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MAY 2013

The STE M N E G &

AP G R E D By Christi

ne Petrin

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closing the gender gap in the sciences

Maddy Popkin and Mia Cooper / 28


STEM / 12



our models celebrate the warmer weather in

freeze! conflict surrounding the classroom

this spring-themed photoshoot!

art fair / 16



death penalty / 17 #TRENDING & PLAYLIST / 6

religion in the classroom / 18

get ready, these are a few of our favorite

Malala / 20


spring is in the air and around the city

Hewitt’s closing soon... get your ingredients

flowers / 22


gardens / 23

barnard bites / 7 sequestration / 8


archives / 10

do they play guitar upside-down, down-under? feminism / 24 women on late night / 26 fashion / 27


what we’re looking forward to in May

2  -­  MAY  2013

Letter from the Editor

Farewell The Bulletin was founded in 1901, originally as a newspaper. I think about that almost every time we send an issue to print. I mostly wonder how many other Editors-in-Chief also finished their issues in the wee hours of the morning of a deadline. My guess is, I’m not the first. I wrote for the Bulletin as a high school student during the 2008 Barnard Pre-College Summer Program. Back then, the unlucky Editor-in-Chief stuck around campus during the month of June to help a group of naïve adolescents put together a magazine. And so, in the spirit of nostalgia, I recently dug up the first Bulletin article I wrote. Apparently my love of semicolons and dashes—most likely a remnant of my AP English Language exam prep —hasn’t changed; however, I am not the same girl I was back then, and this is certainly not the same magazine. Since that summer, I have had the chance to watch this publication grow into what it is today, all the while developing my own writing and editing, and honing my ability to send scary, quasi-threatening emails to the staff. More importantly, I am proud to be among the Editors-in-Chief who came before me. I am immensely appreciative to all who have contributed to the magazine in the past four years, but especially to the hardworking writers, editors, and members of the layout and art boards who stick around for the late night meetings and editing sessions. My biggest thank you goes to my immeasurably talented partnerin-crime, Ray Rogers, who fields my frantic texts and emails with a calming grace I just don’t seem to possess. I sincerely hope I have been able to give our readers as much enjoyment from our work as I have received in creating it for you.


MAY 2013

the Barnard

BULLETIN Co-Editors in Chief Christine Petrin ’13 Ray Rogers ’13 Managing Editor Cleo Levin ’14

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Design Director Mora Grehl ’15

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Art Assistant Jordana Roat ‘16 Isabel Fransisco’16

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BARNARD BULLETIN 3009 Broadway New York, NY 10027



4 -­  MAY  2013

BEHIND THE SCENES Art Directors Mora Grehl and Rhea Schmid Art Assistant: Jordana Roat Photographer: Triana Kalmanoff Models: Amanda Flink, Kiani Ned, Sophie Nobbler Rayna Gittelman, Lizzie Rodgers

May Online - Artist Spotlight : Coasts

#TRENDING SNOOP LION’S REINCARNATED The canine to feline, Rastifarian conversion must be experienced.

FLOWER PRINT BASEBALL CAPS Fun baseball caps with a feminine edge. LEHMAN LAWN While the steps are being set up for graduation, Lehman Lawn is the new destination for sunbathers.

THE SKIMM This daily newsletter gives the latest updates in a fun and digestible format


6  -­  MAY  2013

WILD OPHELIA CHOCOLATE Bizarre chocolate flavors like Beef Jerky and PB Banana. As of yet untried by the Bulletin, but can be found at Milano Market.

Disclaimer: The  Bulletin  does  not  own  any  of  the  images  on  this  page

HAIR CHALK Temporary coloring allows you to express your inner rebel for just one day.

FEATURES Barnard Snack Bites Spring Chicks Recipe By Amanda Brown


ith spring upon us and the semester quickly coming to a close,

these spring chicks are sure to brighten up your day. While I decorated them as chicks, these cookies can be made just like a classic ball-cookie, or in any other shape you might choose. They are easy to make, and all of the ingredients are either regular staples or can be found in the different dining halls around school. You can spend the time to decorate your cookies like chicks, or you can simply enjoy the uncomplicated sweetness of honey and


1/8 cup (2 tbsp) butter, room temperature 1/4 cup honey 1 egg, room temperature the zest of 1 lemon 1 cup + 2 tbsp flour 1/8 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp lemon extract (optional) Optional Decorations: ½ cup dried coconut Yellow food coloring

In a small bowl mix together Split the dough into 1powder. the flour, salt, and baking 624 even pieces. If you decide to add the Set aside. 10 coconut, colored or not, If you want to make the cook- add a little bit of water to it so bowl, mix together 7ies into chicks, split each the shreds will stick and press it 2Inthea larger butter and honey, then piece into to, with one piece onto your chicks. add the egg, lemon zest and lemon extract (or any extract you want to try!)


Slowly add the dry ingredients into the larger bowl, mixing fully.


Cover the dough in saran wrap and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

5Preheat your oven to 350F

about 1/3 of the size of the other and roll both into balls.

the smaller piece to 8yourAttach the larger piece by pressing finger into the center of the

larger piece and then press the small ball into the large without ruining the shape.

your chicks all on your 9Place lined or greased cookie sheet.

Photographss by  Triana  Kalmanoff

Colored sprinkles




7 -­  MAY  2013

Add the sprinkles to create 11 two eyes and a beak- this can be a little painstaking so

only do it if you really want the chicks.

Place them in the oven for 12 around sixteen minutes, let them cool, and enjoy!

Illustartion by  Amanda  Flink

Sequestration and Education


By: Gillian Osswald ducation is the civil rights

inclusion, with a plan proposed in January by

issue of our generation”

the Obama administration to integrate pre-

according to Arne Duncan,

school programs into the current K-12 public

March 1st press conference as “harsh,

current Education Secretary. If current civil

school design. These moves seem to indicate

arbitrary cuts that will jeopardize military

rights issues are decided by their surround-

a revitalized emphasis on education at all

readiness, education…energy and medi-

ing levels of political ambivalence, Duncan’s

levels. At the same time, the newly initiated

cal research.” So where did these cuts—that

assertion is right on the money. On one side,

budget sequestration looms over countless

Obama blatantly called “a really bad idea”—

we’ve seen a recent promotion of Common

education programs nationwide, threatening

come from, and why are they being enacted?

