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YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE FOR PETS Natural Pawz has the solutions to help your pet beat the heat! Stop by and check out the latest summer products and receive *15% off one of our “Keep Cool” summer products!

GRAND OPENING! May 14th, 2011

Natural Pawz newest location in Vintage Park! Ice Cream Social for Pets! 11am-2pm

*one per household, cannot be combined with another offer expires 6/15/2011.

Sugar Land - 15890 Southwest Freeway • The Woodlands - Sterling Ridge, 6700 Woodlands Parkway • Pinecroft - 1580 Lake Woodlands Drive • Houston - West U, 4032 Bellaire Blvd.• Galleria - 5161 San Felipe, St.• Heights- 514 W. 19th Street • Vintage Park - 142 Vintage Park Blvd.

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MYTH BUSTERS!! Tiffany Robinson

Spay & Neuter Misconceptions or by phone at 713-862-8001. Still not convinced? The estimated cost to feed, deworm, and vaccinate (first round) of just one litter of puppies or kittens can be upwards of $200 - $300! That doesn’t include any complications that can arise throughout the pregnancy or birthing. Compared to that, a spay or neuter surgery is one heck of a deal! Myth #2 Isn’t it best to let my dog have at least one litter of puppies? BUSTED!!:

I love MythBusters. The science intrigues me, the inventions impress the heck out of me, and let’s be honest, they get to blow a lot of stuff up! What’s not to love? Having been in the animal community for quite some time, I thought what if someone took a mythbusters approach to the hot topic of spay/neuter. Recently, I spent a little time looking up some of the most common “myths” about spaying and neutering your pet. Then I busted each myth with just a little bit of science and a whole heaping of common sense. Myth #1: It’s too expensive to have my dog or cat spay/neutered. BUSTED!!: There are many low-cost spay/neuter options in Houston. With minimal effort I found two great places. The first is Houston Humane Society. They offer spay/neuter surgery for $30 plus an office visit. Looking to save even more money? Be sure to book your appointment on a weekday when the office visit is slightly cheaper. You do have to have an appointment, but you can request one online at or by phone at 713-433-6421. The second is SNAP. A quick glance online gives you a full price guide by sex, species, and weight. It can be as cheap as $40-$50 for a cat and $50 - $110 for a dog. Just like Houston Humane Society, you do have to have an appointment at SNAP for spay/ neuter services. You can request one online at 6 |

Medical evidence has shown that females spayed before they come into their first heat are typically healthier, and can even have a reduced rate of mammary cancer. Their male counterparts are much less likely to develop prostate cancer. The younger the pet is altered, the lower the risk of cancer. As a bonus, male cats are less likely to spray and male dogs are less likely to mark. Female cats will no longer pace and wail while in heat. All are less likely to roam in search of a mate! Many veterinarians will spay and neuter as young as 8 weeks of age. It’s best to check with your vet to find out how soon you can alter your pet. Myth #3 I want my child to experience the miracle of life. BUSTED!!: The polite thing for me to say is be a responsible parent and teach your children that it is more important to be concerned with the massive pet overpopulation problem our society now faces. Instruct them on how to become responsible pet owners, and lead by example. It is much more important for your children to learn how precious life is, and that pets are not disposable. The blunt answer I want to give is if you are so concerned with your child experiencing the miracle of life be sure you

teach them about the horrors of euthanization. It’s estimated that almost 4 million animals are put to sleep in shelters across the country! That cute little miracle of life lesson just bumped that number up a notch! Myth #4 But MY dog is a purebred. BUSTED!!: That’s great! Guess what? So is about 1 out of every 4 dogs turned in to shelters across the country! Unfortunately, there is a huge overpopulation of both mixed and pure breeds. The sad fact is that there just aren’t enough homes for all of the homeless pets regardless of their pedigree. Oh, and those cute designer dogs that are so popular right now, chi-weenies and any breed you can think of mixed with a poodle, the list goes on and on. Shelters have had those for years! They are called MIXED breeds! Still not convinced? Ask yourself why so many breed specific rescues are necessary!!!

