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Copyright Š 2014 Damien Dsoul All rights reserved.

DEDICATION This collection of works was written for those couples out there who desire something more in their life: sexually and openmindedness with their desires.


CONTENTS Acknowledgments



Black-Owned Initiation

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Whit bois/Cuck Initiation

Pg 25


White boi Sissification

Pg 37


Mature Wives Initiation

Pg 42


Young Sluts

Pg 61


Bareback & Creampies Love

Pg 76


Housewife Before; Hotwife After

Pg 83


Black-Cock Training

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BLACK-OWNED INITIATION This article, just like the former, is open to all group of white bois out there: whether youâ€&#x;re gay, sissy, tranny, 5

cuck-hubby, wannabee, or yet to be involved in any form of sexual lifestyle but still on the contemplative edge. This is for those who seek becoming „Black-Owned‟ in the cuckold






themselves along with their spouses toward the care and domain of a Black Master in their life and home. The desire of most couples to go beyond that which they find themselves is always enticing. For most couples, it starts out with them involved in swinging lifestyle. But then as they continue further they realize there‟s a lot of what swinging doesn‟t foster: there‟s no personalization of the sexual aspect. The fun gradually dwindles when no deep feeling is felt anymore of the couple. The need to explore more boundary ensures. The couple decide to get themselves involved with black bulls but even then there still is the desire to go even further: toward personalizing their sexual experience in ways that involve the hubby showcasing his submissive nature toward the wife and 6

her lover, and of wanting the lover to have as much control and reign over every sexual aspect of their life, and of their bedroom. The Black Master is the one who comes in and takes charge of the situation.


Of course, before doing anything, itâ€&#x;s expected the couple get themselves initiated into his domain. By that, they get to open themselves to the Master for him to know more about their wants and needs, their desires and innermost secrets. All of this may not come out initially, but itâ€&#x;s bound to be outted. For most couples, the fear is usually revealing too much initially, or waiting and watching as things progress. For some Black Masters, itâ€&#x;s only natural to see through the fog of pretence the couple are putting up before him, and smash through their wall of clout and take away whatever essence of fear might be left on their minds. The purpose of having a Black Master is to get rid of whatever last dreg of fear a cuck-hubby might have against the wife knowing, or that a wife might get from not wanting her hubby to know about.


Behind the veneer of every white couple lies a cuck-hubby and a hot wife waiting to be outted. For years, they wander amongst themselves pretending everything is fine and well with them. Only till later when the hubby realizes that something is missing. Somehow he has gotten disconnected from the sexual aspect of his life. The one true emotion all humans are meant to possess. Same too goes to the wife. All hooked up with living the dream of being a typical housewife, she allows her body to grow 9

way too flabby and undesirable even to herself. She too might come to the realization of this, but most women, from my experience, as usually slow when it comes to acting out on this. It‟s up to the hubby to make his feelings known that his wife is still beautiful, yet a lot about herself is no longer desirable. He needs to prove to himself that she can still be made desirable to the world, and most especially to herself. He starts seeing the wife in almost everything he looks into: if he watches a porn movie, he sees his wife in the title role getting fucked . . . and he sees himself as the voyeur, delighting in every shot of her body taking that dick. And not just any porn, but interracial. A lot would ask the question: Why interracial? It‟s simple: Interracial is the present-tense of sex. Always has been. When you include the hubby‟s involvement, it takes interracial into the future phase of cuckold sex. Every hubby wants to be there to see his wife become remodeled 10

and transformed into the hot, sexy creature of his dreams. The Black Master will fulfill this urgent craving of the hubby as much as the cuck-hubby assumes his initiated phase of his life. Such Black-Owned initiation works best when the couple decide they want it together for each other. However, as its obvious plenty of wives are yet too difficult to persuade or still in the cold as to such lifestyleâ€&#x;s existence, then its only fair the hubby makes the initial initiation and then search for means of convincing the wife to get onboard with him. For single white bois, such decision wonâ€&#x;t be too heavy to make. As long as they find a Black Master worthy to be of service and dedicate themselves toward him.


1. Hubbyâ€&#x;s Initiation: The hubby acquaints himself with the Black Master by openly declaring his desire to him, and to be of whatever service he must render toward getting his wife initiated as well. He provides steady access to the wife, and obeys whatever instruction the Black Master gives that would render easy improvement toward swaying the wifeâ€&#x;s mind. The hubby is expected to declare what his place under the scheme of things, and never to default from it. 12

For most Black Masters, a cuckold agreement should be undertaken to ensure this change doesn‟t falter. Just as the Black Master goes to work on the wife, he as well goes to work on the hubby too. Making the hubby realize who the real man in the house now is, and further training the hubby into his newfound role that awaits him. The more the hubby reveals himself to his Master, the more weapon the Master gathers as his black-owned training tool to go to work on the cuck-hubby, and making him more and more submissive in outlook as well as in his presence when with the wife. Even if the Master isn‟t around, the cuck-hubby is expected not to default from his position, or else consequences are bound to erupt. The cuck-hubby‟s respect toward the Master must remain at all times. Even in the cuck-hubby‟s sleep, his dreams should be filled only with thoughts of how else he can render himself to be of further service toward his Master‟s happiness with his submission. Not only that, his dreams 13

too must be populated with sights and sounds of his Black Master fucking the wife‟s pussy. Of the cuck-hubby waiting beside the bed for when the sex is done for him to come and clean the Master‟s spent cum out the wife‟s cunt, also to suck clean the Master‟s cock as is expected of him. And afterwards, to tell the Master: „Thank you‟. His newfound outlook will showcase his Black Master‟s pride toward him. Just as the Black Master now owns the wife, so too the same goes with him.


