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Governor Josephine Lukito

Gov Love <3 Hey NYCKI!

Welcome to the start of the 2012 year! With the introduction of the New Year is the exciting start of a fantastic new semester, with more chances than ever to celebrate our love of service, leadership and fellowship! 2012 does not only mean new (hopefully fun) classes, more friends and new shows, but it also means more chances to recruit members, organize exciting socials and fantastic fundraisers! Please take the beginning of this year to make a few resolutions for your CKI clubs. For example, try to grow your club by 5 or 10 members this year (don’t forget, we are trying to reach that 1000 member mark!), or make it a goal to organize at least one or two service projects each week. Or, if you have a large fundraiser coming up, set a high, yet attainable goal that your club can be proud of. Also, don’t forget that, as the 2012 year starts, so too is CKI in our last quarter of the CKI service year (2011-2012). This means more fundraisers, more service projects, more socials and a heavier push to achieve our goals. Besides our members goal, we also hope to grow our district by 8 clubs (we’re at 5) and to have each club organize at least one Eliminate Project fundraiser! However, we can’t do it alone: we need each and every member to help us grow, fundraiser and serve with excitement and pride! Live to Serve, Love to Serve. This is the motto of Circle K International. Embrace it! I can’t wait to see your continued successes as we continue in the 2011-2012 CKI journey and I can’t wait to see you all at the 50th Annual New York District Convention! Yours in NYCKI Love,

Josephine Lukito A few NYCKI and visiting Cal-Nev-Ha folks pose for a picture after the Ice Skating Fundraiser!

Josephine Lukito District Governor



District Editor Shane Stuart

Editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Note Dear NYCKI, I suppose I should start off by saying Happy New Year! It seems like only like only yesterday we began our 2011-2012 service year, but here we are ready to take on a new year with all the promises it has to offer. As we settle in to a new semester and a new year, lets all make a resolution to be a more dedicated member to our clubs and to our community. We all have commitments, whether they be to another club or to our school worker, yet we all have time in our day to do something for our community. Lets all take this new year as an opportunity to do something for our community everyday, if possible. In this issue, you will see updates on District Convention, how to keep members involved, and what to do to now that dues are done. As always, the district board and the CTE are here to serve you, if there is something you want us to do or something you want to see covered in the district publication, do not hesitate to ask. Later Hosen, Shane Stuart District Editor

Remember, the district board is here to serve you! If you want something, just ask!

District Convention Although District Convention is not until March, it is never to early to begin planning for this event. Scheduled from March 23rd to the 25th in Albany’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, this year’s district convention promises to be one of the most memorable ever. With the theme of the 1950’s we will be celebrating our 50th annual convention! So do not forget to start planning for this momentous convention. In planning for the convention here are some important things to remember: Registration costs 100 dollars and is due by March 9th. After that, registration will cost 10 dollars more, so do not be late! To find the registration form, go online to: Keep in mind, District Convention is not only a time for fun, service and reflection, but a time to look forward and elect the district leadership for the next year. Make sure your voice is heard and join us in a “sock hop to service” at this year’s 50th annual district convention!

Awards: Keep in mind that most awards are due on the 10th of February, and can be found online at: We all do important work for the district and our clubs and deserve to be recognized. Use these awards, especially the Distinguished Member award, to celebrate and showcase all that you have achieved throughout the year. As members of the New York District, we urge you to please consider applying for at least one of these awards. There are awards that cover everything, including socials, service projects, fundraisers, membership growth, scrapbooks and more! Besides those awards, we also have distinguished officer awards, distinguished club awards and the Distinguished Member Award! All of these awards are very, very easy to fill out! Plus, you have all the information in front of you, in your MPRFs! So why not take a few minutes with your club to fill it out? 



Treasures Tidbits Lets all take a second to step back and take a breath. The fury that is dues season has passed and we can all celebrate in a job well done. Yet, just because dues are done, does not mean that your job as a treasurer or fundraising chair is done. Now that the unpleasantness of dues is done, the truly fun aspect of creating and implementing fundraisers can occupy your time. Remember, a fundraiser need not be large or extravagant. Several small fundraisers add up, and can do so quickly! To truly make a fundraiser a success, involve the members of your club have a say. The more people putting in, the more you can get out of it. As always, have fun with your fundraiser. Do something you and your club is passionate about, that way it will be easier for you and members of your club to get out and get others involved. And, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget! You can still add members to the membership update center, even if dues season is over! Use this to recruit more members in the Spring Semester!


