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This week has been a crazy week thus far so I thought I’d go with writing a fun post. This post is a bucket list of all the things to do before you graduate college. Of course this list pertains to students who attend college in Southern California. 1. Have a bonfire at the beach - Grab a couple of your friends, some wood, a guitar and the ingredients for s’mores and head down to any of the beaches in Southern California that allows bonfires (i.e. Huntington). 2. Disneyland trip - There is no way that one can attend school in southern California and not visit the mouse himself. Save some money and plan a day with your friends to get on some of the thrill rides and venture into the different lands. 3. Camping - Sometimes nature is the best way to relieve some stress from school. Take some time to venture into the woods and explore. The wilderness calls! 4. Road trip somewhere -There are plenty of places near southern California where one can travel at a low cost and experience fun. Make a playlist, pump some gas, and head to one of the lovely cities near California (i.e. San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Pismo Beach, San Diego). 5. Late night food run - There are those places that are open 24 hours and that sell the best greasiest food that is only acceptable after hours! Do this at least twice a month and you’ll find it adventurous! 6. Drive-in - The best way to watch a movie is at the drive-in! It’s always great to fill a car with friends, buy some pizza, and buy cheap snacks and head out to the outdoor cinema. 7. Get an internship - So, I put this in here because it’s very important. Before you graduate, you need experience that will help you succeed in your future. Also, they can be very fun! You get to do what you like to do and meet people while doing so. 8. Fly out of state - Save up for a trip! Get out of the state and explore! Seeing the world can bring a new perspective to your life. Experiencing a new culture, even if it is in the United States, can be exhilarating and will add to your life. 9. Attend a weekend conference - Whether it is a career conference or a Christian conference, it’s always great to go to a conference in which you come back motivated, ready to grow in your life. Go online and look for a conference that sounds like something where you can benefit and go! Make a weekend out of it with your friends.

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