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From the desk oF m.C. shanker CaCganpathy

It was indeed nice to have an opportunity to participate in the Flexible Packaging World Conference at Mumbai 29 th & 30th August, 2013. An overwhelming response with over 700 delegates from


countries present to listen to elite speakers across all fields of flexible -

manufacturer of Inputs, machinery, and the consumers be it

FMCG, others & deliberate – watch word – innovate to progress in a developing Economy with great opportunities waiting to be tapped. Over 50 delegates from abroad were from the key industries – films, coatings, treatments, all the machinery that bring in the latest technology to manufacture flexible, inks, adhesives, latest & ongoing technology developments, leading processed food manufacturing companies and so forth. No doubt, stalwarts from within stole the


To share the thoughts across the addressees and the deliberations, positive / unanimous on the future: 

Tremendous opportunities exist in this subcontinent – India holding the topmost slot, despite the current turbulence – more of the making of the Planners- political.

Current Packaging in India is at 6 million tons, fast reaching 10 million tons.

Rural India has the tremendous inbuilt capacity, offers packaging growth the best prospects – sourcing more packaged goods for centralized supply points. Consumption is far away from sources of supply. URBAN HAS GROWN – MORE SOPHISTICATED THAN IN Europe.

FMCG’s accounting for 40% will command the growth in Flexible packaging; 35% non-food in flexi pack ; 25% P&T Mg (Pan/tobacco and the likes)

Converters fraternity comprises of 25 in organized sectors; 810 in the unorganized sectors. Acquisitions, may lead to consolidation towards a more sensible business bettering the services.

China has slowed down- so is Asian Zone, India is slowing down, but is capable of a recovery soon.

In India – currently only 2 % processed food in flex pack shall be 10 % prospects in the next 5 years.

24 % of food produced in India is wasted due inadequate storage / packing.

Only 28% in flexible packing currently has tremendous scope for increase; Steep rise in ageing population, increasing smaller household dwelling, more women on to employment, increased family earning, food safety contributed by scientific packaging are pointers to steep increase in flexible packaging in very near future.

30 % shopping decisions are made on viewing the packaging / brands in stores / kirana / departmental / malls. Brands are catching fast besides the media’s attention on younger generation who are decision makers, not the parents any more.

Online shopping in recent times has gone up to 24%, needs supporting packaging to further steep rise.

Future in printing Technology – positive trend on to Flexo printing, for sure. Great scope in Flexo supportive services, development of Inks now in short supply. Also digital printing

soon hitting the shores of India in a large measure, besides offset printing for flexible 

Scope within nonexistent, Europe looks up to acquisition in the outside world, more in India. (Amcors acquisition current is at $ 1.7 Billion – number of acquisitions at 26 current).

Seaming world population at 700 Billion now, would be 800 Billion in the next three years. Each needs packaged foods, Pharmaceuticals, clothing, personal products, toiletries and others for living in comfort. That’s the opportunity awaiting packaging in general and Flexible in specific terms.




dealt latest





product machinery,

coatings, treatments, f uture innovation /inventions / product developments /reverse innovations /emerging to emerged markets, being the watch word. Cost







increased shelf life at lower costs by innovation – coated films/ substrates replacing laminated structures or part there off. Focus of the meet being on “Specialty films”, the future in store by way of multiple layer extruded Poly films (even 11 layers) to bring in needed most sophisticated qualities. Stepped up gas barrier, moisture proof, odour retention/prevention and increased shelf-life. Seven

layers Extruded Poly was very much in focus - surface printed. Flexo printing brings up best results. 

Futuristic Pet films/ BOPP films, CPP films, special coating to add values. It was suggestive that keeping with the trend at US & Europe, it is going to be wider and increased volume usage of BOPP and coated BOPP films & CPP films. Coating also offers cost reduction without compromise on keeping qualities, rather enhanced, at the same time eliminating multiple webs in lamination.

Mention was made on possibilities of Aluminium foils being eliminated totally on grounds of food safety, with more protective films.

The values of much professed optical density in metalized films without looking closely at the structured metalizing, was debated. Finer aspects need to be looked into to provide needed protection.

Development of a barrier structured film to retain “deep freeze” without resorting to refrigeration was very much in the making.

Waste management – was a much focused deliberation.

Whose responsibility was it ultimately to take care of the ultimate pollution after recycling what Chemistry permits us doing? Exclusive Polymers, (Pet/Poly/PP) has no issues and put to sustained multiple re - usage organized, – much more to be done & tremendous scope exists as an Industrial segment. The problem

arises of multiple web laminates . No solution is yet on hand. After deliberation, the Government to take the ultimate responsibility,





Industry, the packers (manufacturers of the packaged product) and the end users/ consumers / household have to jointly play their role. It’s the moral responsibility of each citizen to behave themselves at home in the first place on segregation and proper disposal of waste . Educating and enabling compliance should be done forming groups/ associations ably supported by the Industry. A pointed reference was made to the “Corporate Social responsibility”, made a law in this country. There is scope for an independent review for implementation by forming a body of elite drawn from the Industry, Government, social bodies and people’s representatives.

“INITIATE to INNOVATE” & March Ahead. For me, on the whole, “continuing to learning on latest trends / current status”- was a wonderful experience. All the more, exiting and an opportunity to meet “people who make it happen”. Good Luck on fast track.

3rd, Sept.2013 M.C. Shanker Chennai, India

Global packaging conference aug 2013 an insight  

M.C. Shanker Delegate to the conference

Global packaging conference aug 2013 an insight  

M.C. Shanker Delegate to the conference