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Brooklyn Law School ​whenever you want to get started I will start typing thank you everybody for coming today I'm kind of those you that don't know kept some presentation I have a very violent crimes of City shot a lot anymore were invited for the Academy she's a look at that - a number one Kirby and the hospital at a my doctor I am interested being charted on my work right now in the hopple me that way kind of a financial burden on government to pay the DA's office of the case if somebody does get a defender I'm sorry baby judge a few days oh no excitement I like this particular paper here that here Owen has to go just as shadows as numbers and like a piece about America and my time here on the state also financially is where because you know it's not hard logically independently assaulted by somebody so not only offers maintenance you mean you're coming to be somewhere about Canadian high blood pressure in their agents that were big black on and that and mostly leaves I finish I am Luigi on my way to work so what are you know what point are we gonna do non-payment is you predict when I'm gonna say and where the shocking everyone see a large they feel empty and how he was going to be for the world you know so I'd like to stay relatively that I'm not angrily boxers just will not hurt if I'm you cannot should not translate intuition strangers I am beyond shocked acabas usually plays on TV simply about understanding where to go where those various problems or gentlemen as we're doing here's an area that is toggleable deal for hours and at the penile is donated by the most renowned company that doing this already they were involved actually when they pull your coupler in ole are literally the priests founder caps on purpose they voted on raising energies Colonel venture safari and best I'm going to be more interesting to look at background sort of battery so a little you know that is that this let me to draw Curtis all anyway today very long engines where we going to develop information on us fortunately pastrami a portal I should government headlong every crime at 47 1 so there is a theory he claims 3 Brazilian gentleman here your criminal ownership almost as mass momentum just like you and basically well they will they claim with that crying predicts fact don't you think I wanted before you've ever had something like opening point he's just broken glass on we're dead and reported advantages during correlation Center factor I guess top of a look in the red book crazy said that something is not big care of it sending unweaving final lines later and that Elise is crazy back from on I just ate clusters like Al Jarreau favor of violence he studies 1q a spectrum HIV genome that violence tumors so it is pretty creating what I go home inside this one jacket but not force so you all know all the Minister for the city of Chicago I would remind most by one screen I chose work for it is mostly a seven-week charger what's do it's not amazing reading by work to learn battle mammalian trend so it's large enough own small not by national you can say I can tell you that that it's a good mile it's not unless it was going to degrees outside there's probably nothing that way where any chocolate as adults so at least this does beginning to be sure they more granular this is sorry and zero five two and one side of things that are specifically it'll be the ones I'm looking at so get it chill out for a second this is one that if these really are that you secure now that's the number of enemies that happen every single day and 117 without side okay cameras legal advisors the rolling average this red line here a little bit easier can be you will not begin a new issue here's a light of the winter screams sit down options are download a design fits all see that straight so we can put that into a time series not oh you have a thing as my stove in there is testable tests on which there has been digital is that a lot of confusing numbers all that matters test the distance the negative four point for grabs your critical values basically unless it's more negative than the most critical value that means at 89 country certainly we today is a very good size because any long-term uptrend or downtrend those are fear that's one that's that's one that seem is autocorrelation function potentially starting from left to right this says how much do another batteries today or they've been dramatic today or lish Isaac how long she was owner got here today we're going to get in it the day before that money for that all the way down with of the sixty two months basically does that mean we had a students amount correlation that means day that happen in the past yes he thought is the significant range and it is yes for a long period of time both to past time changes this is what looks like you love to parameters a little bit along when I go to do this but basically things that almost described a Corley the yesterday and this would find this orange line this is our tradition these noisy lines actually what happened so hmm you know means whatever 7.29 that mean liners Ferguson I love experience or miss not for points burner on key point you very per day however mister okay after a banner at the month I will be topic c'mon thick this isn't looking out for any time it's not like it is I did is we're looking into a little bit more can you learn something that when that that baggage correlate that your district gotten bad you're not so me modeling we need to organize our data to do when she they're all the data points that I've gathered talk about those we put them together

standardized take it like you know there novelist and you leave your nato upholstered might be thinking promise or and substitute ah shiny shoes they're thinking like that so okay ah legal dated even so they I think that we're talking about here is the evidence today is Nate 2017 I can tell you with certainty how many deaths occurred on May 4th because there that that in dated I can tell you only have learned from a tip to predicting this matter what a thing is we lagged all of these projects whether data Alabama I one thing but that allows me to use I just showed you there I mean they probably physically - sure and so these models the idea is basically almost very similar they have sighted fellow strength L used to the idea the loading fire fire that's been a debate always some standard all we need more or less traditional okay specifically operationally life it is in the other Clinton is one at the dangerous day could not have a 22 percent I'll it is you know I'm not a danger sir and in stop what about Isaac these are the by boards or six seventeen twenty eight twenty four point like I said only or Lena trying to pick on the 25th comes up on sample of data and the bodman dangerous normal days are the nominators ones and blue tonight about a classifier that we got wrong so you can gene like well the work six-year second we're getting above almost a third of these right but it could be better and just typically win this number here already is a job sorry boss for difference in this members at once for so for example which I'm to take every date enemy dangerous if you could have to do that perfectly because you've got every single day track that they were all I don't know everyone's work actress on a lot you too many only say it incorrectly that makes what those numbers mean so you know this is good mom it isn't a mom that doesn't start but I need to get better so everybody in that moment is on this one my middle numbers hottest in right now and it's really about get a nurse and but I did amazing prime so tell you that based on new book love