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CASESTUDY 2008-2009 ELLStudent CaseStudy Summary S. Pierce

I teach Physical Education at Harrison High School. Harrison is in the Antelope School District and is located in Antelope, California, a suburb of Sacramento. Harrison is a comprehensive high school with an enrollment of 1,176 in 2007-08. Harrison’s student population is not as diverse as the surrounding schools. With less then 1%of the student population falling into the ELLgroup it was a challenge to find a student who would meet the requirements of this assignment. Last term my freshman PEclassincluded 48 students. Amongst the 48 students Jose’sparents were the only parents who did not use English as their first language. Jose,although could speak English well, I did not identify any language barriers, until I called home one day. I have made it a goal to call 5 parents a week and inform them of their child’s successin my class. Josewas demonstrating great sportsmanship in ultimate Frisbee and received one of five perfect scores on the written test, the week prior. When I called home to inform his parents of his achievements I was presented with a challenge I had not yet run into. His parents did not speak English. Luckily his sister picked up the phone and she was able to translate for me. They were very happy and even said, “Thank you,” before we hung up. Joseis a typical 15-year-old boy. He came to Harrison from Barrett Middle School. His initial CELDTover-all score was 506 and his profiencey was Far Below Basic.

I could tell Josehad a passive and closed personality from the start, he rarely talked with other students in the class, but he worked well with everyone. Small groups didn’t improve Jose’sunderstanding I think they actually interfered with his learning, because now instead of just listening and doing he is put in a setting that he finds uncomfortable and it distracts from what is being taught. There are too many factors to absorb. I had one on one meeting with every student throughout the term. It is a great way to get to know the student on a more personal basis. Speaking with JoseI learned He describes his personality as laid back, and chill. He said he’s never been real social, and both parents are pretty quiet too. His older brother was the wild child but is in jail now and he doesn’t want to end up like him. He enjoys hanging out with friends, walking the mall and cooking. He demonstrates learning and understanding through verbally answering questions and identifying correct and incorrect technique during skill assessments. The student work presented is an example of his comprehension for assignments. The artifact attached is Jose’sfinal exam for the year in P.E.Also attached are his fitness test scores. Although Josepassed the fitness gram he did not demonstrate the same intensity other students demonstrated. What I mean by that is he never pumped himself up for the mile by warming up, nor did he ever ask if he could redo something becausehe wanted to get a higher score. He was very quiet in my classand I am guessing it was becausehe didn’t connect with any of the students the way he did with Joseph and Michael, his good friends. JosepassesP.E.with a 77%.His lack of participation during the cardio portion of our daily routine is what lowered his grade. His participation in activity and his ability

to demonstrate knowledge of rules and scoring met standard.

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Joseis a typical 15-year-old boy. He came to Harrison from Barrett Middle student population is not as diverse as the surrounding schools. W...