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Tips for Choosing a Tax Attorney

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A tax attorney seems to be one of the things that you don't need right away, when you start a small business. After all, you might say, what kind of tax trouble can I get into if I'm just starting out? However, a tax attorney does much more than just dealing with the IRS, though this will be a big worry for you if you don’t hire one. Below you will find some concrete reasons that you might want to have a tax lawyer on board from a firm like the firm at The IRS is your number one reason for having a reputable tax lawyer onboard with your small business. Even for personal situations, if you get a notice that the IRS is auditing you, you will need to find an attorney as soon as possible. If for some reason, the IRS decides to press criminal charges, then you do not need to try and handle it yourself. Tax laws are very complicated and they change almost on a yearly basis, so you need legal representation to keep you from going to jail and facing stiff fines and penalties. The best way to find a tax lawyer of course, is by word of mouth. Talk to your friends, family, coworkers, and even your neighbors to see if they have had to use a tax lawyer before. If you don't know anyone, then a quick Google search or a scan of your local Yellow Pages can come up with a list for you. You can also contact the professionals at for more information and a consultation.

Once you have narrowed your list down some, you will want to ask for a one on one consultation with the tax attorney that you are considering. It is easier to find out things like their years of experience and price range in person. If you aren't comfortable with the attorney at your first meeting, then you might want to see about getting another attorney. This man is going to be holding your future in his hands, so making sure that you can trust him, like him, and feel totally comfortable in his presence is very important. Choosing a tax lawyer and paying for it is much simpler than ending up being audited by the IRS, who do not care what your excuse is. They just want the money that you owe the government.

Tips for choosing a tax attorney