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d gs cats Texas


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d gs cats Texas

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the benefits of



s the semester rolls on and tests pile up many students begin changing their daily routine to one that is more study friendly and, unfortunately, usually more deskbound. What most students do not realize is that while your dog lies next to you on the couch day after day, it is being robbed of physical activity that is vital to their health. 8


d gs cats Texas

Multiple studies have shown that dogs that exercise have improved bone health, and have improved organ and lung function. It makes them look better, feel better, and they are less nervous when left alone. “Exercise is good for maintaining general health, and it helps keep your heart, muscles, and joints strong. It also helps with maintaining weight and their coordination,” said Jacqueline Davidson, Clinical Track Professor at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Studies also show that dogs lacking exercise usually have poor muscle tone, and are more prone to injury, brain ailments, and bone disorders. They are also more susceptible to developing emotional problems and behavior quirks. “Dogs that don’t exercise are usually overweight, have less dexterity, and their heart & joints aren’t as vigorous,” Davidson said. “A lack of exercise can affect you and your pet in similar ways, like becoming chubby,” said Davidson. “Obesity is a big concern for most animals.” Getting you and dog off the couch does not mean having to do a tedious and dreary daily exercise, there are a lot of fun ways to keep your pet and you active. “For dogs the choices are easy, they enjoy almost anything you enjoy doing,” said David10

son. This can include “walking, running, playing with a ball or Frisbee, agility training, and even such sports as canicross and bikejoring (i.e. running or biking with your dog attached by an elastic line).” Sports like skijoring and bikejoring, while fun, can potentially be a safety issue, warns Davidson. “If you’re doing anything like attaching yourself to your dog, make sure the dog has decent obedience training and responds well to voice commands.” The best way to exercise with your dog is to set a “date” with them. While generally playing in any way with your pet is good, dogs benefit most from a prearranged occasion. “Running around the yard is okay, but it’s better to have a structured activity where your pet is constantly moving,” Davidson said. “This structure can also help with your dog’s behavioral problems, like chewing, barking etc. because you are giving them an outlet to expend surplus energy and spend time with you.” It is also important to be patient with your pet. When starting a new activity or sport gradually build the time spent doing these activities. “If the dog is sedentary and you expect it to run for several miles, or play vigorously for 30 minutes, injury may result if the dog is not physically conditioned for the sport or activity,” Davidson said.


d gs cats Texas

eventswithpets preparing for


t’s finally fall again. As you breathe a sigh of relief and venture outside of air conditioning for the first time in months, you are probably planning a plethora of activities. It seems Houstonians try to cram 6 months worth of events into 8 weeks worth of great weather!


And if you are like most pet owners you’ll find a way to include Fido and Fluffy in the festivities. While some gatherings may be small, including only family and close friends, many of us will attend at least one large event this season with our pets in tow. Houston Humane Society has a few tips to make sure everyone has a fun and enjoyable time. Plan to use a regular leash. Many of us may use a retractable lead in our everyday walks, but at a large event with many other pets it is much safer if all animals are walked on a standard leash. Many times a retractable leash allows for a pet to wander farther than they should, and can even create a hazard if the line becomes wrapped around a person or pet. Proper identification is extremely important. Make sure your tags are not only current, but readable. It is common for older tags to become worn down over time, and the engraved information can virtually disappear. It’s also a good idea to make sure your microchip information is up to date. And if you don’t have a chip, now is a great time to get one! Be sure to keep a watchful eye on your pet. It is easy to become distracted, but important to stay vigilant. Even though your dog may be completely at ease in


