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DOCKDOGS速 take flight


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d gs cats Texas

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hurricane season in the midst of


e have all watched all of the news reports of how dangerous hurricanes can truly be, and, if you are like most of us Houstonians, you have probably experienced at least one in your life time! Because we live in the gulf, we have got to be prepared for the worse, which includes safety of our family (two and four legged!) This safety plan takes some time and effort, and there are things that you need to do well in advance.

Unlike humans, pets are not allowed into every situation (restaurants, hotels, etc), and, even when they are, you typically have to show much more documentation to “pass through security”, so making sure you are prepared ahead of time is paramount! Things to do in advance:

Make sure you have your animals used to a crate. For the most part, keeping your pet in a crate during a disaster is the best way to keep them safe, secure, and controlled. Even the most well trained dog can act very differently in an unknown situation. Confirm that all vaccinations 6

are current on your pet. Please keep in mind that a boarding facility or veterinary clinic may be where they would end up staying for a few days, and many of these facilities require different vaccinations than you may be used to (Canine Influenza, bordetella, Leptospirosis, etc). Hotels may require them to be up to date on certain vaccinations as well. Better to be safe than sorry! This is also the time to confirm your pet is microchipped AND that all of your information is current in their database. Has anything changed? If so, either call or go online to update it. While you are working on this, also make sure that

your pet’s tags are all current and securely fastened to a collar that is in good shape. If not, get new ones! Put together a HURRICANE SAFETY KIT for both you and your pets. For the pet kit, here are some ideas on what to include: • Leash and extra collar • All vaccinations, veterinarian information, and emergency clinic information • Bowls • Food and medications, for at least one week (sealed in zip lock bag) • Favorite blankets, toys, and towels • Recent photos of your pets

Stay safe and be prepared!


d gs cats Texas

new pet? when should I get a



illy owned a pet boutique downtown. She took her golden retriever, Hank, to work with her every day so he could greet and socialize with her customers. After 9 years together, Hank was diagnosed with end-stage lymphoma, and Lilly made the brave decision to end his suffering after he became ill. Almost a year after Hank’s passing, Lilly said, “Sometimes I think I’m ready to get another dog, but then I feel like it would be an act of disloyalty to let another dog take Hank’s place.” Like Lilly, many people don’t know if or when to get another pet. The answer is neither simple nor similar in any case. The situation can be more complicated when children and other family members are involved, or if an existing pet in the home is ill or stressed. Deciding whether or not to adopt a new pet after a much-loved companion has died is difficult


for most people. Naturally, many individuals have an impulse to immediately “replace” a pet they’ve lost in order to fill an emotional and physical void created by the initial loss. Adopting a new pet may make us feel good in the moment, but what happens when we realize that this new pet is nothing like our other companion? It is important to try not to rush to a decision

until you have time to sort out your feelings. Family and friends who mean well may suggest a new pet to provide you comfort and support. Although adopting a new pet may help you heal, be sure to allow yourself enough time to grieve the loss of your beloved companion. Before you or your family adopts a new pet after a loss, ask yourself the following:


d gs cats Texas

1. Why do I want to adopt a new pet? What do I hope this pet will provide for me? 2. Does the rest of the family agree with the decision, or are there differences? How do the children in the family feel about adopting a new pet? It’s common for children to push parents for a new pet right away, but it’s important for them to realize that we simply cannot replace loved ones. 3. Do I have enough time, energy, and financial resources to give to a new pet? Am I ready for the challenges a young or new pet may bring? Will the new pet integrate well with other existing pets?

If, after some time and thought, you are still having a hard time deciding whether or not to adopt a new pet, consider becoming a “foster parent”. By fostering an animal through a local humane society or rescue group, you’ll provide temporary housing for an orphaned pet that is awaiting permanent adoption. You’ll provide a necessary service while testing your own readiness without a longterm commitment. Some people are uncertain if they should ever get another pet because “it would hurt too much to experience that type of loss all over again”. Unfortunately, grief is the price we pay for having loved.

