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Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC)


health. With more than 279 full-time employees across nine

of LCHC’s services. “Having patient members on the board

locations, the Center provides an average of 2700 patient

helps inform our strategic direction,” continued Harewood.

visits weekly, more than half of which are uninsured. As with every business, LCHC has had to adjust its services “We serve patients regardless of their ability to pay,”

amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, forming a task force of

said Philip Harewood, Chief Executive Officer. “That’s why

clinicians to help ensure continued critical services while

continued federal funding is important, as well as support

adhering to federal and state social distancing guidelines.

from our community partners like Duke Health and Durham

As a result, well-visits and routine care slowed. However,

County Department of Public Health. These partners help us

the need for access to healthcare in the overall community

meet the demand of patients we serve without compromising

has not. It is expected that as our state reopens, LCHC will

quality of care.” LCHC also provides services such as WIC,

likely see a sharp increase in demand from patients who

lab, pharmacy, radiology, HIV/Aids, gynecology, hepatitis C,

had to postpose routine visits. Despite the expected deluge

and medication assisted treatment.

of patients, LCHC stands ready to serve the community with high quality services, just as they have been for nearly

Unique to LCHC is the structure of its governing board, where 51% of members must be current patients, who have utilized the facility’s services at least once within the past 24 months. This ensures an engaged board with first-hand experience

five decades.

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Durham Magazine August 2020  

The Best of Durham

Durham Magazine August 2020  

The Best of Durham

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