Myth #5 Won’t it make my dog gain weight and become lazy? BUSTED!!: I hate to break it to you, but dogs and cats become fat and lazy the same way humans do. Too much food and lack of exercise causes weight gain and lethargy every time. As a human, my weight problem is due 100% to my love of junk food and total disregard for anything resembling exercise. Same goes for your pet. If you over feed, splurge on treats, and avoid long walks with fido your pet will end up overweight and lazy, no matter if they are spay/neutered or not! Just like MythBusters on TV, the major arguments against spaying and neutering your pet have been completely BUSTED! In fact, not one good reason for leaving your pet unaltered was found! So what are you waiting for? Get your dog or cat altered today so you can enjoy a long life with each other!

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GETTING TO KNOW DR. Webb working at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic is because of the deep bond that the clients share with their pets. “You don’t see that incredible bond in every practice or in every city, so having the opportunity to see this makes my job a lot more fulfilling. The clients are very knowledgeable and want the absolute best for their babies” says Dr. Webb. In her “spare” time, of which there is not much, she loves to play tennis, write, and sail. She also absolutely loves Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (and no, this is not a paid endorsement). “I would do anything for a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup!” says Dr. Webb. On another note, she does NOT like the beach. “The feeling of that gritty sand between my toes is not a pleasurable thing for me” Dr. Webb says with a laugh. Graduating from Texas A&M in 1998, Dr. Jennifer Webb has been active in the veterinary community ever since. Dr. Webb has now been working with the Animal Minor Emergency Center at Kingsland since its opening date in December, 2010, and she absolutely loves it! Dr. Webb has 3 boys (Jack, Zachary, and Sam) and a husband of 15 years (Ty). She also claims to have way too many dogs and cats, and she has still never admitted the actual number of animals she has in her household to her colleagues (which can only mean that there really are WAY TOO MANY!) While some might call her life crazy and hectic, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. As for her interests in veterinary medicine, first and foremost is critical care. She loves being able to help the animals that have critical needs. She has enjoyed starting at the ground floor with the Animal Minor Emergency Center at Kingsland because it has been such a great learning experience for her. She has been able to work with other critical care doctors to learn more about the patients and their families. Other interests of Dr. Webb’s include internal medicine and feline medicine. Dr. Webb’s passion for the veterinary field began because of the human-animal bond that exists between animals and their families. One reason that she enjoys

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One of the main points about Dr. Webb is that she loves working at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic and the Animal Minor Emergency Center at Kingsland. She says that all of the clients are great, the staff is excellent, and all of the other doctors are very nice and helpful. She says “as crazy as it looks up front at KBAC sometimes, once you are in the mix, it all makes sense. Everyone knows what they are doing, and everyone gets taken care of.”

P.S.- Dr. Webb says “Go TEAM EDWARD” (although she won’t discriminate against Team Jake at KBAC!) P.P.S.- Dr. Webb’s son Zachary’s favorite place in the world to visit is Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic! **Hi Zachary!**

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Puppy 101: L’eggo My Eggo by Tricia Fagan CPDT-KA

You would like to play fetch with your dog, but puppy just won’t cooperate. Tug of war can a fun game for people and dogs, but again, your pooch just can’t let go of the toy.  Do not despair!  You can teach your dog to release his treasures on cue.  It is fairly simple, just have treats (really good ones, like turkey or beef) and a toy.  Put your dog on leash for the first few lessons.  This will prevent Fido from running away with his new toy.  Stand on the leash, and both of your hands will be free for training.  Second, pick the cue you will teach to your dog, “drop it” and “out” are popular.  Put the treats where you can easily get to them, but your dog cannot.  Get your puppy interested in the toy, then give the toy to the dog.    The training begins.  With the treats in your easy reach, say your cue, “Drop it” or “Out”.  Be very careful to avoid looking at or touching the treats at this time.  Wait

