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privilege, as it requires having a laptop and Wi-Fi. I do share with my clients how it is affecting me to help them understand it is human to feel worried right now. TB It’s a unique position to be in, for sure. You are trusted to help

Racial and economic disparities surrounding who actually becomes infected with the disease have been thrown into sharp relief in recent months. What do you believe can be done in your field and beyond to help improve outcomes for minorities and low-income families? MM Coronavirus has brought issues that existed in health care – such as

access, affordability, quality of care, discrimination and racial inequities – to the forefront. It has become more apparent that marginalized populations such as African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos, and lowincome [populations] have worse health outcomes overall, and during COVID-19. [Personal protective equipment], social distancing, frequent disinfecting and hand-washing or hand sanitizer for those who have to work on-site are all helpful. People of color are more likely to work in jobs deemed essential and may not have these protective factors at their work sites. This can lead to increased exposure to COVID-19. Health insurance rates are lower in Durham for African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos and Native Americans, which impacts access. Research shows that people of color receive lower-quality care or aren’t listened to as often as white DR. TAINEISHA BOLDEN patients, which impacts the type of care received. Owner/Medical Director,

people through difficult situations. It can be really heavy, and I have no poker face. My patients will ask me if I’m OK, and I just tell them it’s not about me in that moment – I need them to know it’s OK to feel however they feel. AGW Exactly! Something I often say to trauma

victims is, “You are having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.” I reassure them that it is completely OK to feel how they are feeling. Experiencing a pandemic is definitely an abnormal situation. That’s also true about weight gain – many folks are worried about that right now. The “quarantine 15.” NS

JB I’ve seen that, too. Before [COVID-19], most

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TB When I think back to when everything first

clients came to me for weight management. Now, I’m also asked, “How can I stay healthy right now?” or “How can I boost my immune system?” Yes, you can incorporate sea moss or superfoods into your diet, but it isn’t a cure-all. My recommendations are always the same, simple, practical methods: Get enough rest. Find time for yourself. Stay as active as you can and eat a variety of foods. What is it about sea moss that’s so popular right now? NS


Nutritionist and Dietitian, Food That Fits You

JB It’s great for the digestive system and has lots of

minerals. But like I said, it is always a good idea to incorporate healthy ingredients into your diet, but if you’re still smoking, eating poorly or not sleeping, it’s not going to do much.

NS On the other side of this, I hope all the wonderful


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august 2020

closed, the people who depend on school for things like meals, supervision for their children ... it has just been a tremendous hardship for so many of our neighbors. How do we figure out school? Bussing? Nutrition? There are some stopgaps, such as The Feed DURM Collective, [an emergency alliance created by Beyu Group Inc. that coordinates safe food deliveries to feed children, individuals, families and health care workers], but the fragility that has existed for decades has been exposed, and these are big questions to be answered. And on a local scale, the fabric of Durham is built on festivals, restaurants, music venues and the people who work here – we need planning and progress to ensure they stay successful.

people we have in our city will hopefully be treated better, staff and patrons alike. I love Durham, but my friends are not always given equal treatment. We need more safe, Black-owned spaces in Durham. And the awareness and acknowledgement that is happening now really has to be mobilized. One of the good things that has come out of the pandemic

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Durham Magazine August 2020  

The Best of Durham

Durham Magazine August 2020  

The Best of Durham

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