Core school standards and early childhood

budgets, jobs and services and leaving count-

According to a Washington Post breakdown:


8  -­  MAY  2013

less kids hanging in the balance. Obama described the sequester in a

the cuts originate back to August of 2011

tional malpractice, economically foolish

and Columbia to serve over 100 children

when the Budget Control Act (BCA) was

and morally indefensible.” NPR similarly

in the Morningside Heights/Harlem area,

proposed by the Obama administration

reports that Head Start has already had to

reaching an additional 1400 preschoolers

and subsequently signed into law. The act

cut almost $500 million from its budgets,

citywide through other campus-based pro-

proposed cuts to government-funded pro-

which means programs will serve fewer

grams. Jumpstart is “working towards the

grams across the board in order to combat

children during fewer hours of the day.

day that every child in America enters kin-

national debt and reduce governmental

Public schools will be impacted as well.

dergarten prepared to succeed” by training

spending. The only way to avoid these cuts,

According to the American Association of

college students and community members

according to the law, was to have another

School Administrators, 78 percent of school

to work with preschoolers to develop early

deficit reduction plan agreed upon by a

districts will likely be forced into laying

language and literacy skills. Jumpstart’s

“supercommittee” in Congress. To no one’s

off teachers and staff and cutting down on

principles and policies point to the idea that

surprise, Congress failed to agree on a deal,

extra-curricular programs.

both public agencies and communities play

which triggered the BCA sequestration

Again, these changes seem to combat

a role in providing children access to high

Jumpstart’s principles and policies point to the idea that both public agencies and communities play a role in providing children access to high quality education.

beginning March 1st of this year. Between

the recent rise in policy-based support for

now and 2021, 85 million dollars will be

education, particularly early childhood

trimmed from federal program accounts

education. Alongside Obama’s promotion of

ing cuts, Jumpstart’s community-based

through the sequestration.

public preschool, New York state lawmakers

program promotes a way in which college

lowered the age of compulsory schooling

students and other community members

quester has become mired in bureaucratic

from 6 to 5 years old in June 2012. This

can continue to support early childhood ed-

complications and debate. To many, it

change allows more children to be accepted

ucation regardless of vacillating public and

simply stands as a current financial buzz-

into schools at a critical stage in their devel-

political support. The sequester seems to

word. However, in the world of education,

opment. The sequester seems to demon-

question the importance of early childhood

it translates into an impending series of

strate that the public sector will always face

education, forcing it into a short-sighted

significant changes to both federal and state

limitations in its implementation of early

and strictly financial perspective. Despite

programs. Education programs are some

childhood education programs, suggesting

all this, Jumpstart and other programs like

of the first that are facing the impacts of

the necessity of additional private sector

it will continue to view education as a social

the sequester. Education Secretary Arne


and financial investment in the future of

From a political standpoint, the se-

Duncan stated, via CNS News, that because

Jumpstart is one such program that

of the sequester, “70,000 children could be

combines public funding with privatized

kicked out of Head Start, the federal pre-

efforts to address the early childhood

school program for low-income children.”

achievement gap in New York City and

Duncan went on to contend that “doing this

across the country. The organization cur-

to our most vulnerable children is educa-

rently works with 42 students from Barnard


9 -­  MAY  2013

quality education.

Though also facing potential fund-

our nation.


niti o g o c e n &

REsolution Closing the Gender Gap in the Sciences By Chrstine Petrin Photography By Triana Kalmanoff

In early April, Washington University hosted

ists in equal supply. But in far too many

message didn’t really relay any new infor-

the Clinton Global Initiative University, an

places, opportunity does not,” she says in a

mation. Perhaps her strategy does deserve

annual gathering of talented and motivated

Huffington Post op-ed before The Clinton

some credit, albeit in a roundabout way.

college students presenting their innovative

Global Initiative University convened last

By bringing an awareness to those women

solutions to some of the world’s most com-

month. She goes on to lament this breach in

who found success in their STEM positions,

plex problems. As always, in attendance was

equal participation by citing the effect these

younger generations of girls might feel a

former President Bill Clinton, the founder of

not-so-female-friendly employment rates

sense of comfort from and even solidarity

the Clinton Global Initiative. Joining him this

have imposed on the country’s economic

with these thriving role models.

year was First Daughter Chelsea Clinton,

growth. “If women matched men’s employ-

who, in the weeks both leading up to and

ment rates in America, GDP would rise by 5

Administration appears to be taking as well.

following the conference, took an active role

percent. With the U.S. Department of Com-

Although not specifically intended for girls,

in spotlighting the women participating.

merce expecting STEM jobs to grow 17

The White House Science Fair in mid-April

percent between 2008 to 2018…excluding

also brought national attention to young

certainly no stranger to recognizing the

women from the pipeline hurts American

women succeeding in the fields of science

successes of women and girls, the young-

companies,” she said, citing a recent report

and technology. The fair also served as the

est member of the family has taken on

from Booz & Company.

backdrop for the president’s new campaign,

While all three of the Clintons are

the expansive issue of STEM jobs and the

Unfortunately, unlike the students

It’s a strategy that the Obama

Educate to Innovate, which focuses on piqu-

gender gap existing within them. STEM

her father’s event so eagerly supports,

ing young girls’ interest in STEM subjects

subjects—science, technology, engineer-

Chelsea Clinton offers no real solutions to

through exposure of the material and access

ing, and math—are notoriously dominated

the problem. Her op-ed goes on to praise

to exceptional role models. This focus

by men, despite the growing majority of

those young women who have contrib-

on female mentorship in the sciences in

women graduating from college and pursu-

uted to STEM fields, and while she briefly

certainly a worthwhile venture. Still, in addi-

ing higher degrees. Chelsea’s explanation

mentioned a lack of advertisement for jobs

tion to commenting on the gender disparity

for this discrepancy is simple: circumstance.

in the sciences during her remarks made

in the sciences, we need to go further than

“Across gender lines, intelligence ex-

at the conference, overall, her take-home

simply acknowledging those women who

demonstrating a significant effort to close

gives one example of a company advertising

the STEM gap within their schools received

for a job opening by asking for an applicant

groups in Washington are urging legislative

a competitive advantage in the grant ap-

who is “off the charts.” “That’s just not how

officials to do. On April 17th, members of

plication process. The Executive Branch

women talk,” Wennmachers said in an inter-

the National Coalition for Women & Girls

also hosted “Introduce a Girl to Engineering

view with The New York Times. “They say,

in Education and the National Coalition

Day,” this past March in which classroom,

‘Must be highly competent.’” Andreessen

on Women, Jobs and Job Training met

museums, and science labs across the

Horowitz now includes non-members of the

on Capitol Hill to discuss this very issue

country held special programs aimed at in-

venture capitalist community to write their

of underrepresentation in STEM fields by

creasing female interest in the engineering.

