeR bingen-rüdesheimer LORELEYCRUISES – Routes

We would like to invite you to enjoy a special experience on one of our 5 comfortable touring ships Trips to thehave Loreley which a capacity to accommodate over 3000 guests daily. We offer trips along the most scenic part of the Rhine valley called the middle Rhine, which goes from Bingen and Rüdesheim A cruise onpassing one ofAssmannshausen, these five, well-appointed boats is a special experience. The boats can carry Bacharach,pleasure Kaub, to the famous Loreley Rock and ends at the picturmore thanesque 3,000towns passengers perand day offer tours along the loveliest stretch of the river Rhine: the of st. goar st.and goarshausen.

Middle Rhine Valley. Tours depart from Bingen and Rüdesheim and sail past Assmanshausen, Bacharach, The Bingen-Rüdesheimer and its fleet: Our fleet have the following names - „mFs germania“, Kaub and the famous Loreley rock to the small, scenic towns of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen. „mFs Vater Rhein“, „mFs ehrenfels“, „mFs Bingen“ and are well known on the Rhine river. since The fleet the millennium we have a modern member of the fleet „mFs Rhenus“. We are very proud of The boats MFS Germania, MFS Vater Rhein, MFS Ehrenfels and MFS Bingen are a familiar sight on the this newly built ship, which boasts the most modern technology and extreme comfort! Rhine. MFS Rhenus is a new addition to the fleet: a modern boat equipped with the latest technology and luxuriouslyCatering fitted out.&The boats‘aton-board restaurants offer aOur range of snacks and meals during all trips,onas Culinary the Bingen-Rüdesheimer: on board restaurants cater for guests well as a wide variety ofadrinks, wines. all trips with varietyincluding of offers regional from snacks to full meals and a fully equipped bar with every Special offers kind of drink available. Regional wines on offer. During the summer, children accompanied by their parents can travel for E 5,00. Pensioners aged 60+ Special offers: during the summer children (accompanied by their parents) can travel for 4,– eUR. receive a 30% discount every day. School children and students can obtain a 50 % discount upon preOur pensioners can benefit from a special eUR-price offer on mondays and Fridays to discover the sentation of valid school or university ID. In addition, passengers celebrating their birthdays receive a free Loreley Valley. Pupils and students with a valid id receive a 50% reduction in price. Furthermore, ticket, valid on all the boats. Coach groups get a reduction of up to 30 % on standard fares, as well as atnewly weeds and guests celebrating their birthday, travel absolutely free of charge on all ships! For tractively priced meal deals on board. River tours through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World bus groups we offer up to 30% reduction on regular rates while our on board restaurants also have Heritage Site, are offered three times a day and last for two hours, one way. A round trip takes four hours. special menus on offer. Our LOReLeY CRUises to st. goar start in Rüdesheim from gate 8 at 9:15 am, Boarding points are at Bingen/Rüdesheim or St. Goar/St. Goarshausen. From April to October (summer 11:00 am and 02:00 pm and in Bingen from gate 4 at 11:00 am, 02:10 pm and 04:10 pm. timetable), the boats sail from Rüdesheim at 9.15am, 11am and 2pm, and from St. Goar at 11am, 2.10pm The theme “moonshine, Wine and Wave gliders” describes our evening cruises; starting in Bingen and 4.10pm. From November to March, trips are available upon request. between 7:35 pm and 10:45 pm and starting from Rüdesheim from 08:00 pm – 11:00 pm. We Fare depends on route. Special net prices for tour operators. would like to welcome you on board! Price start from 8,80 eUR (for tour operators booking in advance).

Price: Prices depending on itinerary. 14,00* € (12.00 £*) Special net rates for tour Net price per ride operators.

Bingen-Rüdesheimer Bingen-Rüdesheimer F7 Fähr- und Schiffahrtsgesellschaft eG Fähr- und Schiffahrtgesellschaft eG Rheinkai 10Rheinkai 10 55411 Bingen Rhine 55411 Bingen/Romantic Tel.:(0) 6721/30 +49 6721 Tel.: +49 8014140 810 Fax:(0) 6721/17 +49 6721 17398 Fax: +49 39-8 e-mail: e-mail:

KD German rhine Line

We offer up to 30% reduction for groups.

