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CHUNG,SHANG-YUN Industrial Design, Visual Design, Design Research, Research Analysis As a person who loves to observes and savors every moment in life. Excluding the boundaries and stimulating marvelous ideas are what I will continually breaking through.


2019 Industrial Designer



Jul. 2018 - Sep. 2017 / Taipei, Taiwan

Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign


Industrial Design Autodesk Alias, Keyshot, Meshmixer, C4d


Industrial Designer - Studio 88 Design Corp. March. 2019 - Nov. 2018 / Taipei, Taiwan

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Contract Employee Industrial Designer - TGI Technology Pte Ltd

B.A. Industrial Design - Shih Chien University Jun. 2017 - Sep. 2012 / Taipei, Taiwan

Sep. 2018 - Aug. 2018 / Taipei, Taiwan





Oct. 2017 / Hangzhou, China May. 2017 / Taipei, Taiwan



SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING Feb. 2016 - Oct. 2015 / Wuppertal, Germany



Jun. 2017 - Sep. 2016 / Taipei, Taiwan


Mining 2030

SCID x Somaesthetica tutored by Timothy Ryan from RMIT, Australia

Sep. 2015 - Mar. 2015 / Wuppertal, Germany

Sep. 2014 / Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan


EDUCATION Exchange Student Industrial Design CREATING SYNERGIES : Design + Business Feb. 2015 / Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan

May. 2017 / Taipei, Taiwan

AWARD CONCEPT BOUGHT BY May. 2017 / Taipei, Taiwan

Design Intern - UNIQUE ART Jun. - Apr. 2016 / Taipei, Taiwan

Design Intern Aug. - Jul. 2016 / Xiamen, China

Sep. 2012 - Jun. 2017 / Wuppertal, Germany

Discipline E-Motorcycle Design Designer 鍾 尚 芸 / Shang Yun Chung 李 玉 鈞 / Yu Jiun Lee

Dimensions(Unit:mm) Length: 1630 Width: 700 Height: 910 Material Aluminum Alloy, Abs, Rubber, Leather, Transparent Plastic, LED Duration 2016 / 09 ~ 2017 / 05

札克-個人變型載具 Project brief / To overcome urban inconvenience such as narrow alleys and various vehicles running on streets, Motorzag is capable of shifting itself into different modes to adapt diverse scenarios in the city. 藉由自主平衡載具與小輪徑檔車做形變的切換,延續自主平衡載具的體 感操作,讓通勤族群能自在的因應個人需求,直覺的切換騎乘姿態,靈 巧的穿梭在城市的各個場域。

Trend /

Along with the rapid development in both technology and space arrangement in the city, the bond between vehicle, people and city is becoming more closely related.





隨著科技技術以及空間規劃上的進步與發展, 城市、載具以及人的關係越趨緊密。




Requirement / of transportation

• Intelligent life network

• Intuitive transportation through body motion.

• Compact design • Personal transportation • Agile and flexible

• Vehicle and pedestrian separated zone

Battery • shape ----------- stable


Y • Battery exchange system

• Vertical development

• holding area --- 11cm • exposed ------ fast replacement

Solution /

2 wheels and self-balanced transportation are combined in order to adapt the change of scenarios. It can not only advance to the area usage in city, but also optimize the user experience to be more intuitive.

藉由結合傳統兩輪與自主平衡載具,讓這台交通工具能夠自在地穿梭在城市的各個場域之間。不僅提升了都市 內部空間的利用,也讓載具在直覺性的操作上更加優化。


20 cm

165 mm

10 cm

• Small wheel motorcycle is more agile and flexible when roaming in the hustle and bustle.

• Verify the riding posture through full scale prototype.

From urban spatial arrangement to commuting distance, transportations should not only provide comfort-riding, but also act as a flexible service and a user-friendly product.

Suitable For both postures

Form LE

• Choose the riding position of motorcycle mode.

15 cm



Deformed Mechanism

Transformation Mechanism /

In order to bring both standing and riding position into reality, the comfortness of the 2 forms and the room which the transformation process needs should be considered thoroughly.





Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

We found out that the biaxial stand-alone mechanism

In order to enhance body-motion control, a spherical

Through numerous verifications, a three-axis

will make the main structure unstable. As a result, the

unit was placed in the center. However, it made the

co-structure has been placed in the center of the body,

vehicle itself would lose balance easily during the

vehicle more unstable. In conclusion, the more the joint

with two extending equidistant rocker arms by its side.


is, the more vulnerable the structure will be.




讓整台車的結構變得更不穩。因此得知關節處越多,車身的應 力會大幅下降。

反覆驗證的結果導向以車身為中心,向外延伸出等距離的搖臂 並產生三軸共構的機構。

Final Design / Designing two bevel cut surface by its side creates a fluent transforming procedure without widening its body part. 利用機構的斜切面設計,讓整個變形的過程更為流 暢,減少變形所需空間。

Form / Before making full-size model, we express our ideas through sketches, numerous of working prototypes and soil models. Wondering between reality and fiction, these processes allow us to brew the ideal outline of our concept. 在製作實際大小的成品前,造型設計必須穿梭二維與三維的空間發想,將平面的手稿轉化成實體草模後,反覆觀察並進行修正,才能找 到最美的曲線。

Version 1


Adding speeding lines that are correspond to the

deformation and mechanism.

Version 2 /

Make the soil model from the basis of version 1 to

find the approximate three-dimensional form.

Version 3 /

Make a 1: 1 actual size prototype to modify the

best figure and human factors.

Version 4 /

Create strong identification by gathering unique

elements from the special life style usage in our concept.

Suitable for Both Postures / For the sake of embracing both standing and riding positions, we dig into the scenario in order to design a form that’s unique but meets the requirement for both postures. 為了讓載具同時滿足騎乘及站姿兩種截然不同的操作型態,利用兩者的共通點, 設計出特殊但符合使用情境的細節。

Handle Detail / Interface Detail • Shape --- Capable with both riding

Cushion Detail /


Due to the requirement of


different riding positions, an asymmetry cushion has been set to comfort the rider.

Pedal Detail /


• Shape --------- In the purpose of storage

積,設計成一整面不對稱的皮 革座椅。


Motorcycle Mode


Standing Mode

Analysis of Cushion Area


‘‘ An E-motional actor playing a dual role indoor and outdoor ’’

Standing mode

Expand the swing



Lift back the center pillar

Motorcycle mode



Discipline Plane Entertainment Joystick Designer 鍾 尚 芸 / Shang Yun Chung

Dimensions(Unit:mm) Length: 190 Width: 60 Height: 40 Material Aluminum Alloy, Acrylic sheet, Bamboo, LED, Abs Duration 2014 / 09 ~ 2014 / 11

BANG BOO 竹旅-機上遊樂器 Project brief / This joystick is designed to be served for the medium class especially for long-distance flight when we depart from an Asia country. It provides passengers a more relaxing and cosy period by solving problems that we will easily bump into these days. 竹旅是特別為從亞洲國家起飛的飛機所設計的機上遊樂器,希望能藉由 解決我們在飛機上時常遇到的問題,讓乘客在長途飛行中能夠擁有更放 鬆更舒適的旅途時光。

Frame Insight / During our time on flight, we usually wish that we could have a comfortable and relaxing time, especially the long-distance passengers. At the moment that we almost forget our worries and starting to grab the entertainment joystick to have a nice and relaxing period on plane, the way of using the joystick will totally ruin the whole experience. 在搭乘飛機的旅途中,往往我們都會希望擁有一段舒服放鬆的時光,尤其是搭乘長途 飛機的旅客們。而就在我們快要忘記那些煩惱,準備開始在機上娛樂中享受難得的休 憩時間時,機上遊樂器的搖桿操作方式則會大大的為這份這份體驗大打折扣。

Situation / 狀況

The way of using the entertainment joystick really confused passengers on plane, ruining the flight experience.

Solution /

Entertainment joysticks on planes and nowadays remote controls, gaming joysticks and smartphones are combined in order to adapt the change of scenarios. It can not only optimize the user experience to be more intuitive, but also rearrange the buttons to meet their living habits.

藉由結合傳統機上娛樂器與現代人使用遙控器、電動搖桿與手機的習慣,讓這款機上搖桿能夠提供你更好的娛樂體驗。不僅在直覺 性的操作上有更進一步的優化,也在按鈕的編排設計上更符合使用者日常的生活習慣。

Redesign /

Vertically /


• Listening to musics. • Listening to radios. • Watching movies. •••••••••••

Parallelly / • Playing video games.

