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Herne Hill

Situated in Herne Hill London on the site of a former public house we have designed a scheme for nine apartments. Given the prominent corner site the key elements have been to integrate with the strong vertical rhythms of the adjacent Victorian terrace. Equally important was the provision of amenity space and to maximise the daylight into the rooms within. These factors were dealt with in a contemporary design that used the structure to support a series of balconies to echo the vertical rhythm of the street and set behind this a ‘skin’ of more contemporary cladding to add a depth to the façade. Extensive use of rooflights and large areas of glazing bring daylight into the project.

The proportions of the balconies echo that of the front garden spaces below. Whilst the balconies are fronted by glazed panel balustrading in order to diminish their impact, the sense of horizontality that they might bring is addressed by the brick panels which support the balconies and behind which they disappear. These echo the simple openings of adjacent fenestration. These then add to the verticality of the project. They also help to start a language of layering whereby elements and materials pass 15 Access Statement: 18-24 Herne Hill Road: Revision behindDesign others and and add depth and interest to the composition of theA faรงade. This serves to diminish the mass of the building and encourage the eye to wander over the faรงade and make the comparisons with the adjacent street scene.

Design and Access Statement: 18-24 Herne Hill Road: Revision A


The existing site is a prominent corner site linking Herne Hill Road and Wanless Road. The neighbouring buildings along Wanless Road are a 13 Design and Access Statement: 18-24 Herne Hill Road: Revision A terrace of two storey brick faced houses. The neighbouring property on Herne Hill Road is a four storey brick and render block of flats. The site is currently bounded by a painted hoarding. It is extremely overgrown and mainly characterised by the excavated level that is now flooded.

Design and Access Statement: 18-24 Herne Hill Road: Revision A


Design and Access Statement: 18-24 Herne Hill Road: Revision A


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Herne Hill