The largest and most modern fleet on the Rhine, Main and Moselle

KD GERMAN RHINE LINE KD (Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche rheinschiffahrt aG) is the market leader in river cruising on

the rhine and the most experienced river cruise company in the world, founded in 1826.

A fresh wind on board

KD’s fleet: Today, KD`s excursion fleet of 14 ships conquers the most beautiful destinations on the

KD‘s wide rhine, rangemoselle of excursion ideas theonly Rhine, Maincompany and Moselle off!“ KD‘s and main. KDon is the shipping with a„Cast scheduled servicelatest alongprogramme the reads like aentire guidebook of the best the Rhine, MainThe andships Moselle have to offer, combining scenery, rhine between Cologne and mainz. offer first-class comfort and are all suitableculture for and high-quality events. KD‘s range of excursions all the the inspiration need forrequirement. a short break. There‘s disabled passengers. Whether nostalgic oris modern, KD fleetyou meets every something for everyone, from families to those who love culture, activity and festivals. The choice of routes and events KD’s is astours varied asoffers: the landscapes andshipping towns that the comfortable ships ofalong the fleet pass by. and KD is the only company with several white daily services the whole When it comes leaving behind, have World been Cultural the experts for over of thetostretch ofeveryday the rhinelife listed in the KD UneSCO heritage Sites187 andyears. offers more than 160 possibilities of boarding or disembarking daily. Take your choice from Loreley Tours, Castle

Cruises and culture Tours, KD’s nostalgia route on board the extraordinary paddle wheel ship Goethe or excursions into With KD you combine a cruise a cultural experience. It is the only cruise sail several thecan “Siebengebirge” (Sevenwith mountains) to discover the highlights of the oldestoperator cultural to landscape times a dayinup and down the whole UNESCO World Heritage Sitethe of the MiddleofRhine. Whether europe. alongside the scheduled trips taking place from beginning april to the end you of want to see the Loreley Rock, explore castles, try the KD nostalgia route with the Goethe, or take a trip to the October, KD offers numerous special trips: panorama cruises in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, Siebengebirge, the choice is wide and flexible. entertaining round trips, musical event trips with plenty of dancing and a colourful entertainment programme, excursions to the romantic firework displays or the Christmas markets along the rhine,

For tour operators KD offers special deals, freeyounger seats for guides, special package deals including plus fairy-tale trips attractive and children‘s parties for the guests. a ship tour and group menu, and useful promotional material. To find out more, request a copy of the KD tour operator‘s catalogue, which includes all offers and plenty useful andcan information. Culinary & specials at the KD: in the restaurants on KDof ships yourtips clients enjoy typical German specialities and will be invited to choose from our great variety. For groups KD offers a number of

Visit us on very Facebook! special group packages combining a scheduled cruise with an excellent menu on board. Specials: Tuesday and Thursday are Bicycle Days at KD, which means that 2 cyclists need to buy only one ticket (single journeys only). Outstanding special in 2011 is the KD BUGa package. it includes the cruise to / from Koblenz and the entrance fee for the the Federal horticultural Show Koblenz 2011.

KD Köln-Düsseldorfer A4 KD German Rhine Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt AG Line Frankenwerft 35 Frankenwerft 35 50667 Köln50667 Köln Tel.:(0) 221/20 +49 221 / 2088 405 Tel.: +49 88-405 Fax:(0) 221/20 +49 221 2088 403 Fax: +49 88/ 403 e-mail: e-mail:

28 / 29

Price: Prices depending on itinerary.