job descriptions, enlisting “regular people”

offering solutions aimed at strengthening

Under our current president, both national

of all genders and ethnicities to ensure the

state accountability. The panel compared

and state governments appear to be doing

language appeals to any type of applicant.

state-by-state attempts to improve STEM

much more than simply acknowledging a

participation across both genders as well as

gender gap in the STEM fields.

have managed to rise above it. Which is exactly what lobbying

state-developed programs geared exclusively

Those in the private sector ap-

With significant transformations

in the way we address the gaps in science and technology taking place across the

towards young women pursuing science

pear to be lending a hand as well. Margit

country, it’s only fair to take a look around

careers. It’s difficult to say whether or not

Wennmachers, a partner at the venture

our own campus to see how Barnard

this endeavor will be met with any success,

capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, along

holds up in comparison. A year and a half

but the fact that Congress is taking an active

with her co-workers, recently launched a

ago, Barnard hosted a STEM Roundtable,

step in seeking sensible solutions to gender

software program created to analyze the

featuring Barnard Alum and Senior Medical

disparity in the sciences is promising.

language used in job descriptions. The

Advisor in the Office of the Chief Health

results were perhaps not all that surprising.

and Medical Officer at NASA, Saralyn

tempted to make substantial contributions in

Upon examination, Wennmachers found the

Mark. Also in attendance were a group of

this area as well. With the Obama Admin-

language of job descriptions to play a major

high school juniors from a local secondary

istration’s Race to the Top program, states

role in discouraging female applicants. She

school. This harkens back to the female

Others in government have at-

role strategy utilized by the Clinton Global

as well as provide them with a supportive

like federal grants, impartial advertisements,

Initiative University and The White House

network of like-minded scientistas after

and campus support each bring about practi-

Science Fair. Bringing both a successful

deciding to do so. Although less than a year

cal and substantive change—a change that

female scientist like Saralyn Mark and young

old, the group’s growing support on campus

is far-reaching and comprehensive. If we

women together to learn from each other,

suggests its effect will certainly be long last-

are going to tackle the STEM gender gap,

is applaudable, but doesn’t necessarily bring


we must go beyond simply recognizing the

about immediate or extensive change. Luck-

Addressing imbalances in gender

ily, Barnard sophomore Amanda Brodsky

equality cannot simply rely on efforts of

started a campus chapter of the Scientista

mentorship. Although Chelsea Clinton’s

Foundation, a national organization founded

remarks during the Clinton Global Initiative

in 2009 whose mission both encourages

University conference last month brought

women to study STEM at the college level,

further attention to the issue, opportunities

problem; we must work to resolve it.

Frieze Art Fair by Adrienne Nel


ut down your pens and highlight-

Arab Emirates. Suzy Menkes

ers, hop in the shower, and get of the New York Times emphasized that the

By: Jordan Borgman

80-foot-high inflatable work, as well as pieces from Fiona Connor’s “Style Guide Spa (2013),”

ready to see the sun again. After fair draws the “Cosmopolitan Crowd”, which Martha Friedman’s “Amygdalas (2013),” and

a hard week of studying for upcoming finals, included jewelers such as Haider Ackermann,

Nick Van Woert’s “Primitive (2013).” A variety

a break is definitely in order. Beginning May

of solo exhibitions make up The Frame, which

Christian Louboutin, Victoire de Castellane

10th through the 13th, New York

showcases everything from live

will be hosting the highly anticipated

presentations by emerging galler-

Frieze Art Fair. Traditionally the fair takes place every October in London’s

Originally created for the pur-

ies, to artist talks given by prominent artists.

Regent’s Park, but in May of 2011 it

pose of selling work, the fair

was announced that Frieze was com-

has become a renowned cul-

amount of art, there will also be

tural entertainment event that

restaurants, bars, V.I.P lounges,

ing to the Big Apple. Featuring over 180 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world, it is an

draws a myriad of spectators

event that shouldn’t be missed.

from around the world. Par-

Originally created for the purpose

In addition to the tremendous

an auditorium and a bookstore all installed in one long, curvaceous white tent. Holland Cotter of the

of selling work, the fair has become

ticipants will soon trek to NYC

a renowned cultural entertainment

from Asia, Africa, and even the

event that draws a myriad of spec-

United Arab Emirates.

tators from around the world. Par-

New York Times claimed it to be “the architectural equivalent of a white stretch limo,” designed by the Brooklyn firm SO-IL. So, even if you don’t head down for the art,

ticipants will soon trek to NYC from

certainly go for the food. Restau-

Asia, Africa, and even the United

rants partnering with the Frieze Art Fair include Blue Bottle Cofand even the philanthropist fee, Court Street Grocers, Frankies Spuntino, Bianca Jagger. Menkes claims

Marlow & Sons, Mission Chinese Food, Ro-

question, “is art now more

The Frieze Art Fair is one of the

fashionable than fashion?” It

most forward-thinking galleries from around

is also known that celebrities

the globe bringing an international focus to

such as Gwyneth Paltrow and the dynamic contemporary art scene. Gwen Stefani attend annually. The weekend will be filled

Open from 11am-7pm on Friday-Sunday,

with a variety of spectacular May 10-12, and from 11am-6pm on Monday sights from The Sculpture May 13, the fair is definitely a study break worth Park, located beside the East

taking. Student admissions are significantly re-

River’s waterfront and free to duced at $26, and tickets should be purchased the public, to the Frame. The Sculpture Park will exhibit work including Paul McCarthy’s “Balloon Dog (2013),” an


)  -­  MAY  2013

in advance online at

Disclaimer: The  Bulletin  does  not  own  any  of  the  images  on  this  page

that the fair has sparked the berta’s, Sant Ambroeus, and The Fat Radish.