However, through all the grief we must remember that we loved a particular animal dearly and that love was returned a hundred times over. There are so many animals living in shelters who need the kind of loving home you so willingly provided for your companion. Additional resources can be found on Last Wishes In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia’s home page under the “Pet Loss Support” tab. You may also contact Dr. Christie Cornelius at drcornelius@ if you or someone you know is struggling with this decision and is in need of guidance.

DOG DAYCARE & BAKERY • Cage-Free Boarding • Open 7 Days Per Week • Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at


weathering a

hurricane with your pets A fter hours, or perhaps even a day or two, of winds so high the house creaks and groans, and rain so hard it slams into the windows, it looks like the storm has finally passed: the winds have slowed to a tropical breeze, the rain is no longer coming in sheets, and it looks like you might be able to release the breath you’ve been holding.

It’s time to assess the situation and see what needs to be done over the next few days and weeks. In this time of recovery, it’s important to remember that humans are not the only ones that are affected, and there are a number of issues to consider when

After the Storm

dealing with animals after a storm. Secure the environment

Remember that pets can become disoriented after an event like a hurricane. Never leave a pet tied outside during, or following, stormy weather, even if


d gs cats Texas

it has a dog house or some other unsecured shelter. Keep them in the house with you, if possible in the same room as you; it will certainly help with their anxiety, and may help yours, as well! Try to help make them as comfortable as possible with blankets and their carriers if necessary until things are more normal. Do not let pets roam free; walk dogs on a leash until they become reoriented to their home. Familiar landmarks and smells might be gone making a pet anxious and unsure. Pets can easily get lost in such a situation. Set up a safe area outside for elimination.

Check your fence line carefully. High winds may have knocked down or created gaps in the fence which will need repair before allowing your pet to roam freely outside. If the fence 12

is not secure, use an exercise pen or other enclosure to create a safe spot, free from debris and standing water, for them to use. Remember that rising water may have brought “visitors” to your yard, including snakes and other wildlife. Be sure you have no guests before allowing your pet free access to the yard. Protect their food and water

Do not let pets drink from standing water. It may contain sewage, chemicals or parasites left behind by the storm. Animals should not be allowed to consume food or water which may have become contaminated. If you won’t drink it, your pet shouldn’t either. Reassure the pet

Be patient with pets after a hurricane. Remember that they are just as upset and disconcert-

ed by the damage, lack of electricity and air conditioning, as well as changes in their routine, as you are. Try to get them back into their normal routines as soon as possible and be ready for behavioral problems that may result from the stressful situation. Monitor their behavior - after a disaster, even easygoing pets may become aggressive or defensive. Monitor their health issues - dogs may refuse to eat, or cats may forget their litterbox routine. If behavioral problems persist, or if a pet seems to be having health problems, consult a veterinarian. Our pets are our constant and faithful companions. Even under stress, we need to remember to be more than “fair weather friends” to them!


d gs cats Texas

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{puppy101} BY TRICIA FAGAN

Enough! I

often hear from puppy owners who are frustrated with their puppies. The nipping, the chewing, the barking, the crying (er, the puppy’s), eliminating in the house; sometimes it is all too much. How can you stop it? How do you make your – barely – beloved family member behave tolerably? Sometimes it is helpful to view the world from another point of view, in this case, the puppy’s.

While you have had enough, and are very frustrated, the puppy might also be (forgive me) at the end of his leash. Alone all day, crated night and day, scolded for bodily functions, punished for the perfectly natural behavior of chewing, yelled at for mouthing your family members, the puppy might be acting out his frustrations. If your puppy does not get enough exercise, enough social interaction, enough play time, he will be . . . HORRIBLE! Your puppy needs a walk everyday. After all, how crazy would you be if you never left the house and yard? For young puppies, the walk can be very short, but should

