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Career Fair Assignment

Career Fair: October 17 Assignment Due: October 24 in class There will be over 75 companies represented at the Poole College of Management Career Fair. This assignment will provide a great opportunity for you to meet a handful of these employers and to learn more about their goals for the fair. For the purpose of this assignment, you will need to meet and briefly interview 3-5 different employers (different companies, not just different people). Realizing that they are not attending the fair to answer your questions, but to hire people, please be courteous of their time. When choosing which employers to talk to – switch it up. You will want to speak with some of the “big name” companies (Caterpillar, Target, etc.), as well as some smaller ones. Although you may not be as interested in them initially, they may have some exciting programs to offer. We will come up with questions in M 300 that you may want to ask employers. Choose several of these and write them in the space below. You can use some of these questions, or come up with some on your own. Make sure to think about what you are going to ask ahead of time, so you are not reading them off your sheet as you talk to people at the fair. Please take every opportunity to thank the employers for coming and for taking the time to speak with you. It would also be a good idea to get contact information and to follow up with employers with a thank you note so you can stay in touch in the future.

Write-Up (due October 24) 1) Please type a brief summary for each of the employers you speak with (no more than a paragraph). Please bold the company’s name – then write your summary below. You may want to use these questions as a guide: • What did you ask them? • What information did they give you? • Are you interested in working for them in the future? 2) To tie all of your interviews together, write a conclusion for your Career Fair experiences. This portion should be ¾ to a full page in paragraph form. Please answer the following questions in your conclusion: • • •

Did anything in particular surprise you about what you heard or saw? How might your MBTI type have factored in to your experiences at the Career Fair? Most importantly, based on today’s experience – what goals can you set in order to make you more competitive for your personal career search?

MIE 300 Career Fair Assignment  
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