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A brief on Benzene Used mainly as an industrial solvent, Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon obtained as a constituent of crude oil. It is at present the largest volume aromatic petrochemical used to produce a number of petrochemical intermediates such as phenol, ethylbenzene and acetone. Benzene has a long and varied list of applications in the industry with uses in laboratory chemicals, pesticide manufacturing (both herbicides and insecticides), pharmaceuticals manufacture, pulp and paper manufacturing and a lot more. Benzene is a precursor to many important chemical intermediates, including drugs, dyes, insecticides and plastics. The principal commercial uses for benzene, at present, include the manufacture of ethylbenzene, cumene and cyclohexane. What makes Benzene so unique is its chemical structure which consists of alternating double carbon bonds. This meant that the bond length (the distance between the two bonded atoms) in benzene is greater than a double bond, but shorter than a single bond. Which is why there seems in effect to be a bond and a half between each carbon. This is why there are many derivatives of Benzene which can be simply created by replacing one or the many of its surrounding hydrogen atoms. Most commonly found derivatives of benzene are given as follows: Hydrocarbon Substituents •




Other Functionality •



picric acid


Polycyclics •




These derivatives are further used in different industries such as styrene for example is used to make polymers and other plastics while cyclohexane is used to manufacture nylon.

Benzene was earlier (circa 1900) produced as a by-product of coke production in the steel industry, a method which proved to be inefficient after the 1950’s due to the soaring demand which was created mainly because of the rapidly developing polymer industry. Most of the benzene produced today worldwide comes from the petrochemical industry where it is used as a raw material for dyes and synthetic detergents, and benzene and toluene for isocyanates MDI and TDI used in making polyurethanes. At the end of it all quality supplies of benzene is all that matter for a good end product. Global Trust Enterprises FZCO a general trading company in Dubai, is one of the Middle East’s most trusted supplier of quality benzene. They also deal with other industrial petrochemicals including Ethylene, Propylene, and Styrene providing timely deliveries with their vast global network of suppliers supplying globally renowned brands. To know more about them, kindly visit Global Trust Enterprises online at: Shang is the marketing manager for Global Trust Enterprises FZCO an ISO9001 general trading company that is a leading supplier of a wide range of products catering primarily to the Chemical Manufacturers in Middle East & Petrochemical Raw Material Suppliers and North Africa region. We offer custom solutions for our customers and offer only the best quality materials at the most competitive prices. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of chemicals, equipment and spares and lubricants and greases from world renowned brands. So come in and have a look at our products and let us help you with your supply needs in every way we can.

A brief on Benzene  

Global Trust Enterprises FZCO a general trading company in Dubai, is one of the Middle East’s most trusted supplier’s of quality petrochemic...