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‘m just going to be honest here and share my crafting confession – I started a cross-stitch design of a cactus way back in February, and all I have to show for it are two sad, off-green blobs. As a longtime Pinterest failure, I am in awe of every single person we’ve highlighted in both our wellness and arts features this month. It’s amazing to me, too, just how much overlap there is between these two topics. Murals are mingled with activity in our stories on the new Hillside Park basketball courts (page 54) and the Mural Durham bike tours (page 60). Elsewhere in the issue, a documentary filmmaker helped bring a community together through a storytelling series on specific pillars of health (page 48); and a group of five men with a dream to start a business built one on the healing power of laughter (page 56). Being creative requires you to take a risk, whether you’re posting your journey on Instagram like our fitness influencers on page 34, or winning national acclaim like blues singer-songwriter Jon Shain (page 63); it requires you to bare a piece of your soul to the world, and that can be a scary thing. Because what if no one likes what you’ve made? But after you put it out there, don’t you feel fulfilled knowing that this is you at your best, and who cares how anyone else responds to it? Lucky for us, Durham lifts up people who put themselves out there in innovative ways. It’s so easy in our day-to-day lives to get wrapped up in the routine and not take time to be artistic or to be active – trust me, binging “Stranger Things” postponed me from writing this letter. But if we allow ourselves just a bit of time each week, if not every day, to do one thing that’s healthy – whether that means we go to the gym or work in our garden or make something that is an expression of ourselves – then we all might feel a little better for it. Maybe one day I’ll finish that cactus, and you’ll find it on Pinterest.

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Durham Magazine August 2019  

Durham Magazine August 2019