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PATTERNS OF IMMIGRATION Australia is renowned for being a multicultural nation. Through many years millions of people have moved from their mother countries to make their new homes in Australia. These immigrants brought with them the traditions, religions, music and foods that have shaped our multifaceted country into what it is today. As a result of the intermingling and interactions of these new peoples and their cultures, they began to borrow methods of artistic expressions from each other and soon musicians, artists, and chefs began to implement some aspects of each different nation into their own work. As a result these practises produced a variety of exotic results. Immigration is about the adoption and adaption of one culture to another. This print book, ‘Patterns of Immigration’ will primarily be concerned with patterns that are quintessential to specific nations. The countries and patterns featured in the book have been selected as they represent some of the most common immigrant groups in Australia and have distinctive patterns or designs associated with them. I chose the combine patterns from Australia with these other nations to represent the merging of both cultures and create something unique. Australia’s unique design pattern has been represented through Aboriginal art.

Shannon Coleman's Design Portfolio  

Shannon Coleman's Portoflio

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