POLITICS & OPINION By Emily Voletsky

Con: Death  Penalty  


Those in favor of the death penalty often argue that it is too costly for an individual to

n an increasingly violent society that glorifies the use of lethal weapons and allows mass murders to occur with far too much

regularity, the morality of the death penalty is today’s most important topics. While the tragedies resulting from these terrifying events are incomprehensible, violence only begets violence. One could argue that because James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter, killed 12 people, he therefore must be killed himself. However, from a moral view, should the federal government be allowed to kill him? If a government takes the standpoint that killing is wrong, the appropriate act would therefore be to imprison Holmes for life rather than con-

linger in prison until his death, and that in fact

and an additional trial to determine if the guilty individual should be executed. These are just a few of the many arguments

it is cheaper for him to be killed. However, a

that can be made against the death penalty.

study from The Economist reports that the

At the end of the day, this country should not

cost of the death penalty results in an increase

condone violence and parade it as an ac-

in expense for taxpayers. The Economist’s

ceptable practice and a tactic for revenge. It

study reveals that in Maryland, the death pen-

should, under all circumstances, be abolished.

alty cost $168 million between 1978 and 1999,

According to Amnesty International, 90% of

and a case that resulted in a death sentence

the world’s countries are not executing, and

cost $3 million, which is $2 million more

95 countries have abolished it while 58 still

than when the death penalty was not enacted.

maintain the use of capital punishment. The

Everything necessary in a death penalty case

US is the only western, industrialized country

is also necessary in an ordinary case, with the

to maintain the death penalty. This is an im-

addition of more time spent, more attorneys,

moral, unacceptable, and horrifying practice

more experts, and more trials as there would

that must be eradicated in full.

have to be more trials, one to establish guilt

demn him to death. Killing James Holmes will not bring back the lives that he stole. What it will do, however, is preach the acceptability of revenge and continue the cycle of violence plaguing this country. Expressing violence only reinforces the desire to express it. Additionally, it is the role of the government to uphold one of the country’s most sacred texts, the Bill of Rights. The death penalty is an unusually severe punishment, and one that violates the “cruel and unusual” clause of this bill. Some might argue that if the government were to put James Holmes to death, it would send a message to others dissuading them from performing horrible acts of violence. To counter that argument, one could introPhoto Illustration  by  the  Art  Board

duce the statistical proof against it: the crime and murder rates are not lower in states that maintain the death penalty than in states that do not. Additionally, states that have abolished capital punishment show no significant changes in either of those rates according to data collected between 1990-2010 by Amnesty USA. Therefore, there is clearly no deterring effect from the death penalty. THE BULLETIN  -­    

ar  -­  MAY  2013

Should God Exist in the Secular Classroom?

By: Anna D Weil By: Anna D Weill THE BULLETIN  -­  

as    -­  MAY  2013

In the United States, religion is untouch- boys. Similar reasons were given for this ban: able. It is sacred and respected. It is tolerated

positively or negatively? In contrast to France,

separation of church and state and preventing America applauds diversity and celebrates re-

and appreciated. But other countries in the contamination of French culture. Arguably,

ligious differences as an opportunity to exam-

world have proven to be less open-minded considering that French culture is based on

ine diverse perspectives and share unique ex-

regarding religion in a secular setting. On Catholicism, the ban may be more a reflection periences. In New York City, and specifically April 11, 2011, France formerly outlawed the

of anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic standpoints at Barnard, diversity is inevitable. Students

wearing of full-face veils, known as niqabs, in than anti-religious views.

freely talk about and practice religion, and yet

public. However, the law did not mention a

Knowing the facts is only the starting point

students are required to maintain tolerance

particular religion. They claimed to not tar-

to understanding the religious tension that

within a secular setting. So, an unasked ques-

get any specific group. The law simply stated exists. Raised in a French home, I have of- tion remains: taken from the opposite vantage that any full-face veil was prohibited in pub-

ten gone back to visit my extended family in

lic settings and that any person who forced a

Strasbourg, France. I have personally received importance to religion? Which came first?

point, how come secularism is given equal

woman to cover her face would be fined or unwarranted, offensive comments in the

And why do we have to tolerate religion in a

subject to imprisonment. Women who wore

street addressing my own religious appear-

secular environment instead of the other way

the veil willfully, though, were still subject to

ance. It seems that lack of religious tolerance

around? It seems that secularism has become

this ban.

has spilled out of the classroom and onto the a religion of its own, and that all others are

A number of reasons for this ban were sug-

streets of France. Many have chosen to leave

expected to fit their own faiths into its restric-

gested. According to a New York Times ar-

and head towards a more tolerant country.


ticle by Steven Erlanger, entitled “France En-

Those who stay struggle to find peace in the

forces Ban on Full-Face Veils in Public,” the

proliferating anti-religious atmosphere while feres with the students’ focus on the material

ban was “a necessary step to preserve French

recognizing that the xenophobia is targeted taught. They contend that education should

Some argue that religious freedom inter-

culture and to fight what they see as separat- only at specific groups.

be founded on intellectual, cultural, and so-

ist tendencies among Muslims.” André Gérin,

cial material, so as to create a solid founda-

As Americans, when we hear of such bans,

the communist mayor of Vénissieux in 2009,

our minds immediately revert to the first tion of “pure” education. Others believe that

and the man who sparked the debate about

amendment of the Bill of Rights, which states: allowing such religious freedom in the class-

full-face veils in public, explained that the

“Congress shall make no law respecting an

room can weaken an individual’s own belief,

ban was a way to “liberate” Muslim women establishment of religion, or prohibiting free

since he or she has no choice but to tolerate

and grant them equality. President Nicolas exercise thereof…” Built into America’s very others’ beliefs. The arguments are endless. foundation exists a tolerance of religion. The

The discussion is passionate, heated. The de-

Islamists who did not respect French values.

amendment does not state that a Jew may

bate about the acceptance of religion in a sec-

Previously, in 2004, conspicuous religious

only observe the Sabbath in his home, or that ular classroom has not yet declared a winning

displays were banned from the French pub- a Muslim can only wear a niqab indoors. With

side. Perhaps it never will. But, for now, the

lic schools, including burqas, headscarves,

acceptance and tolerance in the United States

its caveats and loopholes, “free exercise,” and

turbans, and crosses. Late in 2012, Marine nothing less, is demanded.

is a haven for those escaping the religious dis-

Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right Na-

But, how does ‘free exercise’ function

crimination in other countries. How long that

tionalist party, called for a ban on yarmul-

within the framework of the secular class-

kes, the caps worn by many Jewish men and

room? Does it affect the way students learn,


at  -­  MAY  2013

will last, no one can know.

