Chatham Magazine Sept/Oct 2021

Page 40



to New York in 2005 to pursue a career in the arts, and his desire for a fresh perspective brought him to North ou’ll find both natural elements and Carolina in 2016. He says he appreciates human-made objects – think nails, our community’s support of artists and chains or various metals – infused values “how they encourage artists to be into Alexander Percy’s threeartists,” while also sharing his gratitude dimensional pieces. His art ranges from for funds he’s received from the Chatham jewelry to multidimensional paintings to Arts Council’s Chatham Artist & Artssculptures. “The fact that we have 360 Worker Relief Effort during the pandemic. degrees to create something beautiful, not Alexander’s artwork combines just something that you can hang on the inspiration from his life in Chatham with wall, is why my paintings have this look his Latino background, like his sculptures with texture,” Alexander says. made from wood he finds at Jordan Lake and the vibrant hues of yellow, red, blue The Moncure resident grew up in Puerto Rico, and art gave him a “second and green in his paintings that are a nod chance in life,” he says. “I feel I owe to his Latino roots. where I’m at in life to the arts, and it’s Still, Alexander leaves interpretation what I use as a therapy. It gives me of his works in the eye of the beholder. this sense of release and “I like to create this playful satisfaction once I’ve finished game between the viewer and Alexander and a piece.” the painting every time they his daughter, Alexander earned a are in front of my artwork,” Nayeli Percy, 9, paint in his bachelor’s degree in fine arts he says. studio behind and an associate degree in Alexander’s art and jewelry their house where the jewelry design and advanced can be viewed on Instagram walls display painting at the University of at alexanderpercy_art and both their Puerto Rico. He immigrated cataleyajewelrystudio.  work.