10 |

two seconds. Ok, your dog will not let go of the toy when you begin this exercise, but at some point, he will.  You must wait these two seconds to give the dog time to demonstrate his understanding of this exercise.  You have just started this training, so Fido hangs on tight.  Take a treat and hold it a quarter inch from his nose.  Let the dog smell the treat, and decide if he wants it.  Fido will have to let go of the toy to eat the treat.  Yeah!  He did it!  If Fido does not let go, use a better treat, real meat or cheese.  Repeat this exercise ten to twenty times a day.   If your pet is doing well, always letting go before you offer the treat, you can try the new cue while you are playing tug.  Do not try tug first, as it is much harder for puppy to let go when you are playing with the toy.  Show your dog the toy, and say “tug!”.  Wiggle the toy if necessary.  When puppy is tugging like mad, give your let go cue “Drop it!” or “Out!”  Remember, you have not reached for the food yet.  Count your two seconds.  If your dog lets go of the toy, give him a treat right away. 

Tricia Fagan CPDT-KA

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pawz-itively natural by Nadine Joli-Coeur

make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water and an increased amount of fluid. For example, we recommend that pet owners in the summer should add canned food to their pet’s diet. The increased moisture from the canned food can help tremendously

Give them a cool treat. Tips to beating the heat in Houston with your Pet. Summer in Houston can be brutal on your pet. Dogs are very susceptible to heatstroke, which can be very dangerous and can lead to serious medical conditions and even death. Dogs, unlike humans, only have sweat glands on their feet. When we need to cool down we perspire. When a dog needs to cool down, they only perspire from the pads of the feet. The hotter it gets, the more we sweat. Dogs are already at a disadvantage because they have a fur coat and as the heat rises, it is impossible for sweat released from the pads to cool them down. Dogs have to rely on other means to beat the heat, especially in Houston. One key way that dogs cool down is through their tongues. Their tongues are amazing, the hotter they get, the larger the tongue gets. Their tongue expands so that they can use air flowing across the tongue to help cool them down. In addition, lapping up fresh water keeps the tongue cool. This is why it is so important to have access to fresh water. Panting is another method of cooling. As they pant they breathe out excess heat from their bodies. Common sense is probably the most important thing in helping your pet beat the heat this summer. Firstly, you should always walk your pet during the cooler times of the day, early in the morning or later in the evening. Morning is probably best if you are walking on concrete, as the concrete will absorb the heat of the sun during the day and slowly dissipate the heat at night. Secondly, never, never, never leave your pet in a car for any period of time. A car’s interior temperature can increase dramatically in just a matter of minutes and since your pet’s cooling mechanisms are not as good as ours, they cannot tolerate the extreme heat. You never know when that “quick” errand can take longer than expected and you have put your pet in danger. Thirdly, 12 |

There are many products on the market that are best served chilled or come frozen. Some of our favorites are; Yoghund and Nature’s Variety sweet spots - a frozen treat made from yogurt and looks like ice cream. Not only does this frozen treat cool them down, but it also has live cultures that are good for a healthy gut (kind of like an Activia for Pets). Fruit smoothie for dogs - “Cool Treats” A low fat treat, similar to popsicles, that solely has fruit and or peanut butter that you freeze. Not only does it taste good, but it is also low fat and protein free. Honest Kitchen Ice pups are made with chicken broth and lots of nutritious ingredients that can be made on an as needed basis. It comes in a dry powder. Just mix with water, put in an ice cube tray and serve. An outdoor doggie fountain. This is a unique product that is controlled by your pet. When your pet steps on it, it instantly spurts water up like a fountain. What I love about this product is that it allows for fresh water every time, rather than having a regular bowl of water outside than will attract bugs and dirt.

Keep it Kool (lol) Kool collars. The Kool Collar is the only fill with ice dog collar. It comes with a gel pack if you prefer not to use plain ice. This is an amazing product and I swear by it. I have a cocker spaniel that loves to go on walks, but after 10 minutes his tongue would almost hit the pavement. I started to use the Kool Collar and not only did his tongue not expand, he was full of energy. On the website, they explain it this way. “The melting ice runs down the front of the dog and not only offers a comfortable cool sensation, but also more importantly promotes evaporative cooling over the very vascular chest area of the dog. The action of the water evaporating cools the