If your puppy does not get enough exercise, enough social interaction, enough play time, he will be . . . HORRIBLE! 14

occur daily. Even if you are tired, even if you are busy. You can walk the dog yourself, or hire a dog walker to do it for you. Puppies need to have social interaction with you and other family members each day. The younger your puppy, the more time you must spend with him. You can substitute doggy day care for a small amount of social time. Doggy daycare should provide supervised interaction with other canines and the human staff. Scolding your puppy for normal puppy behaviors (ok, undesirable, but normal) might make you feel better – momentarily – but will greatly increase your puppy’s frustration, and thus amplify his naughty behavior. Puppy eliminates in the house? Take him outside more often. If you punish for eliminating in the house, the puppy will learn to be sneaky. Puppy nips your fingers and hands? Keep your fingers and hands away from the puppy’s mouth. Use big toys for the puppy to bite, while he avoids your hands. When your puppy chews things you would rather keep in one piece, provide him with an appropriate chewing object. It takes time and effort to raise a puppy. It takes LOTS of patience to raise a puppy. Be prepared to guide your puppy with kindness and gentleness. Tricia Fagan Yelling and throwing Certified Professional things will not help Dog Trainer – your puppy chose the Knowledge Assessed correct behavior, it will DogS Gone Good only make him afraid to be a dog. (713) 557-1949 


d gs cats Texas

{August 2013}




urricanes are called different names depending on where they from.

• Hurricanes are called different names depending on where they form. If the storm forms over the Northwest Pacific Ocean it is called a Typhoon, over the Atlantic Ocean it is a Hurricane and if it forms over the South Pacific and Indian oceans it is a Cyclone. • Tropical cyclones began receiving names in 1950. There are 21 names for each year and unless a storm name is retired the list repeats every 7th year. Names are often representative of the areas they will impact. Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and Rita hit American coasts while Typhoons Isewan and Kanogawa hit Japan.


hurric &

d gs cats Texas

• Hurricane Katrina which hit in 2005, was the most expensive storm in U.S. history, causing an estimated $47.424 Billion in damage. Andrew in 1992 was the seconds at an estimated $23.349 Billion and Sandy in 2012 caused $18.750 Billion in damage. • Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is akin to a hurricane. The storm is so large that 3 Earths could fit inside it! • The most deadly hurricane in history occurred on Sept 8, 1900 in Galveston. • In the Northern hemisphere, hurricane winds blow counterclockwise toward the center of the storm. In the Southern hemisphere they turn clockwise. • The word hurricane comes from the Taino Native American word, hurucane, meaning evil spirit of the wind • In 1893, a hurricane made a direct hit on New York City. Hog Island which was located off the Southern Coast of the Rockaways was wiped out. It is believed to be the only reported incident in history where a hurricane removed an entire island.

canefacts {August 2013}



k c ba to l o o sch and your pet T

he month of August doesn’t just mean oppressive heat in Houston. It is also time for back to school! You’ve probably been busy shopping for clothes and school supplies, but have you thought about how back to school might affect your pet?



d gs cats Texas

After a summer full of fun, an empty and quiet home could be a difficult adjustment for your pets. It’s the change in routine your pet will be most affected by. It’s quite common for your dog or cat to become depressed and even mope around a bit when their routine is altered. With some careful planning you can help ease the transition for your dogs and cats. Begin by giving your companion animal some “alone time” BEFORE the kids head back to school. This means separating your kids from your pets for a little while each day for a week or two before school starts. It will work even better if you can get your pet used to you leaving in the early mornings. Consider having your kids carry their new backpack or lunch kit with them so your pet gets used to those items as a visual clue you’ll be heading out for the day. When you leave, be quiet and low-key. Making a production of your departure could add even more stress to your pooch. A simple “See you later” will suffice. Leave some interactive toys for your pet. This will help keep him or her from getting bored while home alone. Look for sturdy toys that aren’t easily destroyed. There is a large selection of toys on the market that allow you to fill them with treats - giving your dog or cat something to keep them busy and occupied while you are away. Check out Kong toys or puzzle toys to get started. If your dog seems upset and anxious when the kids leave, give your pet a blanket or t-shirt that has your kid’s scent on it. The familiar smell may calm Fido down and give him something to cuddle with while everyone is away. Separation anxiety is common in dogs - especially during back to school time. Dogs can become stressed, which may lead to destructive behavior. You may want to consider confining your dog to a small laundry room or crate while you are away. If your pet has not been crate trained, don’t {August 2013}