Depending on itinerary, special

Special net netrates rates for for tour tour operators operators.

birkenhof-Brennerei gmbh

New traditions in old barrels - tradition meets modernity at a regional distillery Birkenhof-Brennerei is a traditional grain distillery that has been family-run since 1848. In 1999 it also began distilling fruit brandies. In addition to fruit, Birkenhof distils various German beers, herbs such as basil and sage, vegetables such as carrots and beetroot, various whisky distillates and even bread, but also classic fruit brandies such as Williams pear, plum, morello cherry and apple. Birkenhof brandies and liqueurs are always highly commended in national and international competitions, often finishing in the top places. The distillery‘s proud collection includes the Bundesehrenpreis, presented by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, state awards from the Chamber of Agriculture, other awards and many gold medals. Offer & activities ‚Distillery Discovery‘ offer including an informative visit and a guided tour of the grain and fruit distilleries, where visitors can discover the differences between the two types of distillery. A guide will explain the wide range of equipment and techniques used. There will be an opportunity to taste Westerwald specialities, liqueurs and fine fruit brandies. At a gourmet evening, after a short informative tour and a ‚nosing‘ course, there will be an opportunity to sample some delicious food. Visitors can sample some of the finest fruit and grain distillates together with artisan cheeses, handmade chocolates, savoury hams and mouthwatering vol-au-vents. A first-class taste experience! In addition to the tours, packages can also be put together for small groups, for example the Distiller‘s Olympics, where the group is given challenges to complete (with a nosing course, sensory challenges, judging and measuring the grain, whisky tastings and much more). Small groups of 10 or more and larger groups of 80 or more can be catered for.

Price: Gourmet evenings: Birkenhof Brennerei GmbH C7 Auf dem Birkenhof 57647 Nistertal/Westerwald Tel.: +49 (0) 2661/98 20 40 Fax: +49 (0) 2661/98 20 4-11 e-mail:

Landesgartenschau Landau

€ 35,00 (afternoons also possible) Distillery Discovery: € 6,50

The top destination in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2015: the Landau State Horticultural Show! Between 17 April and 18 October 2015, Landau will host the fourth State Horticultural Show. An area of about 27 hectares will be transformed into a treasure trove of garden design to delight horticultural connoisseurs, with some 1000 trees, 4000 square metres of annuals and many show gardens. Those aren‘t the only highlights: whether it‘s fine wines at the wine bar or the latest trends in garden design, there is something for everyone. Ample catering is provided. Over 2000 varied events will make the show even more lively, creating an exciting 185 days of diverse entertainment. The Landau State Horticultural Show 2015 is designed to cater for the needs of groups. The restaurant „Remise“ seats 700 people and offers reservations, making it ideal for large groups. Bookable tours and walks for seniors make this major event an unforgettable experience. The State Horticultural Show makes Landau the ideal destination for tour operators in 2015, because the region offers an excellent tourist infrastructure including a wide range of hotels and plentiful tours of towns, vineyards, forests and castles, allowing visitors to see more of the region.

Admission prices for groups


Landesgartenschau Landau 2015 J7 gemeinnützige GmbH Georg-Friedrich-Dentzel-Str. 1 76829 Landau/Palatinate Tel.: +49 (0) 6341/14 19 26-0 e-mail:

Groups of 20 or more € 12,50

Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz Mainz State Museum – one of the oldest museums in Germany

Knight! Death! and the Devil? Franz von Sickingen and the Reformation Special exhibition from 21 May to 25 October 2015 Franz von Sickingen (1481-1523) is one of the most prominent figures from the time around the dawn of the modern age. His numerous feuds led to his involvement in the political arena of the day. Sickingen‘s support for the Humanists and new religious ideas made his town of Ebernburg one of the early centres of the Reformation. The story of this knight who defied Emperor and princes remains firmly entrenched in local legend. This extensive special exhibition explains the knights‘ influence on the Reformation. It traces Sickingen‘s ascent to leadership of the German knights and opens up insights into events of the day. From Luther‘s appearance before Emperor and Empire in Worms, the many facets of the aristocratic Reformation in the Empire and Europe, to the stylisation of Franz von Sickingen as a hero, all the way to the present day. Packages / tips: An audio guide or a guided tour are useful ways of exploring this large special exhibition (guided tours can be booked on the website). Round off your visit with a knight-themed speciality in the museum‘s café. Opening times: Tue – Sun 10am – 5pm (Wed until 8pm)

Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz Landesmuseum Mainz Große Bleiche 49 - 51 55116 Mainz Tel.: +49 (0)6131/28 57-0



€ 6,00

Rhineland State Museum in Trier

„1636 – Their last battle“ Special exhibition from 17 April to 18 October 2015 The shocking discovery of a mass grave in the town of Wittstock in Brandenburg represented a unique archaeological find in Europe. The skeletons proved to be the remains of 125 soldiers who had fallen during the Battle of Wittstock, during the Thirty Years‘ War. Against the backdrop of a baroque city, a reconstructed army camp and a battlefield, historic documents, hoards of gold and weapons paint a picture of everyday life during the Thirty Years‘ War. The key exhibits are finds from the historic battlefield in 1636. Analyses made possible by modern-day advances in natural science have provided fascinating insights into the lives of the 125 men buried here. From their childhoods in different regions of Europe, to the constant changes of army life through to their death in the battle. More than 2,000 exhibits, some hands-on objects, media stations and videos, as well as a special story trail for children, make this exhibition a cultural experience suitable for all ages and catering to all interests. Packages / tips: An ‚AntikenCard‘ includes admission to various Roman monuments in Trier - Germany‘s oldest city - as well as entrance to the special exhibition. Opening times: Tue – Sun 10am – 5pm

Price: Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier Weimarer Allee 1 54290 Trier Tel.: +49 (0)651/9774 - 0

30 / 31


The „AntikenCard Trier“ costs € 9,00 and includes admission to 2 Roman buildings of your choice and entrance to the Rheinisches Landesmuseum.

Koblenz State Museum - Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

40 years of PLAYMOBIL - A Journey of Adventure through Time Special exhibition from 28 March to 25 October 2015 Did you know that these much-loved children‘s toys owe their existence to the oil crisis? Soaring oil rates pushed plastic prices up to astronomical levels, resulting in the company‘s decision to switch from large products to small plastic figures, to reduce consumption of this expensive commodity. The exhibition recounts the story of the development of the PLAYMOBIL brand, its products and designs. Visitors can follow the entire production process, from the initial idea (e.g. a child‘s suggestion) all the way to the finished product. This ‚journey of adventure through time‘ spans the period from the Stone Age to the present day, stopping off along the way in the Roman era and the days of the knights. Thousands of figures displayed in countless scenarios, together with walk-in, interactive and multimedia features, will immerse fans, both old and new, in the Playmobil world. Packages / tips: Start your ‚journey of adventure‘ with a spectacular cable car ride across the river and a visit to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, home to the Landesmuseum Koblenz. Opening times: Apr – Oct daily 10am – 6pm (cable car operates daily) Nov – Mar daily 10am – 5pm (cable car operates Sat, Sun and public holidays)

Price: Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz Landesmuseum Koblenz Festung Ehrenbeitstein 56077 Koblenz Tel.: +49 (0)261/6675 - 4000


Castles, Châteaus and Antiquities – Villa Ludwigshöhe

€ 11,80 Combined ticket/ adults (2 cable car trips and entrance to the Fortress and Landesmuseum)


„Verdun – 100 years later. In search of traces of a German-French past“ Photographic exhibition from April 2015 One hundred years after the outbreak of the First World War, two photographers, Emmanuel Berry from France and Martin Blume from Germany, visited battlefields in Verdun to form their own impressions of this contested site. The results of this quest for traces of the past are presented in a joint exhibition. Combining perceptive insights with the detached view of the observer, they captured their impressions of vestiges and monuments. Images of landscapes contrast with close-ups of barbed wire and shrapnel. Packages / tips: Visit King Ludwig I‘s Italian-style summer residence, high above the town of Edenkoben on the Wine Route, and stop off in the castle café. Opening times: Jan - Mar Sat + Sun 10am – 5pm, April – Sept 9am – 6pm, Oct – Nov 9am – 5pm Closed on the first working day of the week and in December

Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz Castles, Châteaus, Antiquities Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe Villastraße 64 67480 Edenkoben Tel.: +49 (0)6323/93016



€ 6,00

Wolfsley, Lahn valley 32 / 33

Marksburg Castle, Romantic Rhine


4 Festivals, wine tastings and modern wine architecture The exquisite wine traditions of Rhineland-Palatinate are well appreciated amongst wine lovers around the world. The traditional wine festivals in autumn are highlights not to be missed. Several wine tastings are offered by winemakers throughout the region, and visitors have the option to stay at the vineyard and work with the winemaker to learn more about wine production itself. The popular subject of wine architecture is well represented in the region with numerous award-winning venues, perfect for wine tastings in exceptional surroundings.