you can make you come again it can be trained one by one certain ways and show and you didn't help a bridge they give it life so we want Malcolm I'm not sure that a lot has a lot of dignity products so the first late first one in the neck pickup it comes emanating the crime a woman though she did you look at my experience I know that I mean cars employer that turned me common so they did their problems are made up and handed off to the next lawyers what are you looking to say they got off on the job just develop or just not and filing fees to the judge make your bread zero one and Billy are two pack very similar to how we're trying to think what are the dangers or not dangerous and it's not know mother did you know we see someone did worse one victim worse but for the most part and all the improve they do pretty good and those hidden layers on top ten I mean I actually be one thin layer pretend those layers and coming off we can enter the new year to Ward 6 and so yeah it's a little better obviously there's more room for improvement here often group unless I'm included is longer again push the box okay and what arguing for the second baby so that neural network thing is the most what you think that's one on the double foot Nam and interesting more data real originally nothing less relevant open get like ten thousand plus Rosen envisioned identity doesn't end very explain about 600 so there's room for improvement there I listed all mortgages include you got call down with other no crime find three cons there's a lot more resources I'm not importantly love in philosophy major and I online if you quote use dark sky you guys you got this quote when a band teachers definitely the lilac is due tomorrow rainfall coming that can lack mttb so all I hold was temperature barometric pressure and I worked as days after so long I can't be very top you didn't - allows that is you all of it is people for me later or which is nice actually right in between all these work in this area that's for giving it's also it's kind of you know WD you know many many many more than I think is pretty good generalization yeah who and did you interfere in school crude but Cajun really skeptical as you should be this is actually clip in and locks over and over time my lady borders you cannot see that seasonality I thought not it's somewhat hold is there a bevel here okay the 20 yesterday than anyway you did a little bit of a pattern well those am and a lot but amazing ones voting box clatters I'll talk about is how they ring being born I'll be here if I hear that you do it once again time I am in ten yeah against that dark sky yeah and action I mean the computer to basically hearing like yourself so sure I did do a little bit of work there about my numbers you need to be better and want to share but this is huge on have a massive part of a liable in district 11 were pretty sure is what they call chiraq if you really like your energy market news injected so that is a great Imam go please sir and moving in a more dangler all of us may even play it on the shine this fully disclose and use a time of day no because I met and drove me some by hours by day I didn't I do have days that I've shot Warner so come on now mine's better it's a date of teacher at your own gear day this is just a baby looking at okay today is July 4th that's be 214 days a year what happened on last for too much in for that special ability to people like seasonal trend but you also are able to cast it back like it's the holidays like was huge but the thing that I really don't know look with us trying to find away perhaps like too many variables in holiday doesn't know so I take a shot today really is something where there's big groups people talking together and kneading your socks to keep crab actually that's only going to struggle to do and although a little work schedule is only when with the kid a position school I think that you're wrong he's frustrating I think I just I'm ok so good+ was feeling emotional yeah I'm just wondering if you look at all I don't know if there's anything out there about like people getting released from prison is

their incarceration for jail like any of that as part of the cycle initiation I do think I went ahead and I did an ami a Juggalo a twirl certain minor attention where but yeah I mean actually you always hear top second I got Gail go pink we don't show first season now we can add the most important factor yeah okay so this one here the pilot - yes okay well so not actually using one that's not important better but it does help model it smart so if it were the other just look back on say I think you can hear it a little bit yeah I mean what is Oh so where does this what is not sure that most on that most folks are pretty nonfat extenders yeah at all I mean this number will have high yes so is that it so that is the most important activity it's not a competition so that I thought if I did that and that was telling myself slightly my little bit of charities not a lot of crime they're going to predict more Australian a crime one of them holy that's what is included at all but yes you could look into that another thing that I'd be really curious look into so at the outset the question Mansell why this new clock be someone out there you getting that when you believe in one law because wisely well nevertheless that it basically want to feel things I don't have it strike so that I think will be really helpful in anthems and probably wouldn't come to model but because if I commute by now I'm should look at the body make available so you just lost their job based on this collar on driving certain number so yeah I think I'm good do you um yeah I thought I saw one do things because you usually hear less about me cause we're so jointly create recidivism rates and so they and the models like recommending prison so it turns out early on very soon or something like that I think by not including your mommy help different come to you you don't want to think like what you can't like also if you please never go to an area people are attracted to your prom date but they're here is over police but you have more progress so it's just like students you know we should actually be another so I look at where completely yeah Manhattan oh yeah where does this work for that they're on it we really look at it but we get in look squirming a particular warm a number of people other aho Street that particular day then another bankers of effects friends I wasn't really like second or the way to do that because all folks they have live camera beeps I can tell how many people are waiting given here I don't have that kind of access that'd be really very simple looking the life on Google Maps again they do keep taking pictures you can just be in a certain area is that pretty good all is that and what you're going for you're saying so basically you want to know if this big guys right now at the intersection so no roll call in the morning we believe is a score how many boxes are in census Explorer particular then how does it you know tomorrow next cash so just absolutely infinitely she beautiful again to be any other questions I guess I can do that it just I don't think that more cops would even game it less or fewer report divided pricing cubic Robert where you are crashing objects like hard to tell if economy are making a difference Emily a great fuckin good one so it actually don't prove concept they've got from anymore last year long hired out now it's not a team of man you don't think you only year change initiative strategy pocket so doesn't work you should go for which I cool pick up to 30 of you embrace to walk around take a take a read SUNY Upstate Medical University.