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Vol. 3 Issue 4 December 2007 Issue


  New Videos and DVDs:


The Giants Wore Gloves, The Lost Year: The Year after the Crisis at LR Central

Faculty Christmas Luncheon will be on Friday, December 21st.

New Book Corner: A lot of book orders came in during November and the fiction and nonfiction titles totaling nearly 200 have been cataloged and are ready for checkout or research. Nonfiction titles include a new set on ‘Disgusting Drugs’ that show the bodily effects of drug use through photos, books on Global Warming, Stem Cell Research, and other needed controversial subjects. Fiction books include two new sets of Graphic Novels; one is called Bleach and one is the upper level set of Naruto. Sequels to many fiction titles also arrived and many of the titles suggested by our patrons. Most new titles are on display on the Hot Reads shelves.

@THE LIBRARY November’s food drive in the  library called “Can Hunger in  Garland County” was a big  success.  The food collected  filled up a huge plastic trash can  and filled many boxes when  picked up by representatives  from First Baptist Church in  Mt. Pine for use in their food  pantry.  Guest speaker Rachel  Miller did a program on  Historical Sites in Arkansas for  4th period history classes and  during both lunches on Nov.  26th.  Quad, Slay, Morton,  Garner and  Shepherd did  research in the library in  November. Mission Statement of Lakeside High School Lakeside High School, with parental and community  SECRET SANTA involvement, is committed to providing a safe learning      Leigh Ann Back is in charge of this Christmas  environment in which all students are offered optimum  tradition at LHS. Anyone who signs up can join in  academic opportunities that challenge them to achieve full  the fun of sneaking around to exchange gifts with  potential, to respect individual differences and to prepare for  secret pals.  The fun ends with a luncheon in the  lifelong learning in a diverse and technical society. Home Ec room that last week of school during  lunch.

Vol. 3 Issue 4 December 2007 Issue



Calendar of Events: Dec. 6 – Teen Book Club  Christmas Party Meeting During 2nd lunch Dec. 6th­ ESL staff dev.  After school in library Dec. 12­ TAB book  orders due Dec. 13­ 9­11am Parent  Involvement Advisory  Committee Mtg middle  school Dec. 17­20  Goodies in 

The treats in your mailbox for your birthday are brought to you by the library staff each year.

This and That .  .  .  • • • • • •

World Cultures Day Jan. 23 The library will celebrate Multicultural Month in January by hosting a World Cultures program in the library on Jan. 23rd . Foreign language classes are preparing displays for it and other ethnic subcultures have been invited to participate. History classes

• • • • •

At the recent Ark. Reading Council  Conference in LR, I met many nationally  known authors.  Sandra Draper writes YA  books with black teens as the main  characters. Steven Layne writes YA books  that are science fiction. I meet so many  authors they are hard to name here. Our  own Tanna Clark was in charge of the  whole conference which had over 2500  attendees and the sessions occupied the  LR Conv Center, the Peabody meeting 

Mr. Quattlebaum’s mother has been ill. Mrs. Bolding will host a faculty Christmas Party at her beautifully decorated home Mrs. Frazier's kids received many donations from our faculty to take her students to the Special Olympics Rachel’s husband had shoulder replacement surgery last week and is home recovering now Mrs Vitro and the EAST classes are providing an Angel tree for the Salvation Army The library workers are making festive place mats for the residents of a local nursing home Mrs. Lucy gave away a horse recently Bruce Orr’s wife Sarah is a professional photographer and graphic artist Darin Landry & family have moved into a rent house on Shady Heights while his new home is being built Susan Harris, a.k.a. Suzie Sunshine, organized a great salad buffet for faculty birthdays in November Remember to move your computer files and erase as many as possible before Rachel comes in to put your computer on the new windows domain before Christmas The Queen of Longevity is ruling the season again

Mr. Darin Landry Our Staff Member of the Month--This man can deal with our toughest situations and still come out smiling! We are very fortunate to have  him on our staff and appreciate his help with all our discipline matters this year.  His happiness in his job  rubs off on all those who are around him. We appreciate ya!

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New Videos and DVDs: The Giants Wore Gloves, The Lost Year: The Year after the Crisis at LR Central SECRET SANTA Leigh Ann Back is in charge...

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