Illustration by  Allison  Cohenr

Sarkozy claimed that the ban targeted radical

Malala, the Taliban, and the Unseen Girls of Swat By Jordan Borgman


bu  -­  MAY  2013

It’s just because of the prayers of

was the belief that Ma la la was protected

Pa k istani army has entered into ta lks

people. Because a ll people – men,

by her youth that had a llowed Ma la la’s

with the Ta liban—there was even one

women, children – a ll of them have

father, Ziauddin Yousafzai—a fer vent be-

short-lived ceasef ire in Swat in 2009—

prayed for me. And because of these

liever in girls’ education and principa l of

but these negotiations do not come with-

prayers God has given me this new life.”

the girls’ school that Ma la la attended—

out consequences. The Ta liban is ada-

So said f if teen-year-old Ma la la Yousafzai

to encourage his daughter’s advocacy

mant about exercising its radica l version

in one of her f irst public statements af-

for girls’ education in spite of Ta liban

of Shari ’a law, which, as demonstrated

ter rising, phoeni x-like, from her hospi-

opposition. His v iew was somewhat op-

by their crusades against fema le edcuca-

ta l bed in London. Ma la la emerged from

timistic, given that over a hundred girls

tion, forbids girls from attending school.

her many surgeries ha lf way across the

schools in Swat have been destroyed by

It is worth noting that this behavior is

world from where they had begun, in the

the Ta liban and that enrollment rates in

more a sy mptom of fundamenta lism than

mountainous, rura l region of Swat, Pa k i-

even the schools that are open remains

Islam: Ziauddin Yousafzai is a deeply re-

stan, which in a few short years turned

low from parents and daughters terrif ied

ligious man who insists that his religion

from k nown for being a sk iing retreat

of reprisa ls—including acid attacks—if

demands that he educate his daughter

to a batt leground between the countr y’s

they dared to go to school.

with the same fer vor that the Ta liban say

army and the Ta liban. By the time Ma-

It is here that we see the cru x of the

la la was shot in the head by the Ta liban

problem. The Ta liban has litt le lost love

And yet, with civilians caught

in October of last year, she was simply

in Swat—a lthough their presence was

in the crossf ire between government

the latest in a long string of attacks and a

initia lly welcomed by many as an a lterna-

and insurgents, it is understandable that

rising body count; nonetheless, her stor y

tive to the triba l law that had previously

some would want the violence to end at

was met with the internationa l shock and

governed the region, which cannot itself

any cost, even if it means negotiating

outrage that a rura l region such as Swat

be said to have done any favors for wom-

with the Ta liban. But the results of such

is rarely priv ilege to.

it forbids it.

en and girls. However, the violence of the

a truce would not be spread evenly: Ta li-

Internationa l followers of the stor y

clash between the Ta liban and the army

ban impositions—whether to education,

were horrif ied by the pure bruta lit y of

is untenable. Ma la la’s shooting renewed

hea lthcare,

the attack: a Ta liban f ighter boarding a

the spot light on the Ta liban has resulted

and even respect—would fa ll heaviest on

school bus full of young girls to shoot, at

in Pa k istani and United States off icia ls

women and girls, resulting in loss of life

point blank, an unarmed fourteen-year-

musing to the press about whether or not

as surely as the beheadings the Ta liban

old. Pa k istani v iewers recognized the girl

to enter into negotiations or tr y to wran-

are so fond of. Ma la la could easily have

whose face f lashed across their screens:

gle out some sort of ceasef ire.

been k illed at f if teen by a Ta liban mili-

Ma la la has a lready garnered severa l inter v iews and a documentar y f ilm, had

Swat, had been nominated for the Internationa l Children’s Peace Prize, and had been blogging about life under the Ta liban for the BBC since she was eleven. The shooting a lso came as a surprise to the residents of Swat, despite the daily violence: Pashto culture forbids the k illing of children, and even a girls’ school that was bombed in 2010 by the Ta liban had the mi xed blessing of being attacked at night so that no children would be harmed. It

the Ta liban, she could just as easily have died in childbirth at the same

“With civilians caught in the crossfire between government and insurgents, it is understandable that some would want the violence to end at any cost, even if it means negotiating with the Taliban. ” THE BULLETIN  -­    

bl  -­  MAY  2013

age, a victim of early marriage, no education, and no medica l help. Girls die just as surely in early childbirth and from unequa l access to nutrition and hea lthcare as they do from acid attacks and shootings—and just because these deaths are quieter, does that ma ke them any less? For her trouble Ma la la Yousafzai has become the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize; and for her peers who suffer and die in subt ler ways, well—what sha ll become of them?

Disclaimer: The  Bulletin  does  not  own  any  of  the  images  on  this  page

of the District Child Assembly


tant’s bullet; and in a world controlled by This is hardly the f irst time that the

won Pa k istan’s Nationa l Youth Peace Prize, was a chairperson



Bringing in Spring

Rain, rain, go away... Spring may have sprung, but in the month of April, it’s not always cheerful outdoors. Barnard’s beloved, blooming Magnolia tree may catch your eye from the library, and there’s no reason to leave the flowers outside. With a few simple steps, spring decor and charm can reach even the dankest corners of Barnard’s resident halls. Green thumbs not required.

1.Travel to Flowers by Valli Inc at 112th strees for a quick bunch of bright buds. Valli’s is close and affordable. While arrangements start around $30, single flowers are available for purchase. Grab three classic daisies and two brightly colored daisies and you’ll find yourself with a springtime pick-me-up for around $15. Don’t have a vase? Valli’s has a range of options, but you can look to your own kitchen for used cans and jars.

2. Worried about keeping flowers alive? Desert plants are a long-lasting option. While large-scale plants may break the bank, miniature cacti and cane plants are a new phenomena at the Brooklyn Flea Market (locations in Fort Greene and Williamsburg). Sold in small glass globes, these plants require less attention than a vase of tulips. On the corner of a desk or atop a bookshelf, a cactus can be a friendly reminder of warm weather to come—or provides a much needed daydream about warm places to visit.

3. Is a live plant too much to handle? There are a variety of beautiful and cost-effective craft flowers that can brighten any dorm with vivacity and cheer. A stroll through Michael’s (97th & Columbus Avenue) is in part like walking through a garden. The craft store boasts a colorful and full aisle of fake flowers. With a little primping and placing, a well-selected bunch can trick even a careful eye.

4. Paper flowers are a pleasant option for a study break. Alumna Martha Stewart offers detailed how-to instruction for paper dahlias, cupcakes, amaryllis, poppies, and more. Simple materials like cupcake sleeves and tissue paper make the trek for springtime

Illustration by  Safa  Saddiqui

cheer as close as Morton Williams or Ivy League Stationers.

