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Choosing High Quality Bathroom Rugs Most people choose their bathroom rugs to coordinate with the towels and bath accessories in the room. A rug can be part of a set of rug based products, which include covers for the toilet seat and tank. Some manufacturers actually create these as three piece sets. This set can be part of a larger collection which includes the assorted sizes of towels. The main advantage to buying a rug as part of a set is the ability to easily match all of the items in the room. The drawback is the inability to replace a single item without buying the entire set. Rug sets for the bathroom are available at discount department stores as well as at upscale ones. The main difference will be the quality or craftsmanship the items are made with. Discount products are often made with cheaper materials which will cause the fibers of the rug to mat down faster. This will detract from the original soft plush feel the rug comes with. Rugs made for use in bathrooms will have rubber backing to protect the floor from getting wet. Products made with cheaper materials will have a thinner layer of rubber, which water could leak through over time. When choosing a rug for the bathroom, it is best to pick one which has a tough thick rubber back to protect the floor. The more expensive styles will still be available in collections, making it easy to coordinate the towels, shower curtain and carpet. It is also a good idea to look for products that are machine washable. Because these rugs are so small, they can easily fit inside a washing machine for cleaning. Dryers should be used with caution to avoid drying out the rubber used on the back. A quality bath rug should be able to last for at least two years.


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