start on the day the kids go back to school. Your dog will need time to adjust to the crate and shouldn’t be left alone for more than 9 hours (for adults) or 6 hours (for puppies). Work up to a full day of crating by starting now. Put your pet in the crate while you take a small trip, perhaps to the grocery store or the bank. Slowly work your way up to a full day over time. Be sure to give extra rewards (verbal praise or treats will work) each time they go in the crate. When you get home, let them out of the crate and head outside to help reinforce housetraining. You can also try leaving a TV or radio on during the day to help soothe your pet. Ask your kids to spend some quality time with their pet when they return home from school. This could be a simple walk around the block, playing in the backyard or even having children read and share their homework with the family pet. Time is key! With a little time and patience, everyone will fall into their school routine, including your pets! Join Houston Humane Society for a Bark to School special event on August 24th. Visit for more information.


{pawz-itivelynatural} BY NADINE JOLI-COEUR


the hurricane


his issue of Texas Cats and Dogs is about hurricane preparedness. Having already done a past article on how to prepare your pet for a hurricane, I wanted to do something a little different. What happens if there is a hurricane? Do you stay in town, or do you seek shelter elsewhere? Chances are your daily routine will be affected and changes to any routine can affect your family pets


A Hurricane can be a very traumatic event for humans and it is equally (or more) traumatic for your pets. In this time of need, you may end up staying with family and friends. It is a good idea to make sure you have a kennel for your pets. A kennel 20

or crate can serve as an artificial den for your pets. When provided with a pad or towel to rest on (and a familiar toy or chew), it can become a place of comfort and security. If you have a cat, make sure that the kennel is much larger than your cat, and be sure to place something

raised inside one of the corners so that they can sit higher up. In addition to keeping them safe, your hosts may appreciate that they do not have pets running around their house. Do not leave them in their kennel for longer than 6 hours during the day. When they are not


d gs cats Texas

in their kennels make sure you have them close by for a feeling of security.


As with humans, pets can get stressed which can result in some serious medical consequences. Pets cannot vocalize their stress and they do not know that eventually stressful environments will pass. When a pet gets stressed, messages are sent to various organs in the body to produce certain results – the heart quickens, they start to pant and lick their lips, they quiver and shake, their eyes get ‘glazed’ and they seem to be in a fearful trance-like state. It is especially dangerous for a pet to feel stressed. They have been known to resort to desperate measures to get away from the perceived danger – as they would do in nature during the ‘fight or flight response.’ In addition, if your pet stops eating or has a big change in bowel movements, it may be a sign of high stress. There are many natural solutions and remedies to help soothe the nervous system, such as bach rescue remedy, natural essential oils, or a thunder shirt. For dogs that really enjoy to chew, give them something to chew on. This will help them focus that nervous energy elsewhere to help dissipate it.

a good idea to make large changes in diet, especially in this type of situation. Fast changes to diet can cause diarrhea. If you need to get food, try to get a food that is close to their current diet. Always manage the transition by mixing the old diet with the new diet over a 5 day process. If you are completely out, offer you pet a smaller meal more often so that their digestive system has a chance to adapt. It is always a good idea to have a couple of cans of pumpkin if your dogs or cats have any bowel issues.

Using their treats to play some games can also help them reduce stress and pass the time. It can be as simple as hiding pieces of kibble or working on recall drills. I found some good games on the link below “8 fun games to play with your dog” Remember, your pet will feed off any stress that you may be experiencing. It is important to manage your stress (for your own health as well) and reassure your pet that everything will be okay.


Always have a spare bag of your pet’s food. It is not {August 2013}

21 21

{spotted by the pupperazzi} 22

reliantd F

urr-tastic or flea infested! The Pupperazzi is on the scene and has your tail covered!


et again the Reliant Dog Show wowed the crowds with its 34th annual dog show. From breed judging and obedience, to flyball and agility competitions. There was something for everyone!


d gs cats Texas


{August 2013}



Dougie Deogi Rescue Reporter


“Yo!” “Sup?”

