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California Native Americans Myths and Dance

Created by: Shannon Pierce

Introduction • You have just been selected to work with a specialized team of California Native American Specialist. It is your team’s responsibility, to research a Native Americans tribe’s myths, legends and ceremonial dances. With the information gathered, your team will create your own myth and dance that incorporates elements from your tribe’s myths and dances. Good luck team.

- Introduction

- Task

- Process

- Evaluation

- Conclusion

Task • You and a group of four peers will choose a California Native American tribes. • From the research your group has gathered, you will create a Native American Myth/Legend that utilizes elements from your chosen tribe. • Using your Native American myth, your team will create and preform a dance expressing the rich culture of your tribe.


• In a team of five you will choose one of the many California Native American tribes and research their myths/legends, dances and rituals. ( Western Mono Indians, Chumash) • Using pictures, art, movies and text, your team will create an original legend using Digital Storytelling. The legend should utilize elements from your Tribe’s culture.

Process • As a team you will create and perform a three minute dance that reflections the myth your team created with Elements from your chosen California Native American Tribe.Chumash Pow Pow, Pomo Pow Pow, Night Dance • Be as creative as you want and have fun. All peers in the team must preform in the dance.

Evaluation Unsatisfactory 1

Satisfactory 2

Outstanding 3

Quality of Myth Created

Little media, short text, Myth does not relate or express tribes culture/region

Myth has few media support and text , Has a 1-2 connections to tribe

Myth is well written with media support, Myth relates with tribes region and culture

Dance Participation

Was not an active participant.

Partial Participation. Gives effort

Full Participation. Knows dance moves and rhythm

Peer Evaluation

Did not work with peers

Partial Participation.

Full Participation with peers. Actively engaged



• Congratulations! You have successfully created a Native American Myth that captures the essence of past California tribes. • Your Native American dance has demonstrated a clear understanding of the rituals and cultural dances of the California tribes. • Thank you for your participation in California’s rich Native American culture.


a look at california native american tribe, dance, myths and legends

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