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Brainstorming and Benchmarking in Six Sigma training Brainstorming is the process of generating new ideas and solutions through group discussions wherein people make lots of suggestions and the best ones are chosen. Benchmarking is the standard by which something is measured and judged. These both strategies adopted in Six Sigma training are of very much use and can lift the status of business processes from the present existing position. Six Sigma Black, Green belt, DFSS certification training courses are the main course content of the Six Sigma training but along with these vital training, the brainstorming and benchmarking can solve the business problems which stops the progress of any business organization rather these techniques can elevate the organization’s quality level to great heights, attract new customers to the present stage of the company. Brainstorming technique is a team oriented procedure which can be implemented in Six Sigma training, starting by stating and writing down before the start of the session. The qualified and experienced individual will initiate the meeting by using the flipchart and putting all the related problems in written form so that everybody understand the problem and ask each team, any sort of ideas regarding the issue. Finally team leader makes the decision by sorting out the best idea and that can be put into practice in real processes of any company. Benchmarking is very essential tool for various reasons in Six Sigma training. The forthcoming quality people having Six Sigma Certification should be trained for various methodologies and practices for collecting the information and the decision must be in data form that can be measured and this whole strategy must be applied in practical form in the company or any organization.

The results need to be beneficial to the organization for the long term prospective and serve the company. The management and team must support the concerned internal processes. Team leader needs to be attentive to each and every minute details of the project and the team should be experienced in the working of the process. Logical solutions should be given preferences for manageable work so as to avoid overloading of work. More emphasizes to the commitment has to be there by knowing pros and cons of the project. Above all the failures and loopholes of the project need to be focused by looking at the overall performance of the project and the whole organization should work as team and not as individual identity. All the drawbacks of the business process can be handled smoothly by adopting the brainstorming and benchmarking methodology in Six Sigma certification for better quality work of any organization and ultimately, constant success. Learn more about online certification programs and Online Certification Training. See more articles from author on six sigma black belt certification, online certification programs, six sigma certification online, professional project management certification, Six Sigma Certification and project management certification by visiting Article Source :

Brainstorming and Benchmarking in Six Sigma training  

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