large crowds mingling with other canines, someone else’s pet might not. Always be aware of what is going on around you and your furry friend. And if they start to get antsy, move them away from the crowd to settle down. The time away will give your pet a chance to stretch his legs and calm down. A short respite can make all the difference. The two most important things to remember when you take your pet to any event: poop bags and fresh water! Accidents happen, but be sure to always clean up after your pet. Get in the habit of carrying poop bags attached to your leash, and you’ll never find yourself embarrassingly standing over a big mess wondering what to do. While many pet related events provide fresh water bowls throughout the area, it’s smart to get in the habit of carrying your own pet water bottle or foldable bowl. You can often find these at pet stores, and spring extra for one with a clip. Attaching it to your leash means you won’t have to carry it around all day. In the end, the best advice is to have fun! Enjoy the time you spend with family, friends, and favorite four-legged friends. The dog days of summer are finally behind us, and cool days and long nights make for fabulous pet event weather!


d gs cats Texas


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rolic gets sick or hurt and goes to the vet. The visit to the vet is painful or scary. The next time Frolic goes to the vet, Frolic is her normal, happy self. Fido gets sick or hurt and goes to the vet. The visit to the vet is painful or scary.

padding! The next time Fido goes to the vet Fido is aggressive. What is the difference between these two dogs? There are genetic differences, of course, but once you have your dog, you cannot change his genes. Is there a difference you can influence? Yes! The difference is padding. No, no, not like padding for football or soccer -- behavioral padding. Behavioral padding is defined as “a wealth of positive experiences”. Let’s say your dog has not met many strangers. Someone, known to you but unknown to your dog, visits your home. 14

For any number of reasons – tall, male, beard, glasses, or walking cane, your dog finds the person frightening. Your dog has limited padding. In other words, your dog has limited positive experiences with strangers, and is more likely to be aggressive or fearful to all strangers. Contrast the above hypothetical Fido to a hypothetical well-padded Frolic. Frolic has had lots of positive, friendly experiences with strangers in her home. Frolic is less likely to conclude that one scary stranger means all strangers are scary.

The difference between Frolic’s experience and Fido’s experience can be tricky. You might think that Fido has had many positive experiences. Unfortunately your opinion does not count. Only if Fido thinks his experience is positive does the experience count as a positive one. Observe your dog’s body language when his is socializing. Is his tail up, down, or tucked between his legs? Does he approach without aggression? Does he lick his lips often? Lip licking, or sticking the tongue out, is a sign of anxiety. Does your


d gs cats Texas

dog move as he normally does, or does he move very slowly? All of these behaviors are signs that your dog is not enjoying himself. Perhaps you need to be farther away from the action. Perhaps you have

chosen a place with too much activity. Perhaps you need to contact a professional to assist you with your dog’s socialization. Treats can be used to improve your dog’s opinion of new experiences. For example, while at the vet, you can offer small pieces of chicken for the vet and the technicians to give to the dog. A few pieces of real meat or cheese from the receptionist, again from the technician, several from the vet, and your puppy will love going to the vet, despite the occasional injection. Does your dog eagerly approach strange people and dogs? That is, does he approach with his tail up, no lip licking, no aggression? Does he walk along at a normal speed, without stiff, slow

movements? If a stranger stops petting your dog, does the dog immediately move away, or does your dog ask for more petting? Ask yourself if your Fido has enough behavioral padding. Can your dog have a bad experience and still be friendly and happy? Or do you need to add some padding to your dog’s experiences? Happy Training,

Tricia Fagan Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed DogS Gone Good (713) 557-1949 

{centerstage} 16


d gs cats Texas

graham gang meet the


veryone, say hello to the Graham family! We recently had the great opportunity to hang out with local Houston Texans’ tight end Garret Graham, his wonderful wife Ericka and Tango.

Garrett and Ericka adopted Tango from Sugarland Animal Services shortly after arriving in Houston three years ago. Originally from New Jersey, Garrett played for the University of Wisconsin where he met Ericka. He received first team All-Big 10 Honors his senior year and was drafted by the Texans in 2010 in the 4th round. Garrett and Ericka have been standouts in our community since arriving and have really done a wonderful gesture for Tango. Tango was close to being put to sleep when they adopted him. Today, he is extremely loyal and well mannered. Loves to play ball and swim in the bayous, and just mention the word “Park” and he will give you his full attention with his ears up and his head tilted. Welcome to Houston Graham Family! Here’s to a wonderful future and hopefully a very long stay and career for you all.

