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oy Black smiles as she deadlifts

55-pound kettlebells. Actually, she smiles when she does pushups, too. And symmetric single arm rows, squats, overhead presses – the list goes on. She is all smiles every Wednesday when she teaches Women’s Strength Training at ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance. “I started this class [in April] because I felt like there was a need for a space that was only women, where they could find some positive support as far as weight training goes,” Joy says. “And an inclusive environment for them to just try things out and where everybody is learning together and feeling supported, because sometimes there’s a lot of intimidation that goes into weight training for women.” That was the case for Priscilla Layne, a single mother without a lot of time, who

Erin Jobe, Emily Sutton, Lily Anderson and Sara Stephens lift kettlebells in front of ActivEdge’s new mural as instructor Joy Black gives directions.

strength in numbers Women lift each other up in a weekly strength training class BY H AN N AH LEE | PH OTOGRAPH Y BY BETH M AN N





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Durham Magazine August 2019  

Durham Magazine August 2019