blood and the core temperature of the dog”. A cool mat. Many pets will lay on tile in the summer time to cool down. At our house, we remove area rugs so that the dogs (and of course our cat Harold) can lay on the tile. Right now we are evaluating a new product that is coming on the market that doesn’t utilize water or gel, is non toxic and is activated by touch. It cools down when your pet lays on it. I’ll let you know next month how well it works. Lastly, let’s look to Chinese theory on how to cool ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you like to have chicken soup when you are cold? You aren’t crazy. Chicken is considered a hot protein in Chinese theory so if you are feeling cold, it will warm you up. During the summer months, you may want to consider switching your pet’s diet away from hot proteins such as lamb, venison and

chicken, to proteins that help cool you down such as rabbit, duck and fish proteins (beef is considered a neutral). I also recommend that everyone look at a product called “Athlete”, by Herbsmith. Don’t be fooled by the name, it is not only for athletic dogs. Athlete comes in a tablet or powder form and helps your pet’s system remain hydrated and does not put such a huge strain on them during Houston’s hottest months (kind of like a doggie gatorade). Herbsmith was created by a holistic vet, Dr. Chris Bessent. She has vet formulations that help some very serious medical conditions and we carry everyday products that can make a big difference you your pet’s life for issues such as slight to severe restlessness or nervousness, joint pain or stiffness, immunity and allergies. Most of all enjoy being a pet parent and don’t be afraid to spend a lazy afternoon together.

Nadine Joli-Coeur is Mom of Dogs Callie, Lucky, Joey and Harold the cat. Natural Pawz has been recognized nationally and locally as a retail leader in natural pet care products. We are a local business to Houston with now 7 locations in and around the Houston area. Stop by for a visit (pets are welcome) Voted Best Grooming Shop in Fort Bend County 2010 and Best Pet Supplies 2 years in a row!

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PETSJAM! 2011 is two full days of superstar live concert entertainment coupled with every pet activity under the sun, all to benefit the Houston Humane Society. PETSJAM will take place in Tom Bass Park in Pearland on May 14th & 15th. Gates open Saturday at 10am and close at 10pm. Gates open Sunday at 10am and close at 6pm. Bands begin playing at noon each day. Admission is $20, and the price covers both days. All kids 12 and under are admitted free of charge, and dogs are welcome throughout most of the day. Bands include Krosif, Return to Relevant, Potbelly, Journey Tribute, Dev Electric, Ground Zero, Alpha Rev, Lone Star Hippie, Joan Wynn Ministries, Nothing but Others, and The Marshall Tucker Band. 14 |

The Houston Humane Society will be on hand with a mobile adoption unit, as well as their current Diamond in the Ruff dogs. Diamond in the Ruff dogs are larger dogs that have been at the shelter for an extended period of time without getting adopted. These dogs typically lack good manners, and are put through 4 weeks of training to learn how to sit, stay, and walk on a leash. Once basic skills have been learned, these fabulous canines are ready to be adopted and join their forever homes. The Diamond in the Ruff program was made possible in part by an Innovation Grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation in recognition of the great things we do for dogs.

the cat’s meow in furniture! Jeff Parker

de’la Crème, 6 ft tall Liberty Cat Tree! Each tree is handmade, right here in Houston and contains a 30 lb. base support. These trees can actually hold a 100 lb. boy! (yeswe tested it)

Are you looking for an alternative to the typical cat scratching posts found in chain stores? One whose quality will withstand years and years of your kitties love for scratching, climbing, playing and lounging? Are you looking for all this AND a price that won’t break the bank?

So cat lovers around, jump on the internet and look up www.FandangoCatFurniture. com and browse the gallery to pick out that tree that your furry little friends will enjoy for years to come. Whether they are playing, resting, scratching, or looking for a safe haven away from the dogs, this is the ultimate in tree houses for Cats.

