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COMPANY PROFILE The Glow That Illumines And The Glare That Cares That Nature

INTRODUCTION LEDWORLD LCC is a part of Multi dimensional LED WORLD International group with head office located in Dubai - UAE. We represent the best and reliable brands in the industry and promote only eco friendly lighting solutions. Since inception, LEDWORLD has been a name that stands for itself created to cater 360 degree LED products and services to the customers. We operate with five divisions which are • Commercial/accent lighting • Outdoor/decoration lighting • Retail/indoor lighting • Home/residential lighting • Sign supply divisions Our












Deira – Dubai, UAE, dealing with electronics and electrical products and by 2008, we made a complete transformation in to Eco-friendly products and put our focus on LED lighting. We hold exclusive dealership rights for many renowned brands as well as we are the stockiest and wholesale agent for many internationally acclaimed companies. We keep on updating our supplier list with more futuristic and interesting products and services. We have strong domestic and international dealership chains and distribution networks and have state of the art 5400 square feet showroom and ware housing facility in Dubai.

Our range includes: • LED down lights • spot lights • LED track lights • LED cover lighting • Anti glare lights • Gimbals • LED tubes •LED bulbs •specialized jewelr y lighting solutions •stem lights, •helf lights •super market lights •panel lights •LED power supplies etc.


– commercial lighting; We are Associated with BAY-

ER-ECB (eco commercial building) program for the commercial lighting. We have the replacement for the complete transitional lighting in to LED Lighting for the buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, government institutions etc. Led tube lights, led bulbs, led panel lights, led down lights, spot lights, LED hig bay lights, LED flood lights, LED 60x60 ceiling panels, LED collar lights etc. It is our mission to follow the highest ethical business standards through corporate governance and a commitment to always deliver and keep promises to our customers and employees by consistent quality improvements, reliable customer services and by fostering a culture of teamwork.

ABOUT LED LED ( Light Emiting Diode)There are many misconceptions about LED. There was a survey conducted by LED WORLD LLC, LED lighting company in various part of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Dibba, Khorfakkan & Abu Dhabi to make awareness about the LED lighting and its benefits and we found a still large number of the population unaware about the term LED and what is it stands for? We have done the same survey in couple of renowned exhibitions with a simple questionnaire about the basics of LED lighting with different part of Middle East visitors varies from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait etc, and found out interestingly the majority still unaware about the advantages of LED lighting technology. So here is a humble effort to provide some basic information about the term LED, its advantageous, new technologies and developments in the LED lighting, how LED is eco friendly, energy saving factors etc, We source the information from reliable authors and websites and try to provide most accurate information's available today

What is LED : A light-emitting diode or LED is a semiconductor electronics component. Semiconductors









between a conductor and an insulator. Unlike the majority of electrical components that are made of silicon, LEDs are typically made from gallium, another type of semiconducting material. By doping or adding, impurities to the gallium crystal, p-type and n-type regions, areas in the crystal where there is an abundance of either positive nor negative charge carriers. In the p-type region,













the n-type region, there is an abundance of negative charge carriers or electrons. When a voltage is applied across the terminals of a LED, the charge carriers move with the electrons moving into the p-type region and the holes moving into the n-type region. When an electron meets a hole, it releases energy in the form of a photon or light. This process in which a LED converts electricity in to light is known as electroluminescent where a material emits light in response to a current or electrical field. The advantage of this method over they have the efficiency at which energy is converted into light. Unlike fluorescent light bulbs, its efficiency is not affected by its shape or size.

Compared to the other methods for generating light in the home, the use of LEDs can lead to considerable savings in energy use. As gallium is considered to be non-toxic, a “ dead� LED can safely and easily be disposed in the trash. The mercury found in fluorescent lamps is a dangerous neurotoxin and must be taken to an appropriate center that will either dispose or recycle them properly. The use of LED provides home owner with the options of a lighting source that is economical, efficient and environmentally friendly LED technology is rapidly becoming an important part of our lives. As the prices drop and new technology is being developed, an average consume, as well as many businesses, are looking into switching all light fixtures from incandescent lights to LED lights. The savings in electricity are calculated to be up to 80 percent, if one considers their longevity and efficiency. The main reason for the high efficiency of LED lights is the fact that they produce very little heat and hence, waste less energy. They emit light in one specific direction, where it is needed, without dispersing light pollution all over the space. In contrast, incandescent bulbs are made of a metal filament, which is heated by electricity until it glows.

Almost 90 percent of electricity used to light an incandescent bulb is wasted on heat. LED lights remain cool while working. It is estimated that LED lights use up to 80 percentages less electricity than incandescent lights. Since Americans use 18 percentages of all their electricity for lighting, the country could save not only huge amount of money, but produce 80 percentage less carbon dioxide, a big step towards finding a solution for global warming. LEDs present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, and faster switching. It is powerful enough for room lighting are relatively expensive and require more precise current and heat management than compact fluorescent lamp sources of comparable output.