Design the Next Cover


Hey NYCKI, Would you and your club like to be featured in the next CTE? Have you done something that deserves real recognition? Then send in your submission to design the next cover of the CTE! It can be a drawing, a picture of your club doing service or any creative piece that represents a value of Circle K. Have the piece in by the middle of February and you can be on the cover of the next CTE! Send all submissions to

Recruitment Many clubs fall into the problem of thinking that recruitment only exists in the beginning of the year. Yet, everyday offers a chance to bring more members into your club. While it is important to be active in recruiting early in the year, like attending a club fair, it is important to stay active year round. Be creative. Invite new speakers, have social events or have a â&#x20AC;&#x153;bring a friend to a meetingâ&#x20AC;? event. Use your local Key Club. Attend a meeting and talk about Circle K. Remember to recruit members be fun friendly and professional!

LICKI Murder Mystery By: Lieutenant Governor Lauren Sacks Deception, lies, crime, and murder: these are not words typically associated with the good deeds of Circle K. However, on Saturday, November 12, 2011, murder and charity came together for one night on the campus of Adelphi University, as the Long Island Division of Circle K International hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner to benefit The ELIMINATE Project. Over 200 Kiwanis family members attended this fun-filled, interactive evening where they were transported back to the 1950s and asked to help solve the crime of a student’s death. The audience was assigned teams by grouping tables, giving everyone a chance to work with their friends, as well as with other branches of the Kiwanis family, including K-Kids, Builders Clubbers, Key Clubbers, Circle Kers, and Kiwanians. The events took place in 1957 at Dotty’s Diner, and the victim was head cheerleader and recently crowned homecoming queen, Cindy. Many of the other characters fit into stereotypes as well, including jocks, greasers, and pink ladies, played by Circle Kers from each Long Island club. When Cindy suddenly dropped to the floor, the humorous Detective Nyck came to the rescue and asked the whole audience for help solving the crime. Attendees had the opportunity to search for evidence in various locations including suspects’ bedrooms, cars, lockers, offices, and classrooms. Then everyone was given a chance to question the witnesses and suspects, to gain more information to aid them in solving the crime. Through this, a love triangle, hidden jealousy, and other motives were uncovered. After the teams of attendees formed their conclusions and made their accusations, Detective Nyck walked them through the true course of events, drawing from all of the motives and evidence. Then finally, he revealed the true murderer – Cindy’s best friend Beverly. Many attendees were able to use their sleuthing skills to correctly piece together the evidence and come to the correct conclusion. The hours of rehearsal and meticulous planning paid off, resulting in over $3,300 raised for the ELIMINATE Project and a fun, interactive evening for all Kiwanis Family members in attendance.

7 8

Bells For Life District Officer

All throughout December we trudged out to the malls, not to shop but to serve. Through our efforts, we helped raised thousands of dollars for the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center (KPTC). Located in Albany, Long Island and Buffalo, KPTC offers highly valued and needed District Governor Josephine medical treatment for kids newborns.


DistrictDecember Treasurer Corey Although is the principal time in which the Kiwanis Family fundraises for KPTC, it is a project that District Editor Shane can be done year round. Throughout the district clubs help sponsor their KPTC by creating fundraisers, or Capital LTG Clarefor the children, donating supplies including toys, pillow hugs and craft kits. Project like this offer a great chance Central Lakes LTG Alex to involve your Kiwanis family and can be a great time to learn about your local KPTC. Empire LTG Chris

Although the Bells of Life Season has passed, its memory Hudson LTG Christine lingers. Let us take the drive that the bells of life campaign create in all of us and apply it to our Long Island LTG Lauren fundraising throughout the year. KPTC is always there for the people need it, and we should always be there Northernthat LTG Sara for it! Southern Tier LTG Olivia

Western LTG Crystal

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