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Only The Wise Will Oversee The Wisdom I Comprehend In This Art

I AM 1

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1. Intro 2 . Te r m i n a tor 3 . W h e r e My People At 4 . N o t h i n g I Can Do 5 . S i n c e T hat Day 6 . We e ke n d 7 . C o n t r o l Freak 8 . G o n e I n A Second 9 . D o n ’ t K now Your Name Ft George Brown 1 0 . I n s p i r a tion 1 1 . G i v e I t All Or Give Up 1 2 . H a r d D ays Graft 1 3 . W h e r e My People At Extended Version

Executive Producer: Jay weathers Jampak Promotions 2011, The cube, Birmingham Universal Mac Distributions PO Box 3RE 5YH





Without my fans I am nothing, I’d like to take the time now to thank everysingloe one of you who bought this album. Your love & support is what keeps me focused and dedicated to making music. I’d also like to thank my label for all of your help to make this possible. And most importantly I’d like to thank God for his undying love.


M.O.D digital pack album cover  

M.O.D digital pack album cover for media A2

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