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Atticus Café

Atticus Observations: Retention - Atticus retains people all hours of the day, all days of the week Flow - Customers start out shopping and then patron the café Social Outlet - Great place gather and talk Friendly Baristas - Carry one-on-one conversations with possible regulars

“we are a coffee and gift shop, we make really good coffee and sell cool stuff.” – Atticus Staff

field research

kitchen engine Notes: Stacked Ovens Lots of Storage Prep Sink Large Refrigerator L shaped TV’S Over Head Pots

field research

food revolution Notes: FRESH FOOD ! Ovens Lots of Storage Prep Sink Large Refrigerator Different Tables Over Head Pots Tons of Utensils Open Space Always making Cooking Fun !


The Spokane Public Market is designed to be part of a central community gathering and meeting place close to the downtown Spokane business core. It is a place where the community can interact with regional food and farm producers, artisans and other unique small businesses which produce products that celebrate the creativity and vitality of the Northwest


“ The Mission of the Spokane Public Market shall be to establish a regional year-round public market as an educational and cultural center near downtown Spokane where farmers, artisans, and value-added food producers can sell directly to the public. To function as a small business incubator for our vendors. To provide an economic and aesthetic stimulus to our surrounding neighborhoods and promote sensitivity to our environment.� BR3 development group

BR3 development group



Comfortable community gathering space Brand Identity Permanent place for venders Individualized structures Cohesive ecstatically pleasing vendors stations A place to show how to use their products Focus on traffic flow into the new space


All developed spaces should be consistent to the identity of the market while having its own unique experience. This will keep the adaptive reuse theme that is consistent with the market and should also help give the sense of community either though classes that are being taught or the employees work ethic.

The space should have a fun upbeat vibe that allows the customers to stay and relax and learn how to use local produces .


Market Story- “Doing things different” “Many Rock Farm is all-natural home of the “Happy Pig”. We do not use hormones, chemicals, and do not add water to any of our meat! We sell pork packages by the half, whole, as well as by the pound. We also have fresh whole chickens, sausages, kielbasa, and lamb.” - Owner of Many Rock Farms I spoke with owner of Many Rock Farms and he was proud to tell me about how he does things “differently.” He has chosen to raise an endangered pig from Texas. Why? Because he does things differently. He found great joy in doing what others weren’t doing. He was proud of the fact that he treats his animals well… maybe too well! He was happy to supply the community with healthy meat free of chemicals and hormones. He also took great pleasure to talking to the people he supplied healthy food for. It was a nice break from his happy but dirty pigs.


The plan is to use a demo kitchen to teach kids how to cook dinners for their families. It will provide a wonderful after school environment for local Spokane kids to learn how to use healthy produce provided by the market and provide a fun work experience to learn how to cook. Classes will support the market by bringing in families and allowing venders to give classes on how best to use their produces. The demo kitchen will be modeled after Jamie Oliver “Food Revolution.� third Place


conceptual design

conceptual design

Demo Kitchen:

Setting Area:

Comercial stand up Refrigerator

One 12ft long Table

Stacked Stoves

Built in Bench

Commercial Stoves

Reclaimed Wood Chairs

Enough Counter Space for a class

Railing is Old Pipes

of 6-10 Children

Outside will be Stainless Steel

6 Burners

tables and seats

Track Lighting

Track Lighting

Prep Sink

Task Light

Wash Area

Downstairs Sets and Tables will be Reclaimed Wood

functional requirements


floor plans First Floor


Second Floor






reclaimed wood


pressed tin

stained concrete


lighting zones

s s ssss





First Floor


Second Floor

NTS lighting plan



This project will facilitate an attachment to place and the community though food

Encourage healthy eating habits through learning the skill of cooking To create a social, friendly environment that allows one to connect with the space Supporting family connections through relationships with local farmers This project should provide an symbol for Spokane at large


the end

program Final  
program Final  

spokane public market