5. Crafting too much to handle? offers a range of silk flowers starting at $1.79 that can be delivered directly to Altschul’s mailroom. Orders take 1-2 days to process. Bonus: with careful packing, silk flowers can be stored for years to brighten up Aprils to come.

6. Just need a walk? The West Side Community Garden, located at 89th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus, is a quick walk from campus. Maintained by volunteers, the garden has a flower park, vegetable plots, and a greenhouse (located at 112th Street). A stroll and some fresh air in moments of sunshine may be just what one needs. THE BULLETIN  -­    

bm  -­  MAY  2013

New York Botanical Gardens: “Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World” By Emily Voletsky


here is nothing more relaxing after a hellish week of finals than taking a stroll on a sunny day through beautiful gardens filled with exquisite plants and flowers. The newest exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), “Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World” is an ideal place to soothe your aching heads and relieve stress. It will be open May 18 to September 8, so you can either grab a friend and wander through the labyrinth of plants together, or take your family for a post-graduation outing in the sun to celebrate. “Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World” is designed to reveal how different cultures use plants on a daily basis for food, clothing, makeup, and, most incredibly, their medicine. You can see plants that treat malaria, like the Cinchona tree, or the white willow, the main component in aspirin (something I’m sure we’ll all be using during finals). There are more than 400 species of plants exhibited, which makes it one of “the largest exhibitions of medicinal plants ever mounted.”

In terms of health and beauty, this exhibition has some interesting tricks for overstressed and overindulging college students. Nothing is worse than waking up to a delivery of Mother Nature’s monthly gift. Put down the Midol and try Abelmoschus moschatus, more commonly known as Ambrette, and make a tea out of the herb Hamelia patens, also called Scarlet Bush, for relief to your tumultuous insides. Oenothera biennis (evening primrose) can even help treat PMS. Feeling a little under the weather from getting one hour of sleep a day for two weeks while subsisting on Red Bull and shots of espresso? Give Astragalus syriacus (milk vetch) and Bacopa monnieri (waterhyssop) a try. They can help stimulate your immune system and promote general health to give you that extra boost to kick-start a fantastic summer break. Speaking of summer break, I’m sure there will be significant alcohol consumption at the end of finals or after graduation to celebrate the completion of the year. Many of us deal with the consequences of indulging in one too many happy hour frozen margaritas at The Heights. Inter-


bn  -­  MAY  2013

estingly enough, Coffea arabica or coffee, is used to treat nausea, vomiting, and hangovers from heavy drinking, so grab a cup of Joe at Hungarian Pastry Shop to ease your throbbing head. If you are tired of finding pimples and discolorations the morning after a night out, look no further than Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba), used to soften and soothe dry skin, treat acne, , and condition hair. For anyone who plans to venture to the beach, take a trip around the world, or spend some time walking through Central Park, we can all agree that mosquito bites covering your legs and sunburn on your face are something to which Sweet Brown would say, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Try some Cymbopogon nardus (citronella) to repel those pesky insects, and Bursera simaruba (Gumbo-limbo) and Aloe vera for sunburn relief. At the end of the day, “Healing Plants Around the World” exhibits beautiful plants and flowers from many places, highlights the necessity of these herbs for medicinal purposes, and shares helpful tips for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul. It is a gorgeous display and a must-see for anyone spending summer in the city.

Illustration by  Amanda  Fink

In addition to a stunning display of these miraculous healing plants, an incredible collection of rare books and manuscripts, called herbals, are on display for those interested in seeing

impressive diagrams and antique inscriptions. Additionally, NYBG has also set up a variety of scientific explorations designed specifically for kids.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Who’s Afraid of Feminism?


By Hannah Miller

hat do Katy Perry, Lady

asked Perry if she was a feminist or not;

male culture—beer, bars, and muscle cars.”

Gaga, and Carla Bruni

she’s so averse to the term, she actually felt

For someone whose name is synonymous

have in common, aside

the need to make it known that she wasn’t

with unconventionality and defying ste-

one in her acceptance speech.

reotypes, this is a pretty heteronormative

from being celebrities with questionable talent? They all shy away from the word

When Carla Bruni was specifically

conception of what it is to be a man.

“feminist” and choose not to define

asked about being a feminist, she gave the

themselves in this way. When talking

answer: “I’m not at all an active femi-

everyone’s inner goddess, gave a wishy-

about feminism, these women’s assertions

nist. On the contrary, I’m a bourgeois. I

washy answer when asked about feminism.

suggest that they don’t even know the

love family life, I love doing the same thing

Though she reluctantly defined herself as

correct definition of this much-debated

every day.” This confusing answer suggests

a feminist, she also added, “That word can

term. When receiving the Billboard

that feminists hate their families. Lady

be very extreme… Why do you have to

Woman of the Year award, Perry declared,

Gaga’s response was even more baffling.

choose what type of woman you are? Why

“I am not a feminist, but I do believe in

She declared, “I’m not a feminist. I hail

do you have to label yourself anything?”

the strength of women.” No one even

men, I love men, I celebrate American

Though Beyoncé’s answer is disappointing

Even Beyoncé, who seems to personify

“I don’t think that I would consider myself a feminist. I think that I certainly believe in equal rights, I believe that women are just as capable, if not more so in a lot of different dimensions, but I don’t, I think have, sort of, the militant drive and the sort of, the chip on the shoulder that sometimes comes with that. And I think it’s too bad, but I do think that feminism has become in many ways a more negative word.” - Marissa Mayer

for its lack of enthusiasm for feminism, it

equal rights, I believe that women are just as

justice and a supporter of women’s rights

does point to a possible reason as to why ce-

capable, if not more so in a lot of different

who is actively pro-choice, it is saddening

lebrities, as well as women in general, cringe

dimensions, but I don’t, I think have, sort of,

to find that O’Connor does not consider

at the term. Women fear being categorized

the militant drive and the sort of, the chip

herself a feminist.

as extreme, man-hating and bra-burning

on the shoulder that sometimes comes with

militants in a fight that they might think

that. And I think it’s too bad, but I do think

figures, there is a bright spot. Actress Zooey

has already been won. They overlook the

that feminism has become in many ways a

Deschanel, whose girly quirks seems to ei-

simple definition that believing in feminism

more negative word.” Mayer acknowledges

ther enchant or nauseate people, loudly and

is equivalent to believing in equal rights for

the bad reputation the term “feminism” has

proudly declared her feminism.:“I’m just

women and turn the term into some sort of

but, at the same time, she qualifies herself as

being myself. There is not an ounce of me

monstrous label with negative connotations.

a feminist, contrary to what she may think.

that believes any of that crap that they say.

