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We’ll Get You the Best Rate! Promax Insurance Agency, Inc. has always been a family owned business that cares about it’s customers. With over 45 years experience in the insurance industry, we offer a knowledgeable staff and personalized care that you won’t find in most big insurance agencies. Although we specialize in personal lines such as auto, home, health, and life insurance, we also offer commercial auto, commercial property and many other insurance products. Contact our agency to inquire about any insurance need you may have to see if we may assist you.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance in California Car shopping can be fun and exciting. Auto insurance shopping? Not so much. Let's face it, the first will get you to bring home that shiny new car. The latter is yet another financial commitment. Alas, without auto insurance you cannot drive that new car and enjoy it to the fullest, so it may be the best to start researching your options. Don’t worry, there are viable options out there. Finding cheap auto insurance in California is easier than you think, and is the final step in the car ownership process. Once you have secured your customized insurance, grab those keys and get ready for your first spin around sunny California, in your very own car.

Exploring Your Options Not sure where to begin your research? Many new car owners are in the same situation. It is never easy to know when you are receiving the very best auto insurance quote, or if you are just another number in the corporate game. That is why it is important, while searching for California auto insurance, to know what is out there.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance The road to finding cheap auto insurance does not have to be so daunting and time consuming. How about exploring a new avenue and working with a family owned business? We provide personal interaction with our customers, which allows us to find the best possible solution for everyone. This way we all benefit from a little more one-to-one attention, honesty and personable business dealings. These are hard to find in corporate companies.

Auto Insurance in California An essential component with every business transaction is trust. After all, you are paying to insurance company every month to be protected, so it’s of outmost importance to be assured that you chose the right company. Knowing the inn's and out's of your personal California auto insurance will surely help. Make sure that you know what are you paying for, understand the policy and find the peace in being a valued customer.

Helping To Understand Insurance Rates like theft, engine malfunctions and accidents are often considered when it comes to certain monthly payments. Helping you understand your California auto insurance is something your auto insurance agency should strive for. With open, honest discussion and thorough research, you will find yourself with cheap auto insurance that won't break the bank.

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