2. Wife‟s Initiation: It‟s a sad thing that there‟s plenty of wives out there who know little about this lifestyle‟s existence. For a hubby wanting to get his wife initiated, this can often become a 15

daunting task. But all task, no matter how daunting, always lead to something being achieved. It all depends on the hubby‟s means of subtlety and understanding of his woman. I‟ll clear the air by giving this warning: Don‟t ever approach the wife with this subject directly. That‟s a number one mistake a lot of hubbies often make, and I get tired of hearing their complaints about it. Telling the Mrs., about wanting her to get fucked by a bull is bad enough, telling her to become a Black-Owned slut is far worse. For most women, that term could translate to something of horror. I once had a wife ask me if that meant I like enclosing couples in pig-pens or cages, feeding them through straws and making them crawl all day around me? I couldn‟t help but ask her if she‟d just finished watching the movie 12 Years a Slave. Being Black-Owned has nothing to do with that. Rather its attaining the height of cuckold lifestyle. Of her and her 16

hubby becoming sexually submissive and devoted to a Black Master‟s desires. But more sexual and personal. The Black Master is the dominant figure in the white couple‟s home. The same goes with a white boi wanting to become submissive as well. Initiating a housewife easily depends on her state of mind, mostly from how much she views herself. It‟s a shame that plenty of women out there don‟t regard themselves, even as they age, as terrific sexual creatures. The essence of this lifestyle is to reveal to them how much they‟re missing, how enticingly erotic they can be in the arms of another man besides their hubbies, and that they know and accept it, and wield it as their sexual makeup. Becoming Black-Owned involves a couple submitting themselves to a Black Master, not a bull (or set of bulls) whose only desire is to come and fuck the wife and then leave. I always tell couples that there‟s plenty of difference between a black bull and a Black Master, and 17

this is one of them. However, a couple of pointers I‟m listing here for a cuck hubby to get his wife hooked and initiated. a. Acquaint her Mind: How else is a wife supposed to know about this lifestyle if her hubby don‟t find a means of introducing the idea to her? Or at least slipping the idea suggestively into her mind? The key word is SUGGESTION. My advice to hubbies is this: Don‟t TELL this wife; SUGGEST it to her. The idea behind suggestion is that you respect her feelings and you don‟t want to hurt her by enforcing this upon her . . . however that she take in consideration how dull and drab their sex life (and pretty much their way of living) has become with each other, and how you – her husband – want to see her become more sexually fulfilled. Or just don‟t want to see her body wasting away and not having fun enjoying herself. Be contrite if you want to. Plead, beg, cry if you must. As a hubby, do whatever you 18

must so she see the raw emotion in your face and know that you‟re doing this as much for her and you‟re not being selfish about it. Provide her with adequate sexual apparels: tight blouse, sexy lingerie, anything to reveal more of her body. The wife needs to get reacquainted with herself so each time she glances at the mirror, she knows that she‟s seriously been missing out on something. Get her new pair of sex toys and have her play with them. Get her to poise nude and take exotic pics. Watch interracial movies (not porn, but that can come in later, depending on her warm she‟s becoming), and erotic books to open her mind, especially interracial.


b. Introduce the Black Master Plenty of white women still harbor tepid fear about black men. Much of it fueled by the media always presenting the negativity of blacks. For this reason, hubbies need to show their wives a different view. But just as youâ€&#x;re reacquainting her with interracial aspects, as well acquaint her with a prospective Black Master you have in mind for her. Introduce him like a friend: someone you 20

trust and secretly admire and worship that you know will be suitable to bringing out the slut out of her. BlackOwned lifestyle is the most private sexual encounter. It‟s a lot different from swinging, and far better. It might take a while for a wife to become relaxed with a Black Master. Much of that factor depends on how well the Black Master makes the wife respond to his presence. Subtlety and finesse is required here. As long as the cuckhubby does his job of making the wife become well aware of his presence, even though she as yet is clueless as to the Black Master‟s obvious intention, there will be room for him to carry out his seduction on her. For me, this is where things are bound to either fall through or forward: digging my way patiently and carefully into the wife‟s head. Trying to figure out whatever fears she might have and turning it around to my advantage. Also, making sure the hubby fans her


flame of reassuring her of his confiding presence of love and safety.

c. Getting into Wife‟s Panties & Mind Seduction is a Black Master‟s key. Any bull can fuck a married wife however he wants, and that‟s cool for most 22

couples. But a lot of finesse goes into seducing a wife‟s mind and bending her to follow whichever road the Master sets out for her. The weapon of seduction is to enchant the wife‟s mind and get her hooked to wanting black cock as much as anything else. To make her realize her sexuality, prime her up towards becoming dominant over her hubby, and to see her Black Master as an indispensible part of her world. Once the wife gradually submits to this desire, her hubby, who already is onboard, will obviously fall into his submissive position behind her. His work would be to prop her desire and further push her into her Black Master‟s arms. The more she becomes enjoined to this, her Black Master thus hypes up her condensation toward her cuck-hubby, always reminding her of her hubby‟s status so as to excite her mind as well her hubby. To make her enforce her dominance by turning him into a sissified cuck-boi. 23

Even after all this, the job is still not done. More comes as both









White bois/Cuck-wannabees Initiation

I desire to become Black-Owned Submissive to my Black Master To love and honor his calling,


Abide to his requests, whether in presence or distance Assist him with whatever means necessary to please him, And to know he's larger than me in every way possible. -Whitebois/cuck-hubby/cuck-annabee's Pledge.

A question earlier put to me by a cuck-hubby in the U.K., is this: What if the wife is still unwilling to want to

submit. Is it wrong for a hubby to submit especially to a Black Master himself? There always is room for more white bois to become attenuated to their submissive desires, whether or not they're married or single. And by this, I'm not just referring to Caucasian hubbies, but as well those existing in other parts of the world, including Asia, or even Antarctica. 26

This is a rising trend that most hubbies are starting to realize. Their inherent desire for most predates their adolescent years. For some it has laid dormant for a long time, only now beginning to rise from the foreground of their thoughts. I know some would confuse this with regards to it sounding more like homosexual tendencies. I'm not here to diffuse such thoughts, even though I would agree that there is a fine line between a white boi/cuckhubby/cuck-wannabee desiring submission to a Black Master as opposed to one being actually gay. There's nothing wrong between a gay white boi desiring a Black Master, as long as it's understood between both parties. However what I want to emphasis here is the notion of 'Submission', which pertains not just the physical attraction of a sub to a dominant bull, but as well the psychological, mixed with the sexual aspect of what's enfolding.


Just as a cuck-hubby's wife develops attraction to her Black Master, so too a cuck-hubby is bound to grasp a feeling of the same attraction. It is the work of the Black Master to inspire such attraction, wielding it as a means to beckon the couple toward his bidding. All sexual secrets are declared null before the Black Master as he establishes a harmonious relationship between the husband and his wife. For most white bois/cuck-hubbies/cuck-wannabees, the need to submit is one that beckons them forth even without








relationship, however, he can choose to stay clear from whatever indulgent longings that weight upon his mind, seeking instead the wife's sexual freedom most than his. In this case, he could decide only that the wife/girlfriend attain a black lover(s), while he merely watches from a distance and never interfere with her sexual interests, or he could choose to put himself into the picture and opt to 28

'share' her with whichever black lover she's with. Those are the safer modes a hubby can choose. But when it comes to getting the wife 'Black-Owned' to a Black Master, he's now crossing into a territory that's going to be quite different from the former. In this case, he wants not just for the wife to get involved, but himself too. I do have some guidelines to help any hubby to realize his dream:


1. Make Your Desire(s) Known: A lot of hubbies have written to me in the past as regards getting their wives interested in the cuckold lifestyle. However that isn't enough. Hubbies need to know what aspect they desire for themselves and the wife (or for themselves alone, if they prefer the wife not involved). By this I mean that every whitebois wanting to get involved in this should make known to their designated Black Master their submissive desires. The desires encompass 30

both the physical as well sexual humility to the Black Master's stance.

2. Hubby/White boi/Cuck-Wannabee's Role: Should a hubby desire his wife agree to this lifestyle, what would his new-found role become? For me, I prefer letting the hubbies answer this question, so as not to seem like they don't have the choice of whatever desire they have in mind. And I should let it be known that such differs for most men out there. Some white bois prefer having a mere supportive role in whatever endeavor or activity, sexual or otherwise, a Black Master wishes to indulge in. I know there's white bois out there who love so much the cuckold/interracial lifestyle, but because of whatever risk to their livelihood or societal standing, would prefer acting behind the scenes as a supportive ghost to a Black Master's wish. 31








relinquishing his apartment for the Black Master to use as a sort of meeting place. Basically it comes down to the white boi knowing his role and sticking to it. There's no harm in his desire in the future to want to become closer to the action. Such must be shared with his Black Master first and foremost.


3. Submissive id: The submissive id in every white boi/cuck-hubby/cuckwannabee involved in a Black-Owned dominion must be severely exploited to the max. He must come to terms, or rather full circle, with his submissive nature, and no longer must he remain afraid of it. As a Black Master, I enjoy





wannabees worldwide who care to write to me and explain to me their submissive plight, and of how they've for long stayed grounded because of it. Mostly due to their environmental/societal surroundings, or the fact that such thoughts have stayed with them for years and years . . . except they never once listened to it, or that they were so afraid to even dare think of such for fear they would be labeled as outcasts in their community, or worse, in their own homes. Most would regard a Black Master merely as some black bully, but that notion is far from it. The work of a Black 33

Master, as I've referenced before, is based on seduction as well as domination. Just as he seduces the wife toward embracing her sexual self, so too he extends the same training to the hubby. In a Black-Owned

world, more white bois/cuck-

hubbies/cuck-wannabees should start learning to shed their fear of ostracism, even though that is a yet farfetched







themselves. I would acquaint more white bois/cuckhubbies/cuck-wannabees to gather themselves reading materials to show more of how such lifestyle has always been in existence in their lives yet they hardly knew of it. For those wanting to learn more, start with getting a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Or visit my website and acquaint yourself with my library.


4. Sissification/Black-Owned Wardrobe: The






wannabees, too. Just as a housewife transforms herself into a hotwife be readdressing her sexual wardrobe, including getting herself a Black-Owned or 'Queen of Spades' tattoo to show her love/desire for black cock, the same aspect goes too to her hubby should he desire such. He too needs to showcase his love and submission to his 35

Black Master by getting himself similar wardrobe clothing as the wife. In the aspect of sissification, should the wife desire her hubby to assume a more feminine as well submissive role when around their Black Master, he must undergo such drastic change. The white boi too who desires this must make himself known that he wants it as long as his Black Master expects it of him.


White boi Sissification

This is a sub-topic that needs to be explored even further. For some, it might seem abhorrent to even reflect on the topic, but seriously it needs to be addressed. In a BlackOwned world, it is perfectly natural for more cuck hubbies 37

to gravitate to the level of sissification. Even more pleasant it is that their wives understand their hubby's desires and allow him to become what he ought to be. Even now there's plenty of wives out there who don't realize how much their hubbies want or are wiling to take things a further step into a Black-Owned evolution: that of allowing themselves become transformed into a sissy. I can testify to this appropriately that I've received countless emails from various hubbies the world over who itch about this notion every day. Some would perceive them as being crazy or in need of psychic evaluation, but I disagree. Becoming a sissy means nothing different from being a cuck-hubby, rather it involves taking things a lot further in the Black-Owned hierarchy. As the Black Master moves into the couple's world/home, the hubby thus assumes a more submissive lifestyle even lower down the chain as the wife. Most times it's even up to the wife to promote such hungry desire in him. Once 38

the cuck-hubby and the wife have accepted their submissive state, and opted to begin their 'Black-Cock Training', then there's every chance the hubby will begin to acclimatize with his sissification. He will begin to enjoy wearing the wife's panties, bras, and stockings, first within the confines of their home, and then afterwards wearing it out to work, all as long as the Black Master deems it necessary that he does. He will feel comfy taking care of household chores which previously were left for the wife, just as he will continue providing for the home and as well providing whatever benefits he wishes to give to the Black Master. Such is included in the Cuckold Pledge.


Afterwards, it's appropriate that the sissy hubby start having his own sissy outfit. As mentioned previously, just as the wife will have her own set of 'Black-Owned' outfit, so too the hubby is expected to have his. Whenever coming awake in the morning, he must offer whatever amount of respect is due to the wife and her Black 40

Master, and make his submission show brilliantly in his feature. The sissy hubby should keep a diary/notebook recording of his transformative process. Just as he would enjoy a lot of time recording his wife and her Black Master fucking in the bedroom, or anywhere else in the house, he too must showcase a recording of himself performing oral services toward cleaning the wife's fucked pussy as well cleaning the Black Master's cock too. His duty as a fluffer must be excellent, even better than the wife's blowjob skills. A Black Master's duty it will be to monitor the sissy hubby's oral performance. Punishment will be meted out if he doesn't meet the requirements.


BLACK-OWNED WORLD: Mature Wives Initiation

The Black-Owned lifestyle is supposed to include every level of married couple. That includes mature couples whoâ€&#x;re well in their late fifties and upwards, not just for


middle-aged ones. A lot of older couples have been well into the cuckold lifestyle back in the 70‟s and 80‟s, but had to force themselves out of it because maybe they didn‟t understand how well things were changing. That doesn‟t mean they can‟t get involved once again, and I want to instill in those older couples out there who‟ll be reading this post that this is meant for you and your spouse. I know a white couple residing in the heart of Colorado. The wife loves fucking and the blacker the merrier. This hot chick is past her mid-70‟s, and she still enjoys taking it up the pussy and ass. Her hubby who‟s older than her is a slave to her ambitions. And that‟s the beauty about getting matures involved in this. The fact that they‟ve passed that stage in life of holding onto whatever societal inhibitions that might be deemed unnecessarily on them. Most couples who‟re young or middle-aged have a lot of other stuff working against them wanting to enjoy the full benefits of this 43

lifestyle. They‟ve got the kids, the wary neighbours, and all kinds of stuff wanting to take away their time. And it amazes me that even with the exposure of the internet, the Sexual Revolution, and of music stars walking naked in their videos all just to sell more records, that there‟s plenty of wives in their 30‟s and 40‟s who‟ve let their sexual nature gone to waste. I hear it a lot of times from hubbies complaining about how non-sexy their wives are, and from couples residing far from the major cities who want to experience such but don‟t know how because there‟s no one around to show them.


For the mature couples, the good aspect is that such couples have learnt to live in near sync with each other. Most mature couples can easily read their spouses‟ minds before anything. If there‟s something they want to get involved in, it‟s easy for them to jump into it together. And when they want to do something like dabble in the cuckold/Black-Owned lifestyle, they know how to do it with certain flair that will leave most younger couples stunned as to how far they‟re willing to go. As for the bad side, getting mature wives to indulge in this lifestyle can 45

be tedious. There are plenty of chances it might fall through for them. For one thing, getting an older wife to want to take on a black lover 20-30 years younger than her could be like transporting a fellow from the 80‟s to present day and showing him that instead of video cassettes, what exists now are DVDs. A lot has to be done to excite the mature wife‟s mind than most often would with middle-aged or young wives, most of whom are often liberal in their sexual thinking than older couples who‟ve long settled in the traditional habit of things. How can such wives been seduced? Everything works well most times with the hubby‟s assistance. 70% of the reason(s) why any wife can be seduced into this lifestyle is achieved most often with a hubby‟s help. Not unless the wife has a sexually-independent state of mind and knows what she wants more than her hubby does.


1. Making her THINK Younger: No wife is comfortable with the idea that she‟s getting older. Not just getting older, but the thought that she‟s become too old-fashioned that she now belongs permanently in a museum. She might have a thickset body, her tits won‟t be the stuff that would look elegant in a Victoria‟s Secret catalogue, but that don‟t mean she can‟t still be thought of as sexy. A mature woman who


appreciates her sexual attitude knows she‟s got more mileage in her pussy than elsewhere.

Her sense of belief need to be challenged in order to make her thinking cosmopolitan once again. Instead of getting her to feel her age, instead she must be made to feel younger. Not patronizingly young. Rather reacquaint her with what life and living happy is about and what she‟s missed out from it. A mature wife needs to know she‟s got plenty of tricks up her sleeve, in terms of sexual satisfaction that most young women might find envious.







situations or outdoor places where her new-found youthfulness can bloom, to catch younger people‟s eye. If it requires her getting a tramp stamp tattoo, then so be it. Hubbies need to make their wives know that she‟s ageless. At least in his eyes first. 48

And make sure she communicates this thought to anyone daring to approach.

2. Expose her Fantasy: Every wife has a fantasy. Unless she‟s a devout religious







exception anymore. Every wife has something on her mind she‟s always wanted to do but was too afraid to act on it. Chances are it doesn‟t involve her hiking up Mount Everest. Nothing feels a lot better than when a hubby digs into his mature wife to find out whatever she‟s kept hidden from him. No one keeps better secrets than a woman. With mature wives, they‟ve gotten to that age when the thought of keeping such things just won‟t cut it. What would she have to lose if her man finds out. A hubby


should dig deep into her explicit secrets and fantasies and start thinking of making them real.


3. Connect her to the New: There‟s a lot happening out in the world your mature wife might be unaware of. Maybe not wholesomely unaware of, but chances are she isn‟t paying attention to such stuff. Not that she wouldn‟t if given the chance, but like I declared earlier, the assumption has always been that cuckold lifestyle is more populated with younger or middle-aged couples than matures. Even the outcropping




sites/forums, much of what you see are sexy-looking wives in their 20‟s, 30‟s or 40‟s. Few are in their 50‟s, and usually the brothers won‟t want to go after those. How often do you watch porn videos of older women fucking young studs? Not saying there aren‟t out there, but you‟d have to be serious about searching for them. And how many mature women out there are acting in porn . . . aside from maybe 51

Nina Hartley, and of a few amateur older women, I know of none.







disgusting in the first place. But that is the intention required to awaken the seeping sex giant within her. Further exposure to such alternate lifestyle needs to be exploited.


When a Mature Wife Falls . . .

Itâ€&#x;s interesting to note that when a mature wife submits to a Black-Owned program, chances are that she remains dedicated to it as much as she 53

can. Even better that she‟s got a cooperative hubby by her side.

In the previous article of Mature Wives Initiation, I talked a lot about older married wives becoming seduced and moved by their cuck hubbies into the Black-Owned lifestyle. For a lot of hubbies out there, they would see this as a tough job than if they were younger. But it comes down to knowing which buttons to press and how to push a wife towards the goal that‟s meant to be achieved. Yes, for many of wives, especially mature wives, it can be a daunting task to get the wife seduced and happy in the arms of a black bull. Especially a black bull who is younger in age. But where there‟s a task to be won, there must come a plan. If you find time to read through the contents of the previous article, I have outlined several means of 54

which a hubby can utilize. But the main emphasis that determines such success depends a lot on the hubby. A lot of hubbies often tend to chicken out when the fire gets hot, and that‟s usually when the determining factor comes to play.

In this new article, I‟m going to specify on reasons why mature wives make for the best cuckold hotwives. The sort that‟s bound to have any cuck hubby blister with pride and sissified happiness.


Sharing: Mature wives aren‟t ashamed or enjoy holding back when it comes to sharing a black cock. I‟m talking from personal experience here, though I might still be wrong. Younger women/wives often prefer keeping a black bull/Master to themselves. It‟s this way because they‟re still wary of whomever out there might get to find out about their sexual indulgence and expose them. Mature wives easily know how to shed off such worries and be their true selves. 56

Mature wives allow their sexual openness to come alive once they know all shackles earlier holding them back has been loosened. Once a hubby gives his mature wife over to the hands of a capable Black Master, the workout comes about making her shed whatever further inclinations she might be having. As she‟s already in the golden years of her life, she knows that there‟s little or nothing to stop her excitement. The Black Master‟s work comes to expose her sexuality to other white wives/sluts of whom she can learn to be her natural self in his presence. Cuck hubbies love to see such interaction too, and greatly appreciate it when it happens. This as well includes having her indulge in gangbangs to show her Master she has skills to hold her own against any younger wife. Oh yes, Mature wives do know how to hold their own, and they‟re jealous about it.


Initiation of Others & Younger Wives: Mature wives are the perfect seducers of ensnaring young wives into a Black-Owned initiation. This case works even better once the young wife has already somewhat settled her mind towards giving the cuckold lifestyle a try. But once seeing an older wife loving the activity. A lot of mature wives have written to me in the past regarding 58

their accomplished assignments which meant for them to inspire their neighbours and friends whom they spent time with day after day towards indulging in their sexual lifestyle. Even better when I drop by their homes for a visit, the mature wives take time to introduce me to their friends with a wink, letting the wives know who her new man is in her life. But besides a mature wife inspiring her friends and others, she as well is most capable with applying her dexterous seduction to the women in her own home. By this, I mean influencing her older daughters and steering them towards being with black men. Some whoâ€&#x;d read this might consider this as incestuous, but thatâ€&#x;s far from it. An adult has the free will to make however decisions or choice he/she wants to. The emphasis here is persuasion, and mature wives have the sagacious wisdom of carrying such out when duty calls for it.


It gets better when a mature wife works in accord with her cuck hubby and her Black Master to get everyone in her family involved in the Black-Owned lifestyle. Even now, thereâ€&#x;s wives out there whoâ€&#x;re seeing towards making sure that happens, and I commend them for it.


BLACK-OWNED: Young Sluts Jennieâ€&#x;s Confessional:


I walk into the hotel carrying a slip of paper. Itâ€&#x;s a decrepit building in North-East DC. On the paper is a number, a room number. I knock. "Come in!" I walk in. You are standing there, confident, powerful. "What do you want?" you ask, I stammer "I have come to ask for forgiveness for my sins and the sins of my ancestors, Sir" "Confess!" you bark at me. "My people, I mean I, we, we, we white people have exploited Africans. We colonized your lands, we took your resources, we enslaved your people. I am sorry". "You expect me to forgive you just like that?" you ask. "No Sir, I have come to earn forgiveness by making up for past injustices".


"You are trying to buy forgiveness?" you ask. "No Sir. I want to willingly submit to the degradations that your people had to suffer. I choose to be a white slave to my black master." That was a semi-confession I received from a young white slut residing in Georgetown, Washington D.C. She wrote to me, telling me how much she is in love with my blog, and of wanting to be of service towards black domination by submitting herself to a reputable Black Master who will conjure from her all the elicit sexual desires that have long been kept hiding in her heart. She has only made love to a white boi once, and she doesnâ€&#x;t intend to go down that route again. From henceforth, itâ€&#x;s black cock desire for her!


Just as I‟ve declared the wish and desire inherent in most other group of white couples, those in middle-age as well those in their golden years, and over the past couples of weeks, I have received numerous cuckold confessions from various couples across the States as well as over in Europe, I‟d like to inject my black-owned domination towards including the younger generation of whites. I will be talking mostly about white girls, but that doesn‟t mean white bois too aren‟t inclusive. Even now, there‟re more 64

white bois out there who as well want to submit their desire towards becoming „Black-Owned‟. They too are part of the flock as others are. Would it be crazy for „Black-Owned‟ couples to initiate their young ones into this lifestyle? Some would think that as crazy, but it‟s nothing related towards incest, so I won‟t refer to it as such. Besides, plenty of young white girls are becoming more adept towards the black cock desire than even their parents would give them credit. Their white boyfriends, too, harbor the same thought just as they see it reflected in more mature couples these days.


A white boi asked me this question a couple of weeks ago, if the cuckold thing is restricted only towards married couples. I gave him a simplistic answer: NO. Thereâ€&#x;s more couples residing together currently in the society whoâ€&#x;re 66

yet to tie the knot. And for such couples, the perfect cuckold image involves them inviting a Black Master to come take charge of their sexual lifestyle even before they tie the knot. I know thereâ€&#x;s couples out there whoâ€&#x;d love for their women to get fucked especially on their wedding night. Even before their wedding and afterwards. And it makes for a perfect timing to get her BF/future hubby towards accepting his submissive status before he slips the ring through her finger.


The internet has always been a target for the younger generation. The ones that enjoy and understand the notion of online connection merely at the touch of a button. Younger women are apt to explore divergent sexuality and break down whatever restrictions are in place to prevent them from obtaining such. Younger sluts would make for prime candidates of becoming hooked towards black cock submission. There is, however, a down-side to this. For one thing, white sluts love to assume that all pricks are the same, regardless of girth or color. This is a natural assumption. Most would say that the whole thing about black men sporting big cocks is nothing but a myth. Something the porn industry have worked so well towards capitalizing upon. That might be true. But one thing they canâ€&#x;t deny is that when it comes to fucking, nothing beats a black manâ€&#x;s attitude towards that aspect.


Young sluts are expected towards desiring to become „Black-Owned‟ cuck sluts, so to ensure their future hubbies will as well abide towards becoming future cuck hubbies/sissies. I know some hubbies would get upset, but no one is more ideal towards spinning a man‟s head towards doing her bidding than a hotwife who demands that it gets done. I know plenty of young cuck wannabees, too, would appreciate having such a gal. At least then they know there won‟t be any reason to spin their yarn of desiring her to hook up with a black lover. As for the young slut who sent me that earlier confession above, she‟s over in Georgetown, waiting for my return to the States. I know in time, she will seduce other friends of hers towards wanting the same.


BLACK-OWNED WORLD: Why Become ‘BlackOwned?

Here‟s excerpt from a mail I received months back from a hotwife based in Texas:


I have been following your blog with such captivating interest. I‟m especially curious about your articles on the black-owned subject. I‟d like to know why you insist so much on this? How much benefit will it give to me and my spouse? Is it what other couples have written to you about? Pls shed further light on this subject for me. Thnx. I hope you like my pic. My hubby took that and wanted you to see it. Hope to hear from you. Kisses, SusiesXXX Texas.

Dear Susie, Thanks for taking time to write to me. It‟s comforting to know that been the wife that you are, you and your hubby have been discussing this desire together. Don‟t matter


how far you‟ve both gone with it. A start now is more preferable than leaving it for later. You already are familiar with the cuckold lifestyle, so there‟s little or nothing you‟d probably expect me to reiterate about it. However I will add some ideas that maybe you‟re unaware of. Been a cuckold, is more or less a sexual state of mind. The word does little justice to what the meaning entails. Over the centuries the meaning has evolved. It is even now still evolving into something more profound, desirable and distinctive into what I refer to as the „Black-Owned‟ principle.


The „Black-Owned‟ principle involves a more personalized form of cuckold expression. It works suited to however you and your hubby want it to be not just for both of you but as well either of you. Notice I use the expression „either of 73

you‟, because the perception of been a cuckold always is that emphasis is on the wife catching her fun however she wants while the hubby remains neutral or less involved in whatever her sexual nature entails. This isn‟t usually the case with the „Black-Owned‟ principle. The principle takes that notion higher by involving you, the wife, along with your hubby toward partaking jointly in the fun. But that comes down to however way you want him involved as well however way he, too, wants to become involved. No arm-twisting is required. Plenty measure of submission is required of yourself and your hubby. Most especially your hubby. With your designated Black Master now in the picture, it‟s his duty to enhance as well as exploit your sexual experience and desire toward becoming on par with his. Your hubby is expected to take a backseat in such exercise. He can have second dips at fucking you later if you want, but only after your Master has done with using your pussy. He also will 74

be expected to clean out your pussy for whenever your Black Master wishes to fuck and pump more loads of his rich cum inside you. The principle of been „Black-Owned‟ involves more than the Black Master coming to fuck you and then leave. It is a long-term dedication of submission on you and your hubby‟s part, and an increased measure of domination on the Black Master‟s part. He will enforce himself into your life sexually and otherwise. It may be slow, but with time you and your hubby will begin to see him as a solid fixture in your livelihood. In most cases it won‟t stop there. You will in time enforce yourself toward spreading the news about what fun you and your hubby are sharing. This richness mustn‟t be kept hidden inside your bedroom but most be shown to others who‟re yet to discover what this new-found desire holds for them. Have your hubby write to me later. I want to know more about the both of you. 75


BLACK-OWNED WORLD: Bareback & Creampie Love

There is the creampie revolution going on!


No one knew when or how it started, who started it, if not who, then what got the ball rolling. Most would accept it had begun way before they even knew about it. Remember when you used to watch those classic porn movies where you‟d watch the man jerk his load all over the woman‟s tits or crotch? Who ever knew when the moment came that you started enjoying the sight of them actually cumming in pussies? The acceptance had always been that that‟s what married couples do . . . Not anymore. We‟ve moved past that arena into the future. Now we‟re at the stage when it‟s unacceptable for a hotwife not to want her Black Master/lover to cum inside her. Wives can‟t hide their desire about not wanting that delicious moment to happen. Most especially their hubbies don‟t either. In a cuckold relationship, it is expected the wife will sooner or later attempt to go bareback. That is if she hasn‟t made that decision already. And if perhaps the 78

thought hasn‟t occurred to her, then needless to say, her hubby already has thought of wanting it for her. In a typical cuckold relationship, it is perfectly fine if the couple choose to use some form of protective measure. Especially when the lover/bull(s) is/are someone they‟re connecting with for the first time. And if the wife is still young and hasn‟t gotten her tubes tied. But in a „Black-Owned‟ relationship, this issue of protection gets taken out of the picture. One of the unstated rules every couple should note when coming under a Black Master‟s domain is the institution of bareback principle. This states unequivocally that he must enjoy going bareback on the wife always. The only subject for whom a condom is required is the hubby, and that‟s only if the wife should wish to give him a „mercy fuck‟ every now and then to please him. And always at the Master‟s request and supervision. The wife will learn to love and enjoy going bareback however way her 79

Master/lover gives it to her. And if when he invites other bulls to come service her, she too will be expected to go bareback with them.


The second rule is the need for creampies. The Black Master must imprint his ownership of the wife by feeding her cunt every now and then with his semen. As deep as he can go with burying his masculine cock into that warm, white pussy. Not just for the sake of imprint, but to let the hubby know who owns his woman now. To bless that womb of hers with his potent African seed. White couples must know it‟s not just the sex with the bull/Master that matters, but more what happens during the sex. When the black man‟s essence mixes with that of the white woman. And as her hubby stands/sits beyond the bed acting as witness to this splendid conjugation. He, too, begins then to accept his submissive place beside his wife, and know that henceforth, as she now bears her lover/Master‟s semen and imprint, so it shall remain. Creampies, too, are necessary for the cuck hubby as well. Just as his wife has gotten her share of the Master‟s imprint, it‟s necessary that her hubby gets similar taste of 81

what she has running alive inside her cunt. Thus the hubby fulfills his nourishing duty of cleaning the Master‟s cum out the wife‟s pussy. Not just the cum from her pussy that‟s now mixed with her juice. Once that segment is fulfilled, his next is to clean the streak of cum and juice on the Master‟s cuck. Every trace must be expertly cleaned, and the wife should inspect her hubby‟s mouth afterwards to make sure he ingested every trace of cum and juice. Cuck hubbies know there‟s nothing better than tasting a black man‟s cum out the wife‟s pussy. Even cuck-wannabe white bois who dream of becoming cuck hubbies, too, look forward even more toward having not just a black bull/Master‟s cock in their mouth, but as well enjoying his cum rolling down their throat.


White girls enjoy it as much, too. No way is sex with a black bull complete until their feel their pussy muscles clench around that black cock and beg him to fill their cunt with every droplet of cum he can give. And even afterwards, they ALWAYS beg for more!



What happens to a housewife after she is introduced to the cuckold lifestyle? For most housewives, there exist a „Before‟, and an „After‟, for when they become introduced to the cuckold lifestyle.


Changes occur within and around them, with whomever they are involved with: this refers not just toward their husband but their lover(s) also. It as well includes her dealings with her friends. But the emphasis here is her behavior toward her hubby. Not every couple is expected to pass through the same trail. All of that depends on how well they both decide to go down this road. Sometimes, though, a lot of it depends on the hubby‟s desire. I emphasize this because the number of hubbies desiring this lifestyle for their wives is ever in the increase. This doesn‟t mean that there aren‟t housewives out there who won‟t want to cuck their hubbies. Matter of fact, I have met such women before and I know a lot of them do trail my postings here as well on my Tumblr account. But they‟re still very much a minority compared to their male counterparts. For hubbies considering this desire of seducing/enticing the wife to indulge in this lifestyle, they should become 85

first well aware of their own individual feelings before venturing toward transferring it into the wife‟s mind.

“Before knowing what you want for the wife, Know first why you want it for her, as well What role you‟re expected to play!” I often instruct this question in every hubby‟s desire of getting his wife to submit to his own desire. It‟s a special reason because if even I don‟t ask the question, the wife will be expected to ask it. Besides, it‟s as much a common question that it‟s amazing most hubbies often neglect ruminating on it. A hubby might say to me he‟s always wanted to see his wife get fucked by someone else. Plenty of hubbies spend waking nights desiring such in their dreams with their wives never once having a clue. What most fail to contend is the unknowns that lurks behind such door. They need to steel their mind towards that


eventuality. Not to say it‟s going to be an actual surprise, because really it will be.

There‟s no surprise that doesn‟t register in a husband‟s mind more than stumbling on the sight of watching his wife get fucked by a bull. Seeing the happy, content look of lust in the wife‟s eyes as she gets pleasured by the bull, and then watching her give back the same pleasure to the bull is astounding to most hubbies that it‟s beyond words what they‟re seeing. 87

The hubby seeing his wife getting fucked and used by a black bull undergoes some drastic change he might not realize it right away, but he knows deep inside himself that things are apt to become different from here on. The same goes with the wife, too. The question most hubbies often worry themselves about: “Will she do it? Will she agree to go along with it . . . or

not?” When a hubby begins pelting himself such line of questions, then it means he‟s doubting. And a doubting hubby is one who isn‟t worthy of desiring such lifestyle. I‟ve seen this in a lot of hubbies out there, especially those who‟ve written to me in the past. They want their wives to embrace her black cock desire, except they‟re afraid to make her realize this.


Once a wife is introduced into the cuckold lifestyle, she undergoes cyclic change that propel her toward embracing her sexuality and more. She learns how to give it, receive it, as well how to wield it against whatever walls of bounds must have previously held her back. When her hubby then introduces her to a Black Master, that takes things to a whole new level. The Black Master enhances the wifeâ€&#x;s personality, sexually and otherwise. He makes her comfy with her new-found sex life, and lets her understand how much her hubby too desires her towards embracing this new woman sheâ€&#x;s become. 89

Once she was a housewife. Now, she‟s a sexual-fiery creature, which was what she‟s meant to be.



It‟s customary for a couple to be together as one, especially when they‟re „Black-Owned‟ and submissive to a Black Master. The Black Master is there not just to service the wife, but make the hubby be as much involved in enhancing the 91

wife‟s submissive transformation. As the wife enjoys her hotwife transformation, so, too, her hubby is transformed toward assuming his submissive nature. When such happens, they‟re thus on the road toward enjoining in the Black Master‟s „Black-Cock‟ training program. This is a program meant only for couples who desire their submissive status and aren‟t willing to deviate from it. Rather, they‟re seeking a Black Master who will enhance it for them. This training is for those hubbies








submissiveness under their wife, and under their Black Master, and willing to have their lives made dutiful by being of service to their Black Master‟s dominance. I stress this because there‟s still hubbies out there who simply want to watch their wives receive a black bull‟s cock and nothing more. The „Black-Owned‟ lifestyle is meant for cuckold couples who want the little extra of inviting a Black Master into their home to take dominant 92

control of them. However, note must be taken here. As it‟s the Black Master‟s prerequisite to give the couple their pleasure, they, too, much do whatever is necessary to please him, and make his stay with dominating them a pleasant journey. How they submissively share his cock, how he desires either of them to suck his cock, and that they‟re willing to swallow his load whenever he so deems it necessary is all listed as part of the „Black-Cock‟ training exercise he must prefect upon them.


CLOSING Thatâ€&#x;s it for now. If you require more reading, visit my website:; or simply write to me. Master SHANGO


The BLACK-OWNED Manifesto