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Arterial clearance therapy in India

About Us • Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT), which is a non-surgical treatment to prevent and reverse heart diseases and many other vascular diseases. • Artery Clearance Therapy in India is a complete program which includes Chelation Therapy, regular exercise, proper nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation at therapeutic dosage and avoidance of tobacco and other health-damaging habits. • ACT is about 90% successful

Artery Clearance Therapy is also useful for those with

• • • • •

High blood pressure Diabetes Excessive chronic pain Smoking Peripheral Artery Disease (Leg Pain)

• Fatigue • Memory loss • Arthritis or other chronic health • Metal toxicity (Lead, Aluminium, Mercury, Arsenic)

How is Chelation done? • EDTA chelation infusions are administered by slow drip which circulates through the blood stream treating the entire arterial system removing undesirable metals from the body. The number of infusions depends on the purpose for which Chelation is taken. • The level of improvement is depends upon the individual patient, the severity of the conditions and the strength of each infusion, which is tailored to each patient. • Shanikrupaheartcare provides best chelation therapy for heart disease. Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body

Mechanisms of action of EDTA • • • • •

Enhancing antioxidant activity. Improving cellular energy production. Reducing blood “stickiness. Normalizing blood cholesterol levels. Removal of calcium from plaque.

BENEFITS OF ACT • Decrease the chest pain, Breathlessness / Discover angina. • Improvement in blood circulation of coronaries by reducing blockage from blood vessel.( plaque, lipids, calcium etc) • Avoid Bypass Surgery. • Avoid Angioplasty.

• • • • •

Lower the high blood pressure Lowers the blood cholesterol. Prevent osteoarthritis Improves HEART function. Increase memory & mental ability. • Prevent cancer. • Better sexual performance. • Lowers the diabetic insulin need.

FOR WHOM ACT IS BENEFICIAL • Patient with angina(chest pain) & breathlessness. • Who want to prevent heart attack, heart disease. • Patient with high blood pressure. • Patient who want to avoid Angioplasty or Bypass. • Who are unfit for Bypass/ Angioplasty surgery. • Reoccurrence of chest pain after Angioplasty/Bypass surgery. • Paralysis. • Peripheral artery disease which cause pain in legs. • Cerebral ischemia leading to memory loss. • Libido problem or decrease sexual activity. • Anti ageing

HOW ACT DONE • Arterial Clearance Therapy (ACT) name itself indicates that the medicines in it cleans the blockages by dissolving them. It is OPD based treatment. In this we are giving medicine through intravenous I.V. route. & patient can take this therapy in sitting or sleeping position or patient can read or listen music during 3 hours of infusion.

Shanikrupa Heart Care Get best Arterial Clearance Therapy in India at Shanikrupaheartcare. This is non-surgical treatment to prevent and reverse heart diseases and many other vascular diseases.

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Arterial clearance therapy in india