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to witness and celebrate together. But the shedding of those peripheral folks – the ones who aren’t likely to be a part of your lives together in marriage – is a freedom that’s going to be remembered.

No. 3 Entertainment Priorities

No. 4 A New Level of Respect For the betterment of all, we’ve come out of this era with a new level of respect for one another. We were challenged to wear masks during ceremonies and meal service, to group together in pods, to use hand sanitizer, to give one another space in the bathrooms, to refrain from intermingling and even from dancing. Yes, it was hard. But the reason was simple: to protect one another. The idea of looking out for one another’s best interests is going to carry into the future of weddings. Safety protocols will linger for years. And in the world of weddings, this applies both to our guests, 92




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With smaller guest counts and often with smaller budgets, couples had no choice but to reconsider the allocation of funds. This helped couples learn how to identify their entertainment priorities. I don’t mean to imply that “cheapening” the wedding day is a trend. In fact, it’s the opposite. With smaller guest counts, couples can lavish their nearest and dearest with higher per-person costs and still save money. Imagine this: over-the-top florals, five-course meals with wine pairings or personalized favors. A videographer or custom lounge no longer seems like an out-of-range splurge. Couples can spoil themselves, too – perhaps spring for exquisite wedding jewelry, a custom suit or that couture gown that they want memorialized in their wedding portraits.

Couples with wedding dates that fell during the first several months of the pandemic were fa c e d w i t h t h e question: What’s more important – getting married or having a part y?

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