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An editorial produced by SchanujaSivaparan.

-What is acrophobia? -Fear -Building development

Acrophobia is the extreme or irrational fear of heights. It’s not the same as vertigo, which is an inner ear problem that makes you think that you’re moving even when you’re not. Face your Fear’s.

research has found that 14% or 1 in 7 of the population are affected by acrophobia, making it the second most common specific phobia in the UK after arachnophobia (the fear of spiders). Women are twice as likely as men to have the problem

Symptoms can include feeling like you will fall or jump off the edge, panic attacks, dizzy spells and feeling faint. The condition can be triggered by a variety of everyday activities such as travelling on a lift or escalator, parking in a multi-storey car park or climbing a ladder. The thoughts and physical sensations are harmless but can be so distressing that it seriously limits the sufferers enjoyment of life. when you experience panic attacks, rapid breathing, nausea and dizziness or vertigo when walking onto a balcony, going up a flight

of stairs, standing on a ladder or driving over a bridge, your fear has now become an irrational obsession. Acrophobia can have a negative impact on your life, limiting career opportunities as well as affecting simple day-to-day situations such as helping your child out of a tree, making holiday choices or changing a light bulb.

The growing developments of architectural buildings effect the acrophobic people in a negative way making it difficult for them to live there daily life’s. Businesses are placed in high glass buildings, many homes in the Europe are flats and shop centres are in different floors of high buildings. It does not only effect there career, it has an im

pact on their enteral life. Everywhere they go human intelligent and environmental development of building disturbs millions of acrophobic people’s daily life. They can’t live normal like others Is development of building and technology only for the benefit for people to live peacefully and easily?!

Acrophobia the fear of hights. An Editorial written by ‘Face your Fear’.

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