Yes, it’s me, Dougie Deogi, rescue reporter, with a very important message…. As you know, I run a rescue group. Yes, I do. I’m the one in charge and I tell everyone, including my CRAZY LADY owner, what to do.


d gs cats Texas

So, this weekend, I was at the Reliant Dog Show. I was just minding my own business, getting publicity photos done at the magazine booth, when this lady came up to me and was all excited to tell me she just rescued a 10 week old shih tzu puppy that looked just like me. Then she went on to tell me that she had gone to a breeder to buy a puppy and the conditions were horrible. The puppies were full of fleas and there were at least 45 puppies all crammed into one room in her house. And it smelled like a sewer. She went on to tell me she KNEW it was a horrible breeder and she shouldn’t buy a puppy from them but she just couldn’t leave a puppy in that place. So she gave the breeder $350 for a 10 week old, flea infested puppy. PEOPLE! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! What are you doing? YOU ARE THE REASON THESE BREEDERS CONTINUE TO PRODUCE PUPPIES!! NO, you did NOT rescue a puppy. You bought another THREE years of misery for the mommy of that puppy. Yes, you just paid for three years of the crappy discount-store food they feed the mommy. No, you did NOT rescue a puppy. You just gave that low life the money to go buy another “breeding mother” dog and put her into that life of horror. No, you did NOT rescue a puppy. You just gave that breeder the incentive to keep breeding and YOU can take credit for the next “crop” of puppies that are born at that house. PEOPLE! STOP ALREADY. If you are a serious animal lover or simply someone that thinks we should respect all of God’s creatures, STOP buying puppies from bad breeders. And, frankly, the only breeders you’ll see selling puppies like this are BAD BREEDERS. These people are low life people who would rather make money off a little dog’s misery than go out and get a real job! It’s a passive way to make a living – not much work other than sticking buckets of food and water in with them every day. Every single time you buy a puppy from a breeder or a petshop, you are encouraging them and the other low-lifes to keep it up. It’s the law of supply and demand. As long as there is a demand(YOU), these breeders will continue to “manufacture” puppies. So STOP already. Is it so important to you to get a puppy that you’ll put aside all integrity and good sense? Ok, off soap box. Dougie Deogi, rescue reporter, over and out. Dougie is the official spokes dog for Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue( You can email him at You can see his antics on his facebook page, {August 2013}

Doggie Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Obedience Training 6434 Washington Avenue Houston, TX 77007 713-868-7555


Man’s best friend takes flight for


hat’s furry, friendly and can fly across water? The answer can be found at DockDogs®, a high-flying canine aquatics competition making a splash as it returns to Houston’s urban park, Discovery Green, September 27-29.

A three-day, dog and familyfriendly expo, DockDogs® showcases four-legged athletes from Texas and beyond as they compete in high-jump, long-jump and speed retrieve events. Think Olympics, but for dogs, as they leap as high as 24 feet in length. Be prepared as you would at Sea World; there is definitely a splash zone as pups plunge into a 40-foot pool of water! DockDogs® WorldWide travels the globe bringing this high-energy competition to dog lovers of all types. Anyone with a dog and fetch toy can participate in the festivities and some lucky dogs and their

masters go home as champions. If you got a pooch that loves to jump, bring your four-legged friend to participate in the high-flying events as public announcers broadcast the games to the thousands of spectators who come out for the free and fun festival. Both dogs and owners can watch the sport from bleacher seats, peruse the pet-friendly vendors on-site and have a laugh at thedog costume contest. Enjoy dog training demonstrations, appearances by Clifford, Biscuit and Poky the puppy, and animal adoptions covering the 12-acre, always petfriendly park nestled in the heart

of downtown Houston. A family friendly event, DockDogs® is just one of the over 400 events Discovery Green produces for Houstonians each year! The Set-Up A 20-foot dock and 40-foot pool is set up across the Jones Lawn at Discovery Green for the main competitions. “Handlers” can register your pup in one of five competitions: Big Air, Extreme Vertical, Speed Retrieve and the Haute Dog Costume Contest. Big Air, the original and most popular DockDogs® event, judges the distance a



d gs cats Texas


dog can jump from the dock into the water. Extreme Vertical is the “high jump” for dogs, with markers placed above the water’s surface, contestants are given chances to reach this highest points. The newest event, Speed Retrieve, puts dogs against the clock to swim the span of the pool, retrieve an object and make their way back to