Celebrities in particular may feel that being

She believes in equal rights for women.

We can’t be feminine and be feminists and

branded in this way would ruin their image. But honestly, who cares what celebrities

Another argument for why celebrities

However, among these well-known

be successful? I want to be a f–king feminist

hold the term “feminist” at arm’s length is

and wear a f–king Peter Pan collar. So f–

think? They aren’t worshipped for their phi-

that it belongs to a different generation—

king what?” Deschanel denies the assump-

losophy or political views. They are admired

one that needed to fight during a time

tion that being a feminist means that you are

for the talent, however mediocre, that they

of true gender inequality—and that the

supposed to act a certain way or be seen as a

are perceived to possess. However, the trou-

word is now outdated. This is why it’s

particular person. She sees the term for the

bling trend of fleeing from feminism has

so disconcerting to find that Sandra

beliefs it entails, embraces those beliefs, and

spread outside the realm of stardom. Yahoo!

Day O’Connor, a member of this older

isn’t afraid to say that she does. Deschanel’s

CEO Marissa Mayer, who has been applaud-

generation said, “I never did [call myself a

voice is a fresh one among celebrities who

ed for breaking gender barriers, announced,

feminist]. I care very much about women

shy away from feminism. Her fearlessness

“I don’t think that I would consider myself

and their progress. I didn’t go march in the

in espousing feminism is something to be

a feminist. I think that I certainly believe in

streets.” As the first female Supreme Court

admired and emulated.


bp  -­  MAY  2013

Women on Late Night


By Sabrina Tompkins

lipping through the channels on your TV being a successful comedian, particularly one show on Bravo, also accommodates its largely at 11:35 pm becomes a counting game. Jay, with your own show, still seems to be a pre- female viewers. In her most recent episode, David, Conan, Craig, Jimmy, Stephen…

dominately male occupation. Many attribute Kathy jokingly scolded her guest singer Josh

at least six men in demure suits seated behind

this inequality to a clichéd stereotype that has

Groban for making stereotypical male jokes:

desks, cracking jokes, and engaging in charm-

been repeated a thousand times over: women

“This is so not a bro show, we like musicals

ing conversations with celebrities. American late aren’t funny. Some feel that this idea has poi- and fabulousness.” The success of “Chelsea night talk shows have become their own genre of

soned women into being unconfident in their

Lately,” currently in its sixth season, seems to

television. For over fifty years, Americans have

humor. If a woman does a crack a joke, it’s likely

stem from the show heralding a demographic

returned home from their 9-5 jobs, eaten dinner,

to be self-deprecating. How did this stereotype that is not steadfast in a the-man-in-the-suit-

tucked in their children, and wound down with a

come to be? Its fruition was in a time not long is-the-host mindset. If given the choice, most

laugh before bed with the likes of Carson, Letter-

ago when misogyny reigned and men desired

man, and Leno.

to be the only gender able to control emotions. Lately” over Leno. She’s brash, current, and

Johnny Carson, the comedian turned talk

As feminist Gloria Steinem put it, “the power

teens and young adults would watch “Chelsea consistently drops one-liners about the celeb-

show host, reigned as king over this late night

to make people laugh is also a power.” Yet the rities that young people religiously read about.

empire for decades. Although “The Tonight

recent years of Kristen Wigg having some of

The show is also only thirty minutes long. It’s

Show” had two hosts prior to Carson, Steve the most celebrated sketches on Saturday Night

a lot more convenient to YouTube Jennifer

Allen and Jack Paar, Carson was the one who

Live and Melissa McCarthy garnering a wide Lawrence’s “Tonight Show” interview during

put this type of entertainment on the map. He

fan base, an Oscar nomination, and top box a free period at school than it is to sit through

was in fact so successful that his show had a office sales for her outlandish and hilarious

an hour-long show on a weeknight. Leno, who

thirty-year run. He was even able to put guest characters have proven otherwise. Despite the took over the “Tonight Show” from Carson, is hosts in his place throughout the week due to

fact that there is a new wave of popular female

upholding a format that resonated with Amer-

lack of competition. Two of the most notable comedians, none of them are seated behind a

icans in 1962. Unlike “Chelsea Lately,” “The

guests hosts, David Letterman and Joan Rivers,

Tonight Show” caters to an older demographic

desk on network television at 11:35pm.

were expected to inherit “The Tonight Show”

The only late-night female talk show hosts

that was raised watching male hosts. As long

after Carson’s retirement. When Joan Rivers

currently on air cater to a highly specific, and

as there are viewers tuning in every week, giv-

Disclaimer: The  Bulletin  does  not  own  any  of  the  images  on  this  page

was established as the permanent guest host of predominantly female, audience.

Chelsea ing the show relatively good ratings, it is likely

the show, it seemed like a no-brainer. However,

Handler, host of “Chelsea Lately,” conducts a this male-dominated format will remain un-

what was happening behind the scenes was a

show based on making fun of pop culture and

different story. Rivers was shocked when she

reality television as an homage to E!, the chan-

Despite the fact that a generation willing

saw an NBC executive list that had not even


nel on which it is broadcasted. Although it has

to part with white, male late-night talk show

considered her within the top ten choices for recently announced its cancellation, “Kathy,”

hosts is emerging, yet another white male is

Carson’s replacement. Jay Leno replaced Car-

taking a white male’s place. Mirroring the time

comedian Kathy Griffin’s own late-night talk

son and Conan O’Brien succeeded

in which Joan Rivers was overlooked

Leno, although his tenure was brief.

as host of the “Tonight Show,” it seems

Leno then resumed his old position

America, or perhaps network televi-

within a year. Soon the reigns will be

sion, is not quite ready to jump ship

passed over to Jimmy Fallon—yet an-

and leave behind engrained and com-

other man.