Form /

In order to bring both vertical and parallel position into reality, comfortness and affordances of the 2 positions are well considered during the form designing

process. 為了讓機上娛樂器同時滿足直立以及橫幅兩種手感操作,在造型上不僅要考慮兩個型態的舒適性,同時也要考量到使用者的直覺操作性。




During the process, we worked on different curvatures

After serveral times of adjustments and refinings, in

By modifying the the curvature to be small on the top,

of the thickness to found out the best shape for both

order to enhance the affordance in parallel posture, the

big at the bottom, passengers could experience both

postures. As a result, by thickening the right side,

upper line is adjusted to be more flattened from the

vertical and parallel postures in the requirement of

passengers could get a better hint for the holding

previous symmetry form; Futhermore, enhanced the

affordances and comfortness.

direction in the vertical posture, and the parallel

curvature of the lower line.

posture will be more stablize when pressing on buttons. 嘗試左右不同厚度以及曲度,找到最能滿足直立以及橫躺兩種 握 法 的 形 狀 。 最 後 發 現 03 不 但 能 在 直 立 時 提 示 使 用 的 方 向 性

起初在設計上方面板形狀為左右對稱,在經過幾次的修改後, 緩,並修整下方的線條使其曲率更大。



02 02 03







Locations of Main Buttons Through numerous verifications, We finally found out a perfect spot for buttons to located, in orfer to arrange them to be suitable for both postures. . 為了滿足兩種姿態的手感測試,經過多次驗證後得出最後產品 的按鍵位置。

Vertical Result Original Testing Sample

Vertical + Parallel Result ( Final Design )

Interface Design / Dig into the scenario in order to design the interface that meets the requirement for both postures, BangBoo could prevent making passengers to feel confused by switching different postures when enjoying the same category of entertainments. 以使用者的日常生活習慣為前提,重新媥排並設計使用介面。並讓乘客在使用同一類娛樂時能保持同樣的操作姿勢,不須因為不同的操 作按鍵而切換手勢,在使用途中造成困惑。

Vertical / 直立式

Vertical Interface Arrangment Keep the posture remain on the upper

Select / Pause + Start

part to control it more agilely.

Press to select the dicision or to start a song or movie.

Fast-Forward Long press to fast-forward.

Return Return to the former page or cancel the selection.

Home Back to the home menu.

Radio Monitor Display the channel that is now playing.

Call Press to call flight attendants to help.

Parallel / 橫幅式

Pause Press to pause during a game.

Parallel Interface Arrangment The main selection button will turn into the parallel direction in this posture.

Select : Up + Down + Right + Left Press the corresponding direction to selct or control the buttons.

Gaming Buttons Press different buttons to control the actions of your charactors.

Start Start playing games.

Suitable for Both Postures / Main Selection Button Design it to be more comfortable by the declining curvature in the middle.

Main Control Button By the declining curvature in the middle, Bangboo provides better sense of controling during games.

For the sake of embracing both vertical and parallel positions, we dive into the user experience in order to evaluate the comfortness and experiences in both postures. 為了讓載具同時滿足直立及橫 幅兩種截然不同的操作型態, 利用兩者的共通點,設計舒適 且更符合使用情境的細節。

‘‘ Relax and enjoy your journey with Bang Boo’’

Discipline Knee Guard Design Designer 鍾 尚 芸 / Shang Yun Chung

Dimensions(Unit:mm) Length: 900 Width: 250 Height: 220 Material D30, Tough Polyester, Hard Rubber, EVA, Woven Nylon Elastic Straps, Soft Shell, Flame Retardant Cotton Duration 2015 / 03 ~ 2015 / 09



礦坑穿戴裝置_產學合作 Project brief / From research to field survey, we try our best digging into miners’ daily life and their workflow to know what they are facing during working. Thinking through all the process and problem they have crush into, we come up with some ideas about providing them a better working environment or helping them to prevent from dangers or hurtness. For me, I choose the knee protection part. 從資料調查到實地場勘,從礦工們每天的工作內容以及時流程去探究他 們在工作中到底面對的是甚麼樣的處境。在完成調查仔細統合後,我們 從中發想出一些點子,有的能夠提供他們更友善的工作環境,有的能夠 幫他們遠離工作傷害或是危險。而我選擇了護膝的這個方向。

Frame Insight / After digging into the research and plenty times of interview and dicussion with miners, we found out that the knee guard for miners is not suitable for them. The harsh working environment they worked in, but the poor protection they armed with. 經過深度的研究調查以及多次與礦工的訪談與討論後,我們發現他們現在所使用的膝蓋護具並不適用於他們。釀成他們即使在礦坑這樣的 惡劣環境中工作,卻配戴著無法為他們提供良好保護的護具。



• Rubber band will broke apart easily when pulling too hard.

