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Brand Spanking

life, we spank brands to life. Also, our young, fresh minds are constantly producing brand spanking new ideas to help your business or organization grow.


e are University Advertising. We’re a student-run ad agency. Here at UA, we provide a generous mix of our wild college mentality with our professional skill and work ethic. We are Brand Spanking. Similar to how a doctor spanks a newborn baby to help it breathe and to give it

While some may look at our youth as a negative, we like to look at it as an advantage. Being based in Stillwater, we understand that college-aged adults make up a large percent of the population. For most businesses and organizations, this is the prime Stillwater target market. Who better to reach your audience, than your audience itself? We know college students. We are college students.


ur mission is to help you. We provide businesses and organizations with creative solutions to numerous marketing problems. We appreciate your goals and values and put in every effort to meet your expectations. We want to join your team and form a partnership with you. So...are you ready for a wild ride, partner?

Services We may be struggling college students surviving on Ramen noodles and tap water, but you might be surprised to hear that we're not a group of money hungry monsters scraping for your every dollar. Actually, our services are a third of the cost of those offered by larger traditional agencies.

Speaking of services. we offer the following Account Service Marketing Research Marketing Strategy Identity and logo design Advertising design Display and outdoor design Public Relations

The Process 1. Feel It Out.

We will have a general meet and greet session. You will be able to meet the whole team and see what we have to offer. Also, you can tell us more about yourself, your company, and your goals. We will even do a little brainstorming during the session.

2. The Wing Man/Woman.

We will assign an account manager to you. They will be your “wing man” to help you through the entire process. If you have any questions or concerns, they will be able to provide direct, personal assistance.

4. Whatcha Think?

After we are happy with the work, we will present a draft of all the creative and media materials to you. If you like what you see, we will begin work on the FINAL materials.

3. Get To It!

We will discuss the work hours and pricing for the project. After getting your approval to begin work, we will hop right on it!

5. Showtime! We present all finished work to you. Then, it’s showtime, baby!

Lets Ketchup Yeah, we just met, but we love your vibe. Let’s talk.

University Advertising 313 Paul Miller Building, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078 sponsored by Oklahoma State University Ad Club

UA pamphlet  

University Advertising New Business Information pamphlet.

UA pamphlet  

University Advertising New Business Information pamphlet.