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95.5 WBRU

Co nt ent s Executive Summary Internal Analysis Competitive Analysis Consumer Analysis Market Analysis External S.W.O.T. Research Target Campaign Overview Rebrand Strategy/Positioning Creative Brief Creatives Media Plan Budget Evaluation

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Main Entry: 1al·ter·na·tive Pronunciation: \ol-ter-na-tiv, al-\ Function: adjective Date: 1540 1: alternate 1 2: the ability to think, act and be different than the mainstream. 3: the ability to ask questions about the world and find one’s true identity. 4: a community that accepts anyone’s values, beliefs and thoughts outside of the mainstream. 5: applying value and worth to being different from the norm; being left of center; and thinking outside of the box. — al·ter·na·tive·ness noun

Shannon Lehotsky, Amy Levesque, Sam Citron, Emily Smith, Valerie Mattos and Laura Sreebny

Exe c u t i ve Su m m a r y

Inte rn a l A n a l y s i s

Cons u m e r A n a ly s i s

Comp e t i t i ve A n a l y s i s

Mark e t A n a l y s i s

Extern a l A na l y s i s

S.W.O . T. A na l y s i s

Prima r y Re s e a rc h

Prima r y Re s e a rc h

Targe t

Targ e t

Camp a i g n O ve r v i e w

Rebra n d i n g St r a t e g y

Positioning Statement: WBRU is true alternative

Crea t i ve Br i e f

Log o / Ta g l i n e

Prin t Ad s

Even t s

Out- o f - Ho m e

Web s i t e

Soc i a l Med i a

Soc i a l Med i a

Conte s t s / L oy a l t y Ca rd s

SWAG / Gi ve Aw a y s

Med i a Pl a n

Medi a S c h e d u l e

Budg e t

Eval u a t i o n

Works Ci t e d

WBRU Final Book  

WBRU Final Book

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