• The upper part of the knee guard will keep knocking the lower part during walking.

Pain Points

• Knee guard and shin guard will crash into each other while kneeling.

Solution /

Integrated traditional hard sheld protection into daily working trousers, this product breaks through the stereotype of a uncomfortable and unbreathable sense of feeling when wearing protections. Not only evaluted the sense of comfortness, but also optimized the efficacy of protections.

藉由結合傳統硬式護具與工作褲,讓這款護具打破一般對於護具堅硬不透氣等既定印象。不僅在穿戴的舒適性上有很大的改善,也 同時提升了保護層面的功效。



• Easy to Clean.

• Air Ventilation.

• Light Weight.

• Fast Adjustment.

Structure Design / In order to meet the requirement of light-weight and toughness, we combine soft and hard material in one protection with a brand new structure, which gives us a chance to come up with a protection that is flexible when wearing but strength in protection. 為了設計能兼具輕量化與強度的護具,結合軟硬兩種材質,利用材質本身的特性以及結構上的設計,產出一款能夠同時提供足夠強度與高度靈活舒適性的護具。 Hard Material Soft Material ( D30 ) Failure



Version 01

Version 02

Version 03

By cutting D30 into mago-dice shape as the main

Taking the protection of motorcyles as references, come

By jointing the shin and knee protection with elastic

structure, it could provide a flexible but tough

up with an idea of a hard frame outside and a soft core

fabric, this protection provides an agile controlment

protection. But this protection will easily be stucked

inside. Although, materials like D30 could provide good

and enhances the stability by integrated a thin slice of

with stones or other small things between the gaps,

protection when attacked, exposing it will be worn

D30 behinds the hard shell protection.

causing cleaning and wearing problems.

down easily and causing stability problems.












Final Design / Create a protection that integrated hard sheld and force asorbing soft protection into an one piece design. By combining trousers and the designed protection, it will has a potenial of better ventilation and sense of comfortness. 設計一款軟硬整合的一體性護具,兼具硬部的外殼 以及緩震效果的軟材,達到輕量化以及強韌靈活的 要素。利用工作褲與此款護具結合的設計,提供更 佳的透氣效果與穿戴上的舒適性。

Form / From ergonomics research to prototyping, I found the best combination of knees and shins guards. After numerous of adjustments, swinging back and forth between prototypes and sketches, finally brew out the ideal protection for miners. 從人因工學數據研究到草模測試,找到最適合結合護膝與脛骨護具的尺寸跟型態,經過多次反覆於草圖草模的修正後,產出一款與工作 褲能完美結合,且最適合礦工工作環境的一體性護具。

Features / 設計特點

Honeycomb Structure

Ventilation System

Build up a honeycomb structure

With the special structure between the

behind the hard shell protection with

elastic band and the hard shell

D30 material.

protection, there is a potential for ventilation.

Elastic Band By the force of the upper and lower elastic band, it will create a room between protections and our knees.

Hard Shell Protection D30

With this ventilation system,

A soft and flexible material that will

the hard shell proteciton will

absorb and eliminate the force when

not attached to our toursers

being attacked.

directly, which provides miners a better sense of comfortness.

Soft & Flexible

Locks on Shock

Soft & Flexible

Fasten Component Design a small elastic pocket to stablized the bottom part of the protection.

