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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In my media products I have represented the social groups between the ages of 17 to 25, my magazine is more targeted towards girls due to the language content, imagery, colours and the general visual I have used, which all display more feminine characteristics. The types of girls I have tried to attract to my magazine are fashion-loving, indie stereotypes, I have tried to appeal genre of audience through the use of images, layout and the style of music I have featured on my article. In regards to my demographic, my audience would be of a middle class (ABC1). I would aim my magazine at middle class firstly for my images; each photograph is of 3 different teenage girls, all with a natural but elegant facial expression. This would suggest the girls are more upper class as stereotypically upper class people are more is sombre when compared to those of a lower class. Likewise the style my images are portrayed in could suggest upper class; I think this because

black and white is seen as a more sophisticated and elegant look. In regards to the lay out of my magazine which is intended to be more stylish and urban; should attract my stereotypical upper class audience as it is similar to a few magazines like vogue and Q which more upper class civilians go for. Likewise the gender range of my target readers is shown through my language content which is more feminine “Who’s hot and who’s not?” “Girls and their music” these are they type of cover lines girls that would necessarily appeal to teenage girls. However I have used elevated text to request the older middle class audience to be interested in my magazine. All four of my images are striking to look at, they have all be taken in front of a black wall to add softness to my images and help signifies the young implication of my audience. In regards to the music aspect of my magazine, stereotypical modern day fashion conscious women are more likely to like the style of ‘indie’ music

which has been featured in my articles, however for my magazine to appeal to a wider range of characters I have created “Zara Phillips” who I have not made completely clear what style of music she creates. However the images I have used makes it clear she is a stylish girl, which will attract my audience. In my feature article I have spoken about the gossip of ‘Zara Phillips’ life. This appeals to my target audience as it is a teen craving to know the latest and greatest gossip. More specially, I have tried to portray sophisticated fashion to appeal to my more upper class audience however I still want to appeal to the stereotypical indie teenagers. Celena woods who is modelling to be ‘Zara Phillips’ on my double page spread and contents pages was specifically used as she has the most iconic image and is more like the stars teenagers idolise in today society. Long golden blonde hair which most of the teenage generation crave with big bold eyes and a chic coat and shirt to finish off.

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