PRODUCTS Outdoor/decorative lighting: With specialized brands E-bright, glacial lighting, E-starLED we cater everything in outdoor lightings such as garden lights, outdoor lamps, underwater lights,LED flood lights, led inground lights, LED bollards, led street lights, led gate lights, led outdoor wall washers and in decorative lighting we have got complete range with Christmas lighting,mesh led lighting, bubble led lighting etc

Home/indoor lighting: Largest collection of LED luminaries for the right replacement of home lighting with our E-star, Lumi bright, vebatrim, Osram, Glacial lighting, e-bright series. We have LED shelf lights, led MR16 spot lights to replace halogen lamps, E14 base candle lamps for the chandeliers, Dimmable LED bulbs and ceiling lights, ward rob lighting LED, LED cove lighting, RGB led washers, LED step lights, LED task lights, LED bedroom lamps, LED toilet lights, LED brick wall lights etc

Digital LED Displays: With our flagship brands siberLED systems, we cover everything in LED digital displays which consists LED indoor displays p4 LED displays, p5 LED , p6 p8 and outdoor p6 LED displays, p8 LED boards, p10 LED outdoor screens, p12 LED monitor, p16 LED scrolling display etc. We have got solutions for LED mupis, LED digital menu boards, LCD digital menu boards, LED kiosks, LED video walls, LED interactive kiosks,LED shopping mall directory boards etc.

Sign supply division: With highly reputable industry leaders in specific product categories such as E-star LED's, NC LED, Samsung LED, LG LED, GE LED, Gearbox turkey, Hyrite neonpro,







systems, we cater everything inrelated with LED to sign industry. We have LED modules,LED flexible strips,LED slim lightboxes, LED power supplies, LED controllers, LED dimmers, LED hook up wires, LED connectors, LED scrolling displays, LED digital signs, LED frameless lightboxes, LED outdoor lightboxes, LED mupis, LED menuboards etc.

SAMSUNG LED As a leading manufacturer of high-quality LED modules in Korea, NC LED has gained high market shares, accumulated good reputation and credibility in domestic market for years by offering excellent quality products with a competitive price and prompt customer service. NC LED has been equipped with the full production system for entire manufacturing process in order to provide the complete service by efficient process management. Encouraged by the successful LED module business, NC LED has expanded its business scope through continuous investments in R&D to provide various other LED solutions.

UNION Union have grown to the provider of the total solution in the field of electric power and electronic parts by developing and manufacturing various reliable SMPS, SSR, Noise Filter using all employee creativity, passion and ability to rise to challenge.They have done tremendous efforts for their customers to use SMPS , SSR , Noise Filter with high reliability and high efficiency in the field of communication , industrial field ,electric sign board , broadcasting , electric system , banking , medical equipment etc. They will also cope with developing and manufacturing SMPS of customized specification for the satisfaction of various and changing requirements of customers very quickly and production of small quantity with various kinds.

BRIGHTLUXX Brightluxx is the most sophisticated & modern revolution in signage industry. The unparallel quality and equally distributed even illumination makes the LED sign systems the best & superior signage solution available today. This futuristic technology is Cost Effective with replacement costs only on every 5 or more years, low electrical bills and an affordable purchase price, Metroplus Advertising LED sign products are a very cost effective solution for your signage requirements.

SHEENLY Sheenly Lighting Co. Ltd is a LED lighting company dedicated on research and development of sustainable solid state lighting products & solutions. Under the pressure of global warming and continuous environmental degradation, the world’s need for energy efficient lighting products has become unprecedented. At Sheenly, they believe LED technology has the power not only to shine, but to reshape the world that we live in today. Sheenly has succesfully cooperated with Bayer, IKEA, H&M, American Development Group, etc. In response, Sheenly is pleased to take up the challenge to design and provide innovative lighting solutions that are Energy-efficient, Eco-friendly, Economic and at the same time, Stylish. All their products a re CE, RoHS compliant and targeting to be UL, and PSE certified. With a team of experts specializing in structure, heat management, and optic design, Sheenly looks forward to delivering the best quality products and solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s expectation.

OSRAM Osram is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. In the 2011 financial year














high-tech company in the lighting sector and 70 percent of its turnover comes from energy-efficient products. The company, which is very much internationally








customers in 150 countries worldwide from its 44 production sites in 16 countries.

E-BRIGHT E-Bright is a strategical alliance with Taiwan based Lei Yueh. the company has been operated under the motto of trust since 1976. For the past decades, they became the leading company in engineering, decoration and advertising lighting and had claimed several international product design awards as recognition of their innovative












background in the engineering field; they are able to provide the global market with a large portfolio of innovative products. Their inventive design shall keep them at the forefront of lighting technology and remain as one of the leading company in the industry.









high-tech firm focusing on research, development, production, technical support and service of LED lighting products. They have highly effective Ramped and management team who expert in application and solution of LED, electronics, structure design and intelligent control system. Their product range mainly includes residential lighting, commercial lighting and landscape lighting. They also developed the intelligent control system applicable to residential and commercial lighting, which make them more convenient. t

We Preserve, Love & Care Naturally

Contact US: LED WORLD LLC P.O BOX 11319 AL QUSAIS, DUBAI, UAE TEL: 04 2579924 FAX: 04 2579904 EMAIL: | WEBSITE:

We Preserve, Love & Care Naturally

Contact US: LED WORLD LLC P.O BOX 11319 AL QUSAIS, DUBAI, UAE TEL: 04 2579924 FAX: 04 2579904 EMAIL: | WEBSITE:

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