Everyone, we would like to introduce you to Fandango Cat Trees! Nine years ago, Steve McCartney happened upon 2 feral kittens. He brought them home and soon realized what a handful a pair of 8 week old kittens could be. They needed something they could play and relax on, so Steve made them a tree. As the kittens grew, so did the trees. Each tree becoming more and more elaborate and able to withstand the abuse that Merle & Sugars inflicted upon them! Word spread quickly about Steve’s work and requests from cat owners all over Houston began to pour in! What started as a gift to his rescued feral kittens quickly grew into a thriving business based on quality and comfort at an affordable price! I can honestly tell you, these are no ordinary trees! Cat Tree Steve can make anything from the most basic scratching post, to the Crème MAY 2011 | 15


o D A

MEET YODA Height- 7in Weight- 3.4lbs Guilty Pleasure- chasing his fur sister and biting her butt.

Yoda’s story is a common one. Purchased from a breeder when he was 6 weeks old, he was surrendered 4 weeks later.... his surrender papers said “going away to school”. He was adopted at 15 weeks old from the Houston Humane Society and now spends his days playing, getting into mischief and driving his 4 legged brothers and sisters crazy! Yoda is like many of the animals at the Houston Humane Society. Purchased on impulse without thinking of the animals needs, or requirements and given up when their newness wears off. He also stands as a wonderful example that you can get any breed you desire from one the shelters if your willing to be patient. If you have your heart set on a certain breed, The Houston Humane Society, like many others do have waiting lists. Currently HHS has several Chinese Crested and Chihuahuas looking for homes to call their own. If your thinking about adding a new fur kid to your family- save a life and adopt!

16 |

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dougie deogi

Dougie Deogi, Rescue Reporter right minds actually THINK that dog breeders can specify that they want curly tri-colored hair, floppy ears and an underbite? What are they geneticists? I THINK NOT! So, let’s step through it logically!

Peeps, so, you know I’m a rescue dog – right? Rescued after I was hit by a car and left on the roadside for dead? So, I watch rescue happenings pretty closely. Right now is a bad time in Houston for dogs! Breeders are turning dogs over left and right – people are dumping their “beloved” companions at the shelters at a rate of hundreds each day. So, I’m looking through the newspaper this weekend, (yes, I certainly CAN read!!), and I see all these for sale ads for “POO” and “DOODLE” mixed breed puppies! And, OMG, the cost of a doodle!! Ridiculous!! What’s up with that? Why in the world are people in Houston breeding and selling mixed breed mutts? Ok, it’s bad enough that people are breeding purebreds, like shih tzu, poodles, maltese, lhasa apsos, etc, but why in the @#$%$ world would you ON PURPOSE breed a mix? HUH? Does that make any sense at all? Oh, I know what you’re going to say – “you mix two breeds to get the BEST of both breeds!” RIGHT? HAHA. What, were you hiding behind the door when brains were passed out, people? When two ANYTHINGS breed together, you get what you get. Who in their

Let’s say you want a human kid with bright blue eyes, olive skin and dark brunette hair – so you go out and get a light-skinned man with bright blue eyes and light brown hair and a oliveskinned woman with hazel eyes and ravishing dark hair and voila! You get exactly what you want, right? A gorgeous olive-skinned kid with electric blue eyes and stunning dark hair – right! NOT! HAHA. No, you end up with a lightskinned kid who burns easily, with hazel eyes and mousy brown hair. Do you really think the breeders can pick and choose the exact traits they are passing on to the mixes they are creating? Good Grief! NOPE. They’re just creating more mutts. (Not that mutts are bad – I’m a mutt, but come on folks, lets not to this on purpose. Don’t go encouraging these “people” to breed more mutts. There are already too many “labradoodles,” and “goldendoodles,” and other poos and doodles on death row RIGHT NOW. Save yourself thousands of dollars and get one from the shelter. Dougie Deogi, over and out. Dougie Deogi, over and out!Dougie Deogi is the official spokes dog for Lone Star ShihTzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue and is a man-abouttown attending rescue events all over Houston. You can follow him on facebook: Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue is an all-volunteer dog rescue organization focusing on shih tzu and lhasa apsos (and the occasional Maltese). Find them on facebook: lsstlar


pet sitting service • Quality in-home pet sitting for dogs, cats & exotics! • Customized exercise & walks! • Pet CPR & First Aid Certified and Insured • Servicing the Katy and Surrounding Areas Karen Paola • Owner

18 | • 832.671.4915

Houston Humane Society is now registering for their annual Companion Camp. Companion Camp is a week-long camp held each summer for kids ages 7-13. Children enjoy learning about domestic and exotic pets, how to properly care for animals, a tour of our clinic, special class time with experts such as a veterinarian, dog trainers, animal cruelty officers, animal experts, and more. Six sessions are offered this summer: June 20th – 24th, June 27th – July 1st, July 11th – 15th, July 18th – 22nd(teen week, ages 12 – 15), July 25th – 29th, Aug. 1st – 5th. Cost is $250 per week, please visit

MAY 2011 | 19

Tugg Tales....