‘‘ A promising guard takes care of your routine at work. ’’

Discipline Manual Design + Product Design Designer 鍾 尚 芸 / Shang Yun Chung

Company Frequency Intelligent Exhaust Co. Ltd -Brand ( ZACOE, Fi-Exhaust, EINMS ) Duration 2017 / 09 ~ 2018 / 07

跑車改裝套件設計公司 Project brief / From body kits to manual design, life in ZACOE is not only putting what I learn in college into practice, but also enhancing my communication skills to spread my ideas and discussing pros and cons with my colleagues. Last but not least, knowing how to work with them and assigning tasks to each other to bring the best to our team is the most precious thing I learn in ZACOE. 從套件產品設計,到說明書等平面設計。我在ZACOE不單單只是在學習 如何當一個產品設計師,把我在大學所學應用到實際業務上,更多的是 學習如何溝通以及傳達想法,並一起討論工作上的分配,為團隊帶來最 大的效益。

Manual Design_Lamborghini 610-4 /

Break the impression of manual design, creating it to be not only a buying certification, but also a decoration at home.


Proposal 01 / Create an iconic book cover by showing the partial appearance of supercars made of carbon fabric, the main material we manufactured our product. For the back cover, there will be a layer for customer to have a glimpse of our introduction by looking the catalogue attached. 利用我們公司主打的材質--碳纖維,以車子局部的造型 製作標誌性的立體封面,並在封底的位置設計一個可以 夾帶型錄的夾層。




Proposal 02 /

Building up a three layer design of the same product but in different materials and structures. By turning it into different angle, the third layer will reflect its image up to the transparent 3d layer, showing the changes of before and after our body kits on . 這是一款由三層相同產品不同表現手法及材質所建構的 封面提案。利用最下層的平面圖映照到上面透明物件所 形成的立體成像,表現出原車以及裝上套件後的變化。

Proposal 03 / By adding magnet as the connecting component, this book cover is design to make costumers experience the position and direction when assembling body kits on cars. 把安裝套件的過程立體化並加以簡化成說明書的封面, 利用磁鐵的方式,顯示出套件安裝的位置以及方向。

Solution /

Applying the iconic flagship body kit on the book cover to present the outstanding appearance of our body kits in a bold way.

利用該車款最具標誌性的套件當作其封面的設計,簡潔 俐落的展現產品獨特的線條,大膽而獨特。

Cover Design /

Create a sense of low-profile luxury by oustanding our stunning appearance of our body kits in an all black design with high-ended copper finishing logo.

Color Plan / 色彩計畫


Final Design / 完稿設計

Light Grey



Inner Page Design /

To match the cover design, I come up with 3 styles for the inner page.


Style / 風格樣式提案

Final Design / 完稿設計











Black Version /

The black version is the online version.


Description / 解釋說明

Check the final manual in ISSUU manual_upload

About us A brief of our core value.

Overview of parts An overview of ZACOE’s car body kits, in both explosion view and 3 dimensional view.

Description / 解釋說明

Assembling preparation Inform costumers about assembling recautions for the upcoming body kits.

Assembling information Inform the procedures and tools used for assembling and show the complete image at last for costomers to check.

White Version /

The white version is for the print out version.


Description / Final Design /



Check the final manual in ISSUU manual_upload_neu

Rearrange Modify the arrangement to suit the vertical layout and optimize the original design.

Manual Design_BMW M2_Book Cover /

The book cover of BMW M2 is consistent with Lamborghini 610-4, attaching the most iconic body kit on the cover, representing the spirit of the overall M2 body kits designing.

BMW M2 這款說明書的封面設計沿用了 Lamborghini 610-4 的封面設計方式,以最具代表性的套件作為封面, 表現出該車款套件的設計精神。

Color Plan / 色彩計畫

Final Design / 完稿設計

Light Grey



Inner Page Design /

Create a comparison of the before and after by applying different kinds of paper.


Final Design / 完稿設計

Color Plan / 色彩計畫

Black Version /

The black version is the online version.


Final Design / 完稿設計

Check the final manual in ISSUU

Inner Page Design Process / Beside applying the same template of Lamborghini 610-4’s manual, there are some new styles and arrangements of the book cover coming up during the design process to optimize the design. 在製作 BMW M2 這款說明書的途中,不僅沿用了原本 Lamborghini 610-4 的排版,更在過程中發想出一些新的款式以及圖文編排, 加以優化。















White Version /

The white version is for the print out version.


Description / 解釋說明

Check the final manual in ISSUU manual_white_version_upload

Rearrange Modify the arrangement to suit the vertical layout and optimize the original design.