{October 2013}



As 2013 is drawing to a close, we at Special Pals animal shelter look back at the year with quite a lot to be thankful for. Our animals are thankful for your donations of food, supplies, and toys! These things make their temporary stay with us comfortable, and it keeps their spirits up. We are all thankful for our wonderful volunteers and staff that provide the play time, cuddles, and care they receive at the shelter. We continue to be thankful for the example these animals set for us. They are incredibly resilient, and always ready to love as if they



had never been discarded! Above all else, our animals are thankful for the second chances they are given. Every day, we meet adopters that understand the importance of rescuing. We are thankful for the amazing feeling of sending one our little guys/gals to a forever home. Both humans and animals alike are thankful for monetary donations that help provide medical care, operating funds, and building improvements. Our shelter is blessed to be in the midst of such a caring and responsive community!











d gs cats Texas



hammy {November 2013}



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{pawz-itivelynatural} BY NADINE JOLI-COEUR

kindness notfood Love your pet with


We all know that an overweight pet is not good, but when they give you that look that melts your heart, you may reach for a treat. We all love our pets and of course we think giving them treats and food is our way of showing them how much we care. Feeding too much is not the pet’s fault though, we as owners are responsible for their daily diet and exercise regimen. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 55% of dogs are either obese or overweight. That is more than 1 in every 2 pets. 20


d gs cats Texas

Why is Obesity a concern with pets? Obesity is an excess of body weight that is sufficient to impair the quality of life and impact our pets health. Studies show that obesity can contribute to serious medical conditions such as cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory distress. In addition to the excess weight stressing out the body, there is also a negative impact on joints and hips. Although there are a few underlying medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s that may result in weight gain as a side effect, healthy dogs that are overweight are due to their owners. The biggest reasons to keep our pet’s weight under control are 1) to minimize expensive surgeries 2) being overweight/obese can reduce their life expectancy and 3) your pets overall energy level. Is my pet considered obese? The primary cause of obesity is eating too much and not exercising enough. There are many articles on the subject of determining if your pet is overweight. I think most of us know if our pets could stand to loose a few pounds. Over the last couple of years, there have been more and more articles and diagrams to demonstrate an ideal weight. The primary things to look for are 1) can you see and feel the outline of your pet’s ribs without excess fat covering? 2) when you look at your pet from the side, is their belly should be tucked up and not hanging. Another sign is your pet’s energy level, given a choice would your pet prefer to lay around and sleep or run and play? How to maintain an ideal weight for your pet. The feeding guidelines on your pet’s food are just guidelines. If you notice your pet is gaining weight, cut back on calories. Also, there are a few things you need to consider for your pet. If you feed once a day, it may providing too much at one time for your pet to digest and can spike up glucose levels. Less processed foods and treats digest more efficiently than highly processed ingredients. We are responsible for what our pets eat, that is why it is so important to love them by giving them a healthy diet and regular exercise. This month Obie, the biggest loser dachshund will be visiting Houston and will be stopping by our River Oaks location on November 18th. Let more on Obie’s journey and how he lost 40lb. It has dramatically changed his life.

