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It all starts with friendship. No matter what, friendship is a vital part of our lives. Throughout life people need those friends that are always there to support you, encourage you, sharpen you, and point you closer to God. Today, friendships are hard to keep. People seem to be confused by the idea of what it is to be/have a true friend. From a perspective of someone who is seeking to glorify the Lord in everything she does, these are some of the qualities I decided were essential in order to have a Godfearing friendship. 1) Accountability It’s needed to be friends with someone who is going to hold you to high-standards. A lot of the goals that I’ve met in the past would have never come to be if it weren’t for the friends who would push me to accomplish them. Sometimes it takes someone checkingup on you to hold you on track. These are the friends that will sharpen you in order to bring the Jesus out of you. 2) Trust This quality seems like a no-brainer, but really, a lot of people don’t understand its importance. Trust is essential to a friendship. No one needs a friend who will share with the entire world your problems and no one wants to share with a person who’s going to get up and walk away. Trust is vital in order to feel comfortable enough to talk about things with your friends. 3) Encouragement Here and there we need someone who knows how to encourage us. Sometimes that requires that they go out of the way to do so, but it’s definitely something that is needed in a strong friendship. When you’re feeling down, a friend should be a person you call to cheer you up. 4) Counsel Prov. 27:9 The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense. When you need to talk through something or you need advice we need to find those friends that can give us godly counsel. Each person has a story, something that they are experienced in, they can help you walk through the rocky areas of life. 5) Patience Life is a roller coaster. That being said, friends need to be patient with one another. I think this quality also comes with the idea of being selfless with one another. Those closest to me are those that have been patient with me during the hard times and during my bratty days, they are they ones who have helped me pray and have held me accountable to the person that I want to be.

Hey Renee! I think that it is such an awesome opportunity to minister to international students! I believe that you will grow a lot from your experience. I really enjoyed your post especially because it gave me some insight one the Chinese culture. It’s crazy to see that they grew up thinking of creation in a different way.

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