Drilling Template Design_BMW M2 /

Design a drilling template that

matches the design of M2’s spoiler. 設計一款造型符合尾翼設計的鑽孔模板。

Final Design / Following the design elements of the rack appearance to come up with an idea of designing according to the shadow of the rack design. Not only could the overall design to be in insistency, but also could to be as an clue when assembling them on cars. 沿用尾翼支架的造型元素,設計一款由尾翼支架的影子 所發想出來的鑽孔模板。不僅造型風格呈一體,在使用 上也能作為使用者安裝時對應位子的依據。

Manual Design /

Explain about how the drilling template will work during the

assembling process. 在說明書裡解釋鑽孔模板要如何在組裝過程中使用。

Manual Design_BMW M4 Steering Wheel’s Paddle Shifter / Build up the 3d model of BMW M4 steering wheel, then assembled them with the paddle shifter we did for another brand “ EINMS”. Create this manual design with our own rendering images and show the features of the paddle shifter design. 我們建構了 BMW M4 的方向盤3D檔案,並組合上我們為 EINMS 所設計的換檔撥片,以創造出專屬於我們的渲染 圖,更在說明書上展現出我們換檔撥片的設計特點。

Final design ( Front / Back ) / 完稿設計 ( 封面 / 背面 )

Paddle Shifter Features - Larger design (by 40%) for easier paddle shifting access. - Available in different coatings. - With carbon fiber, light weight and high strength, and curved to match the contours of the steering wheel, create high quality and superior look.

Please follow the instructions below before installation. - Park your car in a safe, well lit, level area. - Shut the engine off and remove the key from the ignition switch. - Make sure any remote start devices are properly disabled.

Product Design_BMW M3 E92 Turbo Intake Manifold /

A customized

design that required diamond-cut related appearance. 這是一款專為 BMW M3 E92 的渦輪增壓機設計的客製化外殼設計,而客戶有特別要求外觀的造型元素需與 鑽石切面相關。

Final Design / 完稿設計

Top + Side View / 上視圖 + 側視圖

Discipline Design Thinking / Graphic Design Designer 鍾 尚 芸 / Shang Yun Chung

Duration 2015.01

WORKS DURING WORKSHOPS CREATING SYNERCIES : Design+Business Internation Workshop SCID x Somaesthetica tutored by Timothy Ryan from RMIT, Australia

CREATING SYNERGIES : Design + Business /

February 2015 / Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan

Brief / Design tools for non-designers, guiding them to understand the design process. Each group will design their own tool for non designers, helping them to deal with different problems during design process. 為非設計師的人設計一款可以輔助他們了解設計流程的工具。每一組將會針對一般人在設計流程中會遇到的問題,量身訂做一款輔助他們解決問題的工具。

Pre-work + Process / Define design process + What is design + Non-designers interviews 事前作業 + 過程 / 定義設計的流程 + 甚麼是設計 + 非設計師訪談

Final Design / We design CUD WHEEL to provide a tool helping both designers and their costumers in the early duscussion period. During the workshop process, we found out expressing through images is a better way to match the imagination of both sides. By arranging images on to the wheel, both designers and costumers could check back and forth if they have the same vision of their expectation when turning CUD WHEEL. 我們設計了一款 CUD 摩天輪,提供設計師與客戶在前期討論時的輔助工具。實驗的過程中,我們發現透過圖像的檢視,更能了解到客戶所形容的詞彙的真實含 意,再加以整理到摩天輪上,利用轉動的方式重複確認,最後讓雙方達成共識的工具。

Final Design / CUD WHEEL

Example / Help companies to define their core value.

完稿設計 / CUD 摩天輪

舉例 / 幫顧客定義他們公司的核心價值

Target User Market Position Style

Core 01

Proposal GOAL Core




The yellow car is the main point of our tool. By finding the 3 images that can represent the proposal, and describe it by this easy prosedure to simplify it, can validate each other if the proposal have reach the expectation or not.

SCID x Somaesthetica tutored by Timothy Ryan from RMIT, Australia / Brief /

Observe our campus. Find a interesting spot to create a refreshing interactive design idea.


