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Sasobit - The Additive For A Cleaner Future For decades, hot mix asphalt (HMA) had governed road and pavement construction all over the world. Hot mix asphalt was easy to produce but required a high temperature to maintain transportation and application to road surfaces. Hot mix asphalt also takes a longer time to dry up and get the surface ready for use. But the requirement of warmer temperatures often postponed road construction projects until the summer months because the hot mix asphalt just could not set right in the rains or at cooler temperatures. Another disadvantage of hot mix asphalts in road construction was that the higher temperatures required to sustain the mix resulted in consumption of more resources to fuel and sustain the mix before application. The introduction of warm mix asphalt (WMA), made road and pavement construction a lot more efficient and cleaner. Although both hot mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt consist of the same mixture, it includes the addition of an additive like Sasobit. Sasobit, a bitumen additive, helps in reducing the viscosity of the mixture allowing itto be used at a significantly lower temperature than hot mix asphalt. The addition of Sasobit to the liquid asphalt mix brings down the operating and laying temperature by 50 to a 100 degrees resulting in better flexibility during the laying process making it beneficial for long haul projects. Introducing an additive like Sasobit to the mix reduces the temperature needed to sustain the mixture leading to a lesser amount of fuel which in turn yields fewer emissions compared to hot mix asphalts. This leads to a better working environment with fewer green house emissions being released into the atmosphere, thus making the road pavement construction process more efficient and environment-friendly. Today more than more than 50 million tons of Sasobit modified asphalt is being used under various climatic conditions. It has been used for demanding applications such as interstate highways, airports including Doha, Frankfurt, as well as in container ports and car race tracks. With so many uses, it is only essential to get the right amount of additive in a timely manner which is why businesses and construction companies in the Middle East and North Africa region prefer Global Trust Enterprises as their trusted supplier. Global Trust Enterprises, a strategically based general trading company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E., caters to the oil, gas, steel, aluminum and petrochemical industries in the Middle East and North Africa region. Its enormous combined inventory of 10-million line items allows it to make just in time deliveries while passing on the benefits of cost advantage to the customers. To know more about Global Trust Enterprises kindly visit them online at: Shang is the marketing manager for Global Trust Enterprises FZCO an ISO9001 general trading company that is a leading supplier of a wide range of products catering primarily to the Chemical Manufacturers in Middle East & Petrochemical Raw Material Suppliers and North Africa region. We offer custom solutions for our customers and offer only the best quality materials at the most competitive prices. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of chemicals, equipment and spares and lubricants and greases from world renowned brands. So come in and have a look at our products and let us help you with your supply needs in every way we can.

Sasobit - The Additive For A Cleaner Future  

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