1 UNESCO World Heritage treasures Rhineland-Palatinate is a treasure chest filled with historical places and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Speyer Cathedral, a number of Roman monuments, most of them situated in Trier, the romantic Upper Middle Rhine Valley, with its unique concentration of castles and palaces, and, last but not least, parts of the Roman, Upper Germanic-Rhaetian borderline, known as Limes.

5 Action at the “Green Hell” Nürburgring The extension of the spectacular racetrack Nürburgring, with its well-known “Nordschleife”, turned the venue into a year-round family attraction with features suitable for all generations. Apart from the popular Formula 1, Oldtimer races and other events, the fascination of motorsports can also be experienced in the interactive amusement park “ring°werk“. One can also enjoy the latest movies in the „ring°kino”. Heart palpitation, action, highspeed entertainment and educational events – this is the new Nürburgring!

2 Historical fairytale castles, palaces and fortresses Walls full of tales and an undeniably magical atmosphere work together to make a visit to one of the many castles and palaces of the region an exceptional experience. Some grand examples include the Trifels Castle, which was the former prison of King Richard the Lionheart, the Reichsburg Castle at Cochem and the Eltz Castle, which is hidden mysteriously in the forest. Also worth mentioning are the Manderscheider Castles and their dramatic past, the noble Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz and the medieval Marksburg Castle; the only castle in the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed.

6 Dreamlike landscapes and almond tree blossoms Rhineland-Palatinate contrasts with its beautiful nature. Full of constrasts, the region boasts both volcanic cones and crater lakes in the Eifel, which testify to once-conflagrant times, as well as a veritable Garden of Eden in the Palatinate, with almond trees of astounding beauty when they blossom during spring, as well as lemons and oleander, which all thrive due to the mild climate. Networks of long distance hiking trails and the so-called „Dream Routes” (nature-orientated circuit trips), as well as a number of well-marked biking trails make it possible to discover these manifold landscapes in an active way.

3 Legendary Rhine & Moselle cruises The renowned route from Koblenz to Bingen is one of the most beautiful parts of the Rhine River. Once experienced, such a tour, with the riverboat passing steep cliffs, vineyards, romantic castles and cozy villages, will never be forgotten. A truly magical cruise is the winter cruise, which takes visitors from one traditional Christmas market to the next. There are various starting points for the river cruises, mostly departing on a daily basis in the summer season.

7 Traditional spas with regional grape seed specialities Rhineland-Palatinate looks back on centuries of health and spa traditions thanks to the Romans, who made use of the curative forces of the local nature. The various health resorts, the beneficial mineral and thermal springs and the luxurious spas offer the perfect surroundings for a break from everyday life. Applications like a peeling mask with grape seeds, a massage with grape seed oil or the “Eifelkräuterfango”, only available in the Ahr Valley, are just a few examples of the beauty secrets of the region.

Romantic1 Germany R H I N E L A N D - P A L AT I N AT E














Lahn Valley Monschau



Ahr Valley Maria Laach






St. Goarshausen


Zell Rüdesheim

Zeltingen Wittlich










I Germersheim

J Schweigen-Rechtenbach


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Fly to Frankfurt-Hahn, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne-Bonn, Zweibrücken or Saarbrücken. The area can be easily accessed by train via Luxembourg, Cologne and Frankfurt. By car, take the A1, A3 or A61 and you‘ll soon be in RhinelandPalatinate.



IR Bremerhaven Hamburg








Koblenz Trier

Frankfurt Mainz


Metz Paris



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