{November 2013}



over the river &

through the woods

Traveling­­—or Not—With Your Pets This Holiday Season TUCKER: Hey, Mom! It must be that time of year again! You’re decorating the house all different, and everything smells really, really good! Is it Thanksgiving already? MOM: Yes, Tucker, Thanksgiving is coming up real soon – and after that, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years! It’s a busy time, and we’ve got a lot on the calendar. Are you ready? TUCKER: Bring it on, Mom! I love the holidays, and you always make sure I’m prepared. Let’s go! The holidays are always fun – lots of parties, friends and celebrating, and they often include traveling to visit loved ones. It can be unsettling for our four-footed friends, but with a little planning, it doesn’t need to be stressful. First, know your pet’s limits. In general, dogs are better travelers than most other types of pets. Cats tend to be highly dependent on routines and familiar settings, and exotics often require bulky habitats or special care that make them poorly suited for leaving home. For these pets, it may be best to hire a pet-sitter or to make


boarding arrangements where they can get care tailored to their specific needs. TUCKER: So what are we going to do this year, Mom? MOM: Well, Tucker, we’re going to Utah – you, Augie and Heidi will be traveling with us, the cats will stay at home. Our usual pet-sitter is going to stay here at the farm for the week, and we’ve booked reservations for you guys to fly with us. TUCKER: Cool! I love to fly! I mean, I hate to fly! I mean, I’ve never flown – will I be okay? Whatever choices you make, start early. Whether taking your animal with you, or leaving him at home, the year-end holidays are the peak time of year for resources. You want to make sure the first choice options aren’t already booked. Also, make sure your arrangements are flexible, as things can happen (weather changes, travel delays) requiring your caregiver, whoever that might be, to care of Fluffy a bit longer than originally intended.


d gs cats Texas

Boarding Your Pets – Your Place or Mine? There are lots of boarding options for pets from having an in-home pet-sitter who either comes and goes or who stays in your home, to kennels, to boarding with your veterinarian. The choice depends on your pet’s needs and your budget. A pet-sitter can be a friend or a neighborhood kid, or a trained and bonded professional. While friends and kids are convenient and often budgetfriendly, remember, at this time of year, many people have plans, and unless it’s their BUSINESS to take care of your pet, feeding and walking Fluffy may take a back seat to other holiday activities. A kennel can offer everything from a cage, run, suite to no-cage environments. Consider not only your pet’s potential emotional needs for stability and consistency, but also their medical and exercise needs when making your decision. Kenneling is another area where advance planning is important. Not only are reservations during the holidays at a premium, but also most kennels require up to date vaccinations. For dogs this includes rabies, distemper/ parvo, bordetella, and perhaps canine influenza, and for cats, rabies and FVR-CP. In order for the shots to be effective vaccines should be given at least 7 days prior to boarding. Whether you choose in-home care or a kennel, make sure to provide plenty of Fluffy’s food, and a sufficient amount of medication, if he is taking anything regularly, for the time you’re away. Food changes and/or running out of Fluffy’s cardiac medicine are not a burden you want to place on your sitter, boarding facility, OR Fluffy! Ask the boarding facility about bedding, or some other familiar item, to help Fluffy feel more comfortable in a strange place. Some places provide webcam or Facebook so you can check in on Fluffy. So, You’ve Decided to Take Your Pet Along With You Traveling with dogs may be easier than with other pets, but it still requires advance care and planning. The first thing to consider is how you plan to travel, by car or plane? If you are planning to fly with your pet, make sure you know your airline’s requirements. Your veterinarian can help you with the basics but it is unrealistic to expect your vet to know the particulars of each airline’s rules. Whether traveling by plane or car, consider preparing a “travel packet”, including the pet’s name, a copy of your pet’s vaccination certificate, a listing of any medical conditions your pet may have and/or any medications he may be on, your veterinarian’s name and contact information, and emergency contact information, to tape to the top of your pet’s carrier in the event you and your pet get separated on any leg of the journey. {November 2013}