By Blake Ovard

Tugg would spend his days on the couch, eating dog cookies and watching cartoons, if we would let him. Sometimes I think I could spend my days doing the same thing — minus the dog cookies, of course. Well, OK, I could go for some of those gourmet dog cookies sometimes. But, one of the benefits of sharing the house with Tugg is having a dog who could spend his days on the couch, but would rather go out, put on a cape and help others. Sometimes helping others is as simple as going to special events and letting Tugg tell his story. We were asked to speak at just an event a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out to be larger than we anticipated. Pooch and Pals is one of those gatherings of rescue groups, animal shelters, pet lovers, groomers, an occasional vet and dog enthusiasts like many others that happens in numerous cities all across this country. Usually there are a couple of hundred people and dogs who come out and really enjoy the day. Most events like this feature canine performance demonstrations, fun matches, raffles and sometimes live music. Pooch and Pals had all of this and more.

He sighed, sat and looked up at me. Then, he stood, focusing all of his attention in one direction. I followed where his nose was pointing and I saw the orange shirts of the K9 search and rescue teams. But, more precisely, Tugg seemed to be focused on one dog in particular — and that dog and handler were heading our way. It was easy to see that each of the hero dogs shared mutual respect for each other and pulled to the ends of their respective leashes to get a few good sniffs of each other. For the first time in a long time, I was a little stumped as to what dominant breeds were in the genetic makeup of this other hero dog. This beautiful large dog appeared to me to be part German shepherd and part… werewolf. If we hadn’t been out in the park during the morning daylight hours, I might have been a little worried. Come to find out, the dog’s name is Rotten —because it is of the spoiled variety — and he is a long-haired German shepherd. The SAR teams were scheduled to go on after us, so they all listened while Tugg told his tale. As we walked out of the main area, Rotten’s handler turned towards us and said, “And I thought we did important rescues. Please keep telling your story.”  Then he and the rest of the SARs team went out into the main field. As Tugg and I walked down beside the ropes to where the water bowls were, we heard another member say, “How are we supposed to follow that!?”

The parking lot was filled to near capacity, and my wife pointed over to a car that looked as though it was being driven by a mastiff, and had another as a passenger. We could hear the band as we exited our Jeep, and knew this was a lot bigger than we thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I know the sponsors of this event typically do everything they can, but this time they outdid themselves. After the convertible of mastiffs, one of the things we noticed right away was the diversity of groups at the event. Tugg looked around and sized up the situation. He looked over to the rescue tents and at the people and dogs in them. He looked over at the performance dogs and their people and then he looked over at some of the merchants that had set up temporary shops under various canopies. 20 |

Tugg is a super hero who masquerades as a bull terrier. He lives with his animal control officer mommy and daddy just south of Fort Worth. You can follow his adventures daily at his facebook page at Blake Ovard is a dog trainer, writer and artist who lives just south of Fort Worth. When he’s not busy with those things, he’s also an animal control officer for Fort Worth.

MAY 2011 | 21

spotted by the pupperazzi Furr-tastic or flea infested! The Pupperazzi is on the scene and has your tail covered!


22 |

Private In-Home Training • Dog Boarding School

• Certified Professional•

Dog Training Dog Obedience Classes • Puppy Training Classes


SERVING: Houston • Bellaire • Sugar Land • Pearland • West University • Inner Loop

MAY 2011 | 23

L O OK Everyone knows dogs love ice! You can make your own organic bone shaped flavored ice pops with this starter kit available at Funny Fur on Westheimer. Kit includes bone shaped ice tray and 4 samples flavors!