{August 2013}

the dock. Or if your pup is looking for more flare and less sweat, the Haute Dog Costume Contest taking place on Saturday, September 28 at 3 p.m. has a number of categories that require a well-stocked doggy wardrobe. How to Enter

Anyone can enter but you’ll want to reserve your spot early through online preregistration. There is no age limit for handlers and any size, age, and

breed of dog may enter. Registration fees apply to compete in the DockDogs® high-jump, long-jump and speed retrieve events. Pre-registration fees are $25.00/team per Big Air, Speed Retrieve Wave, or Extreme Vertical Competition. Limited onsite registration is available at the start of each day and fees apply. Discovery Green is located at 1500 McKinney Street in Houston, Texas. Please call 713-400-7336 for more information. For information on how to enter, visit dockdogs/.


secondhandsmoke and your pet W e all know that smoking is bad for our health, but what might surprise many pet-owners are the dangerous effects that same smoke can have on their four-legged loved ones after some time.

“There are studies that show that dogs exposed to large amounts of second-hand smoke have significant changes to their lung tissue over time,” said Heather Wilson-Robles, assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Science (CVM). “These changes range from fibrosis, or scarring of the lung tissue to precancerous and even cancerous lesions.” A case report published in 2012 showed a cat developing a tracheal carcinoma after being exposed to large amounts of second-hand smoke in the home, and another study in 2002, published by the group at Tufts, showed that second hand smoke may double the risk of lymphoma development in cats. Many veterinarians also feel that symptoms in their patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis improve if the owner’s quit smoking. For those that do smoke, there are a few ways to tell if your habit is affecting your pet’s health. “For animals with asthma, allergic lung disease, or bronchitis you might see a dry hacking and progressive cough,” said Wilson-Robles. “Asthma patients may have more frequent asthma attacks and their symptoms may be more difficult to manage medically. Animals with allergic lung disease will often have more severe symptoms if they live in a smoking household and these symptoms may persist all year round rather than being seasonal.” 28


Disposing of your tobacco may also prove hazardous to the wellbeing of your pet if they tend to be nosy or like to dig in the trash. “Ingestion of tobacco products may cause gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, increased salivation and trembling,” said Wilson-Robles. “High doses of nicotine may lead to excitement, constricted pupils, odd behavior, seizures and even death. Cigarette butts are especially dangerous as they contain 25% of the nicotine found in the cigarette.” While the most efficient way to treat second-hand tobacco problems with your pet is for the owner to quit using the substance, there are other ways to keep your pet safe and keep your habit. “Pet-owners need to immediately quit smoking around the animal and wash their hands thoroughly after smoking before touching the pet or anything it may come in contact with,” said Wilson-Robles. “If your dog or cat eats a cigarette, chewing tobacco, cigar, etc. call an emergency clinic nearby for directions on how to treat this toxicosis. In most cases the tobacco will induce vomiting by itself, but if not vomiting should be induced to clean the stomach out and prevent systemic and possibly even lethal nicotine toxicosis.” If you believe your pet is suffering from tobaccorelated issues of any kind schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian immediately.


d gs cats Texas

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augustantics Your pooch will never be thirsty with this handy portable water bottle! It even has a clip to attach to your belt! Available at Natural Pawz!

Some dogs jump in the water. Other dogs fall in. Either way, this adorable life vest keeps them on the surface in style. Available at WOOF Pet Bakery in Spring!

We have all kinds of contraptions to keep us safe when walking/running at night. So should your dog! These clip on LED flashers are a must have for night time activities. Available in several colors, ask your favorite pet store about them! These Lonewolf leads are durable, colorful and made right here in Texas! (Spring to be exact!) Stop by Natural Pawz for yours!

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* Treats: Yoghund, Mr. Barksmith Cool Treats, Honest Kitchen Ice Pups Products : Kool Collar, Kool Pad

Customers that buy 10 bags of the same brand of dog food will receive the 11th BAG FREE. No punch card needed!






- Includes dry, freeze dried, and frozen food!


Voss/Woodway & Kingwood (59/Northpark drive)

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Texas dogs and cats august 2013  
Texas dogs and cats august 2013  

Texas dogs and cats august 2013