Flying In general, most airlines require a health certificate to fly. This is a document that your veterinarian must fill out stating that he has examined your pet and has found him to be in good health. For most airlines, this document must be filled out NO MORE than 10 days prior to leaving, and it is only good for 10 days from the time it is issued. This means if you are staying somewhere for longer than 10 days you may need to find a veterinarian in the town of your destination and get ANOTHER health certificate for the return flight home. Flying with your pet also means getting an approved carrier. If your pet is flying in the cabin with you, be very sure the carrier meets the size requirements for fitting under the seat. If your pet is flying as cargo, there are other requirements for size and suitability based on the weight of your pet. If your pet is flying as cargo, the other document you may need from your veterinarian is a “letter of acclimation.” This letter states specific temperatures that are safe for your pet and the length of time at those temperatures your pet can safely travel – and yes, this determination can change based on age, breed and medical condition. If you are flying when the weather is anything but mild, you may wish to make other arrangements for your pet. Consider the chances of flight delays as well as layovers, and where your pet may be during that time, when deciding how, or even whether, to take your pet with you. Driving Traveling by car is certainly a lot less hassle as far as rules and regulations go – there are none. Overall most dogs travel very well in the car, but if your dog has never been on a long road trip you should consider a few “trial runs” driving around town for at least a 30 minute ride on each trip. This will enable you to observe how well your dog will tolerate the trip ahead. And as much fun as it is to let Fluffy sit in the seat next to you while you drive, always, ALWAYS use a travel crate or seat harness for your dog. They are as vulnerable, if not more so, to injury in the event of an accident, and a travel crate will help to keep them safe. Things to consider Anxiety Is your dog anxious and unable to settle down? An anxious dog may pant, salivate, tremble, or be unable to sit still. If he cannot settle down when outside his familiar territory, whether you plan on driving or flying, you may want to consider leaving him behind for the holidays. If that is not an option, speak to your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medications. There is a variety 23

of prescription medications and over the counter home remedies, as well as some homeopathic options available. Because every pet has unique needs based on his individual health, be sure to ask your vet what he or she recommends. Motion sickness Does your dog vomit or salivate excessively in the car? Motion sickness can make any long drive even longer if you constantly have to stop and clean up messes. Not to mention, how awful it would be to feel nauseated the entire trip? To help ensure a smooth ride there are a few things you can do to minimize nausea. First and foremost, don’t feed your dog the morning of the trip. He can have dinner the night before but skip breakfast. If this doesn’t do the trick, medical and homeopathic remedies are available. Ginger is a natural anti-nausea option. Many pet owners use ginger snap cookies to help settle their pet’s stomach before a car trip (one cookie per 10 to 15 pounds of body weight 30 minutes before the drive may help). If you need medication, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe Cerenia® tablets. This is a very effective medication that was developed, in part, to treat motion sickness in dogs. Many people ask about trying Dramamine®. Unfortunately, the dose is so high it often makes them too drowsy if given enough to prevent motion sickness. As always, consult your veterinarian about what is best for you and your dog. Items to pack Make a list before you leave of what you need to bring for your pet. This will minimize leaving town without an important item. If your dog is taking any medications, be sure you have enough to last for the trip. Remember to request any refills at least a few days before you leave town. Packing your pet’s normal food is also a wise idea to avoid stomach upset from a sudden change in diet. Of course items of comfort are always appreciated, so bring along a favorite toy or bed to make your pal feel at home away from home. Be sure you have the phone number of your veterinarian in case anything happens during your trip. Even if you are out of town your vet can give you