fortable structures. It’s not difficult to

Except for their Y-chromosomes,

imagine an executive’s fear; creating a

what do all late-night talk show

major change to a successful and well-

hosts have in common? They are, or

established part of a billion dollar in-

at some point were, stand-up come-

dustry is more than risky. However,

dians. Although female comics are

is a funny female who is carrying the

more accepted after riding the revo-

conversation, asking all the questions,

lutionary coattails of the likes of Lily

and wielding the scepter really that

Tomlin, Joan Rivers, and Tina Fey,

dangerous? THE BULLETIN  -­    

bq  -­  MAY  2013

Publicizing the PJs: A Revolution by Tova Rohatiner


Disclaimer: The  Bulletin  does  not  own  any  of  the  images  on  this  page

ajamas. The favorite of all attires, that is, unless you choose to sleep in the nude. Fashion-forward people may claim otherwise, but I know that after a long day of modeling your latest ensemble, all you want to do is return to the comforts of your sleepwear. This might explain the recent phenomenon known as "Pajama Dressing." Though it has yet to become commonplace among non-celebrity folk, the day is approaching when people will opt to strut their stuff in the outfits that usually only see the four walls of their bedrooms. Designers everywhere are introducing fashionable pajama-inspired looks that resemble loungewear. Even brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney have jumped on the pajama bandwagon. From flannel to satin, this unconventional apparel is coupled with belts and coats to bring it to the next level. Among those embracing the trend are Rihanna, Salma Hayek, and Jessica Alba. These stars have boldly taken their chic and unconstrained

outfits into the public sphere. And don’t be fooled—this look has also crossed the gender barrier, as men experiment with new, fashionable options. Marc Jacobs stands as the prime example, embracing his casual side with loose, printed pieces by high-end retailers. In fact, he may be considered the look’s ultimate role model, seeing as Jacobs has shamelessly donned countless pajamaesque ensembles from one red carpet to the next. Now, people have taken the trend a step further, wearing actual pajamas intended for sleeping in broad daylight—but what does this new style say about our society? Has our laziness taken over? Perhaps we are just gravitating toward a more comfortable lifestyle. It really depends on your choice of sleepwear and the extent to which you choose to expose it to the general public. If your pioneering heart leads you to glam up a pajama top and bottom every once in a while, go for it! People might look twice, but ultimately they’ll realize that you’re just keeping up with the times like Rihanna. Every fashion craze looks bizarre at first, but if our eyes have adjusted to Uggs, there’s no reason we cannot accommodate silky nightgowns and outrageously patterned pants.


br  -­  MAY  2013

In addition to being an intriguing wardrobe shifter, the “pajama dressing” style reveals a lot about our comfort culture as a whole. Whether yoga pants, moccasin slippers, or Juicy sweat suits come to mind, our society has definitely made room for informal dress. Our desire for such simple attire can be viewed as a reaction to the insanity of our surroundings. Especially in a bustling city, many people seek activities, nourishment, and clothing that encourage a carefree attitude and personal touch. Like comfort foods, comfortable dress subconsciously acts as an escape from our hectic lives, if only for a short while. So why shouldn’t you be able to rock cozy attire when you feel so inclined? You might want to rethink your strict adherence to popular trends, however, if your default outfit becomes a frumpy combination of faded t-shirts and tattered sweatpants. You don’t want to be that girl who never bothers to appear presentable, but you should feel empowered to take advantage of this quirky fad every once in a while. As always, you can never go wrong with a happy medium.



: What do you want Barnard Students to know about SGA?

Maddy: COME TALK TO US! Tell us what you want, what you’re frustrated with, what you love about Barnard, what you would like to see more or less of. Mia: Barnard students are so driven and motivated. I want them to know that SGA is always available to talk about any issues that you have on campus. If you have an idea for a new policy, bring it to rep council and we will give you our feedback! In effect, I see SGA as a student union, in which students can discuss and act on the problems that they see with the Barnard.

6 Questions for

Madelyn Popkin (P) & Mia Cooper (VP)


: What inspired you to run for the position of VicePresident of Barnard’s Student Government Association?

Mia: I remember when I was applying to be on the Committee on Diversity in the Spring of my sophomore year, and what a big deal it was personally, for me to be on the committee. I have always been more of a thinker than a talker, so being an active, participating member of an student run, discussion based committee was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone. I was later encouraged by student leaders on SGA to apply for the Rep for Diversity Position. I remember thinking, “me? a rep? nooo, not me...”, yet somehow I convinced myself to apply, and I got the position. Bottom line, I would not be in this position if it weren’t for the other students leaders that encouraged and inspired me. This is what I love about SGA. Student leaders fostering student leaders. Sounds corny, but it’s true! And valuable.

Maddy: Being in a position to make change in a place that I love and appreciate. :How do you hope to further impact the student body next year?

Mia: I hope to increase SGA’s presence on this campus, not in an intrusive annoying kind of way, but I want every Barnard student to know what SGA’s function is, and that SGA is available as a student advocacy group if there is ever a need to make some noise.


:What have you been involved in on campus up until now?

Maddy: Q, Women’s Leadership Retreat, Well-Woman, GBB task force, QueerCentral, IvyQ, WGSS major, Spanish minor, race and ethnic studies concentrator.

Mia: Before I became involved in SGA, my commitments were : What do you think the biggest challenge will be as very scattered. I did some tutoring for America Reads for a semester, I played club soccer for a semester- my team’s name the President of our SGA? was the Screwdrivers, I tried out Columbia Roadrunners for a semester, the Culinary society, you name it. My first involvement in SGA was as a committee member on the Diversity Maddy: Learning all of the ins and outs of the system. Committee (CoD), and the following year I became the Rep for Diversity. : What are your goals, hopes, and dreams for next year? :What should people know about you? Maddy: My goals are to make SGA a more accessible advocacy tool for students, to change up the 9 ways to Maddy: hmmm 3 fun facts: I can lick my elbow [though reflect our positionality as a women’s college within Columbia most say it is an impossible feat], I used to live in Tokyo, and I university, and to build community--for example by creating a am SUPER EXCITED for next year and all that we’ll do. web-based calendar of events. Mia: I LOVE singing and dancing, but you have to know me Mia: One goal I have is to perform at Postcrypt’s open mic night decently well to see me doing either of those things all out. with a few of my suite mates- we have been practicing. One of us is abroad this semester, so we are awaiting her return before we make our debut. The song is Honey Come Home by The Head and the Heart.



bs  -­  MAY  2013

Photograph by  Triana  Kalmanoff

2 3

5 6

: What aspects of your positions are you most excited about?

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American Ballet Theatre Spring Season



Frieze Art Fair (see page 16!)





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25 Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit








Rihanna at Barclay’s

Five Borough Bike Tour



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