Observation + Process / 觀察 + 過程 /

September 2014 / Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan

Final Design / During observation, windows that located on the lawn beside the library carved a deep impression in our mind. We come up with an idea combining interior design and the interaction of sunshine and shadow through these windows. Furthermore, when sunshine interacts with the closing and opening system of the special room we designed, it could also represent “Vacant” and “Occupied” of the room. 在觀察校園的途中,圖書館旁邊的草原上有著三角形的地上窗,直通到樓下挑高的空間裡面,因應著陽光的強度,產生強弱不一的影子與光線。利用這個有趣的 天然現象,我們為這個區域設計了一個空間,結合原本的自然光,創造出獨樹一格的個人區域。同時可以利用陽光與這個空間的設計來提示下方走動的人們現在 此空間是否可以被使用。

Final Design / U-Space 最終設計 / U-Space



When the room is

When someone climb

vacant, sunlight will

into this private room

shine into the room

to enjoy and relax,

and down to the floor

the light will be

of the basement.

blocked by the expanded floor creating shading on the floor of the basement.

Discipline Shoes Design Designer 鍾 尚 芸 / Shang Yun Chung

Duration 2016.07 ~ 08 XTEP Internship 2018.03 ~ 06 Shoes Design


Xtep Internship /

July 2016 - August 2016 / Xiamen, China

Color Plan / Final Design / Air Lite Series 完稿設計 / Air Lite 系列


Description / Final Design / 松 竹 梅 Series


完稿設計 / 松竹梅系列

Concept Blend the spirit of 松 竹 梅 into our ideas of shoes designs, to show the attitude of teenagers nowadays. We are not strawberries, although we love to go clubbing and have fun, but we also have our strength in

Package Design

mind to conquer any problems that bump into us in our lives.

松 竹 梅 Series The one on the left side represent “tranqil”. The one in the middle represent “strength”. The one on the right side represent “innovative”.

Shoes Design Concept /

July 2017 - August 2018 / Taipei, Taiwan

Air Inlet Design / Design an air inlet system to provide a fun experience to replace the tying shoes process. Once you step on the sole that inhales air inside the shoes, the air will soon spread through the part where our ties usually is located, and seized the shoes for you. Air Inlet 系 列 / 設 計 一 款 讓 空 氣 可 以 從 鞋 底 打 氣 進 到 鞋 子 內 部 的 系 統 , 讓 穿 戴 者 能 夠 簡 單 利 用 腳 踩 踏 的 這 個 動 作 讓 空 氣 導 入 內 部 , 代 替 繁雜綁鞋帶的程序。

ISSEY MIYAKE Series / Inspired by ISSEY MIYAKE. Combine hard material and soft material together to create a conflict appearance. Imagine a dragon with a hard shield protection, but a soft skin inside, is what I would like to express in this design. Every time when we move or bend our feet, the inside part will sparkle beside the hard shield to present it's personality to the world. 三 宅 一 生 鞋 款 系 列 / 由 三 宅 一 生 著 名 的 ”Baobao” 所 啟 發 的 一 款 概 念 鞋 款 。 結 合 軟 硬 材 質 , 製 造 一 個 衝 突 性 的 造 型 。 想 像 一 隻 擁 有 著 堅硬外殼的龍到裡面卻擁有柔軟的的表皮,便是我想要在這設計裡面傳達的意象。在走動伸展的途中,內部鮮麗的內在將會嶄露頭角, 表現出他獨有的個性。

Children Shoes Design Concept /

July 2017 - August 2018 / Taipei, Taiwan

Chalky Series / Children loves to draw on everything they see. Design a pair of shoes that inspired by the black board, encourage children to draw on their shoes every single day. 粉筆鞋款系列 / 由小孩喜歡畫畫為發想的出發點,設計一款小朋友能夠隨意塗鴉,每天都能穿上自己所繪製獨一無二的鞋面。

Dream Series / Create a transparent hard shield on the spot of our angle, to activate the imagination in children's mind. 夢想系列 / 在腳踝處設計一個透明的半圓形硬殼,激起小孩的想像力。



Inspired by the costume

Inspired by aquarium and

of astronaut suits. With

the floating duck we

different socks they wear,

used to play during

the transparent shield

shower in our childhood.

will show out the color of

Every time when we step

their socks, which made

a step forward, the duck

a feeling of wearing a

will swim a bit further.

brand new shoes every single day.

Xmas With this design, a crystal ball in the shoes, children could have fun in each step they stepped on, without the danger of braking any glass or crystal ball.


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