advice on the phone and help you locate a doctor where you are staying. TUCKER: That’s a lot of stuff to think about and do, Mom! Is it worth it? MOM: I think it is, Tucker. If you didn’t enjoy it, I’d sure leave you at home where you’re comfortable. But you seem to like being with us more than you do staying at home, and the travel doesn’t stress you out too much, so I’m happy to do what’s necessary to have you come along. TUCKER: And I LOVE seeing everyone! I get lots of tummy scratches, and the family always slips me food and treats. MOM: Yes, well, that brings up one more topic about traveling at the holidays. To Grandmother’s House We Go Now that you have finally arrived at your destination be sure that Fluffy has the best chance for a happy holiday, too. Even though it may be tempting to give him a taste of the celebration feast, do not give in. Holiday meals are high in fats (that is why they are so yummy) and can make dogs seriously ill with things from gastroenteritis to pancreatitis. Bones are another big no-no. They can cause fractured teeth, intestinal blockage and perforation. If you feel you must treat your furry friend on the holiday be sure it is with a dog appropriate snack and don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way. If your pet isn’t used to being around a lot of people or children, or even other pets and will be exposed to any in this situation, be sure to watch him closely for signs of stress. Even the most gentle of dogs can become very frightened and nip in an overwhelming situation. Be sure to educate the youngsters that your dog needs “rest” or “quiet time” if he seems like he is becoming overwhelmed. Also try to make special time that is low key just for the two of you while you are away. TUCKER: Thanks, Mom. I’m looking forward to this year’s travel. But you know the best part? MOM: What’s that, Tucker? TUCKER: Coming home. MOM: I’m right there with you, Tucker. I’m right there with you.


d gs cats Texas

Sunday: 9am - 9 pm


newvember Support your team with these officially licensed Dog Jerseys! Several teams to choose from at Natural Pawz!

Rover- GO LONG!! This Orbee football is just the thing for dogs who like like to get down and dirty when they play! Available at Natural Pawz

Let everyone know which team you and your four-legged friend support with these team spirited bandannas!

Give your Houston Texans loving dog something to cheer about with this engravable Texans name tag!



d gs cats Texas

For your favorite football fanatic. What could be better? It’s a pet bed aaaaand...It’s a football! Ask your favorite pet store about these fabulous, fleece lined beds!

Get your pooch all dolled up and let her howl like there is no tomorrow with these adorable cheerleader dresses! Available at The Pawty Palace

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{November 2013}

Eat, sleep and breathe football?? These amazing cookies are a Game Day must have for Fido and his friends! Available at Jackson’s Place!

For the fan who is truly serious about his/ her team. Hook em Horns!!!!

Pamper your post game pooch with this luxurious collection of shampoos, conditioners, coat care and colognes. Fido will go from Bow to WOW and thank you for it! Available online at


{spotted by the pupperazzi} 28


urr-tastic or flea infested! The Pupperazzi is on the scene and has your tail covered!


itizens for Animal Protection turned LaCenterra in Katy into a fun and frightful morning with their HowlO-Ween event! Pups and people had a fabulous costume contest, 1 mile walk and tons of goodies! We even met the most amazing giant hippo! All proceeds benefited the animals at CAP!


d gs cats Texas



ridgeland celebrated its 5th annual Spooktacular Howl-O-Ween fest with several acres of fun! There were Splash dogs, Canine Frisbee dogs, a pooch fashion show, trick-or-treating for kids and pets alike and even mechanical bull-riding and tons of fun for the little ones! To see more pictures from the Bridgeland event check them out online at

{November 2013}



Turkey Puzzler

ACROSS 4. How many eggs can a female turkey incubate at a time? 6. What are adult male turkeys called? 7. What month is National Turkey Lovers Month? 9. What is the part of the bird’s stomach that contains tiny stones? 10. Where were wild turkeys first domesticated? 11. How many years did the oldest known wild turkey live? 12. The 2013 Move Free Birds was supposed to be named what? 13. What are baby turkeys called? DOWN 1. What are adult female turkeys called? 2. What founding father wanted to make the turkey the national bird of the U.S.? 3. What is the flap of skin that hangs over the tukey’s beak? 5. Every U.S. President pardons how many turkeys before Thanksgiving? 8. What are a group of turkeys called?

Fun Facts About Thanksgiving • The ship the pilgrims sailed was named “Mayflower” • The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days • Congress did not declare Thanksgiving a national holiday until 1941 • The Plymouth Pilgrims dined with the Wampanog Indians for the First Thanksgiving • Beer was the drink brought by the Puritans to Mayflower, along with them • More than 40 million green bean casseroles are served on Thanksgiving

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