Fabuleash- Even Tinkerbell would do a second take if she was these fabulous leashes! Available in many colors to match any outfit and with the price you can easily pick up one for each day! Available at the Pawty Palace in Old Katy!

Handmade right here in Houston, these trees are the cat’s meow! Your cats will LOVE playing, scratching and lounging on these trees for years to come! (and you will love the quality!) 24 |

The WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water, so you don’t have to worry about stagnant or empty water bowls. Available at Funny Fur on Westheimer!

K th ad Pa

Keep your pet fashionably dry on those rainy day potty breaks with this adorable rain coat! Available at the Pawty Palace in Old Katy!

Nothing says backyard Luau like these tropical trunks and hair bows! Grab your Tiki torches and lets paWty! Hula on over to the Pawty Palace for these gems!

This delicious kiwi harness by Susan Lanci Designs is made out of ultra soft suede for comfort and uses Velcro straps for the right fit every time! Available in several colors at The Pawty Palace

Comfortable and fun! The Pawty Palace in Old Katy have several summer collars to choose from!

One of the best ways to improve your pet’s health is to get them to drink more water. By using a 5-inch falling stream of water, the Pet Fountain continually aerates your pet’s water with healthful oxygen. A must have for Houston heat! Available at all 7 Natural Pawz locations!

Galveston Seawall will never quite be the same once FiFi struts her stuff in this cute little polka dot number! The Pawty Palace has several colors to choose from! MAY 2011 | 25

rescue resources Adopt A Cat, Inc All Texas Dachshund Rescue A New Dawn Pet Adoption American Brittany Rescue

for a complete list go to

26 |

Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas Best Friends FurEver Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Houston, Inc. Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue Chihuahua Rescue and Transport Cocker Spaniel Rescue Dakota Rescue Doberman Rescue Group English Bulldog Rescue Network English Springer Rescue America Greyhound Pets of America Houston Great Dane Rescue of Southeast Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue Society Houston Area Ferret Association Houston Beagle Rescue Houston Collie Rescue Houston Lab Rescue Houston Sheltie Sanctuary Husky Haven Inc Lonestar Boxer Rescue Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston Montgomery County Animal Shelter Noah’s Ark PugHearts, the Houston Pug Rescue S.A.F.E. House Rescue & Adoption Save Our Strays Second Chance Poms Smiling Dog Farms South Texas Aussie Rescue Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue Texas Collie Rescue Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue Group, Inc. Treat Em Right Rescue Tri-State Bloodhound Rescue Weimeranier Rescue of North Texas Westie Rescue Houston Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue Yorkshire Terrier Club of Houston Zeke Fund Animal Rescue

MAY 2011 | 27

Canine Country Club .....would like you to meet.....

Our Dogs in Training

“REX, Kat, and Splenda�

281.693.DOGS (3647)

28 |

Canine Country Club is proud to introduce a few of our dogs in training! Meet Rex, Kat, and Splenda. Rex is our MAy Dog of the Month from the Houston Humane Society. He is looking for his forever home. Kat is visiting here from Stafford, VA. She is working to get titled in agility (Stay tuned for future agility classes being offered at Canine Country Club)! Splenda excels in her puppy obedience training.

Laser Surgery Works For My Mom. Why Not Me? CRITTER CARE ANIMAL HOSPITAL

Laser surgery. Faster healing time. Less bleeding. Less pain. 1304 Dairy Ashford | Sugar Land, Texas 77478 Phone: 281.494.7700 | Fax: 281.494.7701

MAY 2011 | 29



calendar of events



May 14th- 15th PetsJam at Tom Bass Regional Park

2 full days of family fun in the park with your pet. Visit

May 14th 10am- Walk & Wag

Dog family friendly fun walk to benefit local Houston Charities T.C. Jester Park 4201 W T.C. Jester Blvd.





5-10pm Yappy Hour at The Pawty Palace!


30 |

Food, drinks and TONS of fun 2 leggers and 4 leggers! Head over to The Pawty Palace in Old Katy!

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MAY 2011 | 31

May 2011 issue of Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine  
May 2011 issue of Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine  

May 2011 issue of Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine