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Evidence With some amazing features Is Noah real or not??? _We do not know it is real or not but follow the Bible and there are still some facts about it. Timeline of Noah's Flood

You can see that in the time line. It was the time people knew how to build a ship and some discoveries proved that there was a big flood appeared in that time.

Amazing Facts

This is not easy to know Noah (Bible) as a mythological story It taught you a lot of lessons that helpful for you as standing on this time. Noah's Ark - Bible Questions Come from: 1. How big was Noah's Ark? The Bible uses the measurements of cubits which is equal to 18 inches. So that would make the Ark 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet tall. 2. What are clean and unclean animals? According to Jewish law, "clean animals" are those they were allowed to eat and "unclean" were the animals they are not allowed to eat. 3. What was the name of Noah's wife? No one knows for sure. Her name is not given in the Bible but Jewish tradition uses the name "Naamah." 4. How many people were on the Ark? There were 8 people on the Ark. Noah and his wife, their 3 sons - Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and their wives. 5. How long did they stay in the Ark? If you add up all the days and times given for the flood and the waters to recede, the Bible tells us they were on the Ark for a little over a year.

6. Where did the Ark land? The Bible says the Ark rested in "the mountains of Ararat" - a mountain range in eastern Turkey. 7. Has Noah's Ark been found? Many people claimed to have seen the Ark through the centuries but there has been no scientific evidence to date that proves where the Ark is located.


ARARAT This is the place

Where Noah Ark located

Mythological Story


remarkable account is told in the Bible, and similar stories can be found in legends from around the world. It describes the intentional flooding of the world by God to destroy all of mankind except one because of their wickedness, and in particular due to the influence of a race known as the Nephilim. Through specific instructions from God, Noah saved every type of terrestrial animal on earth by placing them on a large vessel called an ark. “Noah's ark is described as a wooden barge-like vessel approximately 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. According to the Bible, God brought pairs of every kind of terrestrial animal to the ark to save them from this catastrophe. A single breeding pair of "unclean" animals and seven pairs of "clean" or potentially edible animals were brought to the ark before the flood. The animals that were saved and reintroduced evolved into all the various species alive today. With few exceptions, the Biblical "kinds" of animals brought to the ark are believed to be analogous to groups like the mammalian "Family" level of scientific classification, such as the Canine or Feline.� According to the Noah Federation


LESSON (According to Lee Andrew Henderson – the Bible) One of the most well-known stories in the Bible is the story of Noah's Ark. In Genesis, God has decided that there is too much sin in the world and he must wipe it from the Earth. God sees how faithful Noah is and chooses Noah as one of the few survivors. Then God tells Noah to build a giant boat for him, his family and the animals they will take with them. Every story in the Bible has some kind of lesson to learn and Noah's Ark is no different. During Noah's story we learn many lessons. What is the first lesson we learn from Noah in the Bible? The most obvious thing we learn from God is that he is faithful to those that are faithful to him. The world was so full of sin that God wanted to wipe everything from the Earth. But he did recognize that among all those people there was one very faithful person, Noah, and God rewarded him by choosing Noah to be one of the few survivors. What is the second lesson we learn from Noah in the Bible? One quality that is clearly a strong suit for Noah is patience. In Genesis Noah shows us how important patience can be. Noah was patient when he took many years to build the ark. Noah was patient when he was inside the ark. Noah was patient when he sent out the first bird and there was no sign of land. What is the third lesson we learn from Noah in the Bible? How many times do we decide we are going to be faithful to God and then the next week, day or even hour we are doing something that is unfaithful? Noah teaches us in Genesis that being faithful to God is not a short term thing, it's long term. Think about how long Noah was building the ark. Think about how long Noah was stuck on the ark. Noah stayed faithful to God for a long time, not just for a brief amount of time. What is the fourth lesson we learn from Noah in the Bible? As great as Noah is we learn in Genesis that nobody is perfect. God decided that Noah would survive the flood. That made Noah the most holy person on the Earth. But even the most holy person on Earth wasn't perfect because he got drunk in front of his sons.

SACRIFICE Following the Bible, Christian has to sacrifice him self to show that his heart, his soul are belonged to God. Some people against it and said that sacrifice is stupid and people do not have to kill them self or torture themselves for the love of God. But ‌ wait look at Noah! What did he do? He did not want the pleasures of this life. He only worked for the love of God. He stayed away from the sins and did what he obey

God. Finally, God saved him.


Bible and Saving the World

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