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Think different"


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The project" Our project is a reasoning for why vagueness matters. " We explore the beauty of vagueness and provide a guideline for the creative process. This provides readers with knowledge on how to use vagueness to ones advantage.

Special Thanks" Marcos Macedo, Aaron Porter, Deb Morrison, Senyo Ofori-Parku and SOJC.

Daniel Caldas" Passionate communicator. Curious Account Planner. Reader. Professional gamer. Freelance problem solver. Travelaholic. About this travelaholic"

Shannon Hartley" Award-winning internet trailblazer. Devoted social mediaholic. Amateur beer guru. Unable to type with boxing gloves on. Creator. Organizer. Lover of people. About this lover of people"

James Nead" Friendly thinker. Bacon expert. Entrepreneur. Coffee fan. Creator. Web buff. Reader. About this lover of bacon "

how to


Think vague "

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Understand that everything that you read here has a high probability of being vague. Anyways, we are sure you can identify with everything we talk about. Understand that this industry is not about formulas or detailed guidelines. It is about YOU figuring out the solution for a problem. It is about YOU critically, conceptually, creatively using skills that will solve problems responsible for brands and issues in a global economy. Start doing it.

Embrace Vagueness"

how to"

Think vague


Table of contents" 6 Think curious 7   Think productive 8   Build a network Think human 9   10   Lead an opinion Think hybrid 11   12   Think creative 13   Be the change Understand the process 14  

how to


Think curious " Curiosity is the wandering of wonder. As soon as you find the answers they will lead you to more questions. It is important for this to happen in order to think curiously and never stop looking for answers.

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Trust in your curiosity. Be brave in finding answers and generously share them. Even for things that you don't identify with, keep questioning, discuss about what you find, search for more, apply new perspectives, hell, go crazy with everything that you discover. Answers are addicting. They will make you want more as soon as you keep feeding your desire for them.

Keep questioning. Keep exploring." The Future Belongs to the Curious by Slikshare

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Think productive " First of all, it is important that you accept and believe that 'Time' is a matter of organization. As soon as you stick to your plans, you will be fine. Learn to collaborate with people and together focus your thoughts on finding solutions. Be attentive and understand that there are various ways of solving problems. Focusing on an idea will enhance ones thought, but don’t forget to be a flexible thinker. All you need is effort and organization.

Here are some hints that might improve your productivity:

Follow a schedule" Make a check-list" Invest your time wisely" Honor your responsibilities"

Don’t be a"


how to

Build a network"

8 It all starts with "Hi, my name is ____________________.” The rest is up to your communication skills. How do you improve that? Communicate." " There are many different ways to connect with people to build relationships. The most important aspect to keep in mind while communicating is to giver every relationship empathy and trust. " Here are some things that you can start doing: Social Media " §  Improve your LinkedIn §  Be interesting on Twitter §  Be smart on Facebook §  Write a Blog §  Send thank you Emails

Physical Interaction" §  Go to events §  Participate in conferences §  Make a business card §  Write personal letters §  Call your contacts

This industry is about the connections you make."

how to

Think human"

9 There are only two things that we can be absolutely sure about in your life: We are going to die" We are going to have to make choices"  " " Be strategic, courteous and above all, humble. Bravery and generosity are the most important characteristics for success. Understand that everything is a system that connects people’s ideas. Learn how to deal with being wrong, and NEVER, forget about your team. Do the right thing, rather than doing "the good thing”. It is hard to evaluate most of your own choices. Even so, don't be a coward and face the consequences. That is how you learn. It is good to be good. But it is better to be right.


how to


Lead an opinion"


how to


Think hybrid " Coffee beer  

Analytical Stop saying that you hate math


Trust originality

Think and do Bring new ideas  

Strong concept

99% strategy


Creative Be nimble. "

how to


Think creatively " Watch the video here.

To think creatively is to passively be a solution provider. Creativity is not only about having crazy non-sense ideas that will be, at its most, different. A creative idea is a solution that will solve a problem in a strategic way. The creative process is intriguing and interesting. It is frustrating and motivational. It is vague…but it makes sense. Some things you have to have in mind: §  §  §  §  §  § 

Where good ideas come from by Steven Johnson

Don't be an asshole Think about the problem but focus on the solution Travel Make mistakes and learn from them Go places where you can wander, like a shower Trust your gut feeling

Ideas over ego. " Always."

how to


Be the change" To change the world is to invest in your focus. Devote yourself on projects that will influence culture positively. Have your own thoughts and be organic. Don’t be afraid to have different ideas. Value and applicability is what matters." Remember, you will be challenged to take risks. Learn. Build. Change.

Be a flexible  

thinker "

how to


Understand the process" Your ideas are great? They are not the only one on the table. 95% of your ideas might not be approved, and that is how the process is. It is frustrating. It is vague. But it challenges you to bring out your creative genius. If you let it. Ideas are not your own, learn to let go of them and collaborate to set solutions into motion." Watch the video here.

Honoring the Creative Process by GuruTubeVideos



think different  

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