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The Uses Of Morpholine Morpholine is a colorless, hygroscopic liquid bearing the chemical formula O(CH2CH2)2NH. In appearance, it is colorless, clear and free of suspended matter. It has a characteristic amine odor that is detectable above 0.1 ppm. Morpholine has a maximum water content of 0.3%. Morpholine is mainly used as an additive in the steam systems of large power plants and refineries. It is often added in parts per million concentrations to adjust the pH levels in water that runs in the steam systems because it behaves exactly like water and also has volatility similar to water. Due to its similar volatility, it breaks up evenly in both water and steam phases which helps prevent corrosion through out the system, keeping the pH level in check. Globally, Morpholine is also used as an emulsifier to wax fruits. By nature, almost all fruits already have a protective coating on them, but this layer wears off after being cleaned for the packing procedure. Morpholine is added in the form of a wax like substance as morpholine oleate because it dissolves well and hence can be applied evenly as a water-based liquid. Once the layer present on the fruit gets dried, only trace levels of Morpholine will be left behind. Morpholine is used for waxing fruits to help them last longer and remain fresh even during prolonged transit. It also serves as a protective coating to prevent the fruits from getting contaminated by pests and diseases. Global Trust Enterprises provides its clients with high quality Morpholine and other organic and inorganic solvents at the most competitive prices. Its large and extended global network enables GTE to source products quickly and make just in time deliveries. Unlike other general trading companies, it always provides only the best quality products and offers cost-saving solutions to allow its customers to deliver competitive end products. To know more about Global Trust Enterprises kindly visit them online at: Shang is the marketing manager for Global Trust Enterprises FZCO an ISO9001 general trading company that is a leading supplier of a wide range of products catering primarily to the Chemical Manufacturers in Middle East & Petrochemical Raw Material Suppliers and North Africa region. We offer custom solutions for our customers and offer only the best quality materials at the most competitive prices. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of chemicals, equipment and spares and lubricants and greases from world renowned brands. So come in and have a look at our products and let us help you with your supply needs in every way we can.

The Uses Of Morpholine  

Global Trust Enterprises a general trading company in Dubai tells us how Morpholine can be used for multiple purposes and how it effectively...

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