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What is Niche Profit Classroom? Niche Profit Classroom (NPC) is quickly becoming one of the most popular and most talked about internet marketing member-only educational sites available online. Naturally, many people are wondering - what is Niche Profit Classroom? And - Will these methods work for me? Niche Profit Classroom is an online membership-only niche marketing educational site ran by Adam Short and Alen Sultanic - two of the most successful online niche marketers. Together, the two have developed a unique approach to niche marketing which they have coined "Niche Marketing 2.0." What is Niche Marketing 2.0? Niche Marketing 2.0 is simply a method of making money selling niche focused ebooks online without the need for previous internet marketing experience, specialized technical skills, complicated methods, or by spending lots of money. Instead, Niche Marketing 2.0 focuses on a ridiculously simply approach to making money using your existing passions and interests and turning them into an online business that attracts customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week without any expensive paid advertising, and runs completely on autopiliot. How It Works The methods taught by Adam and Alen in Niche Profit Classroom are ridiculously simple. This is what you need to do: First you select the topic of your website. Usually it is best to pick a broad category or specific topic that your are already interested in. This could be anything from personal hobbies to health issues. Its really up to you. The only thing that matter is that the topic is:

Narrow is scope. For example, a site focusing on health as a general topic would be too broad. Instead you would want to pick a specific health problem such as "ear infections." There is substantial demand online for information on your topic. Your topic marketplace should not be too competitive. Sound complicated? Once you try it for yourself using the simple methods taught by Adam and Alen you can see how easy it is to pick profitable niches simply by using one popular online retail site and the evaluation software available in Niche Profit Classroom.

Second, you create a content rich website (meaning a website with plenty of information rich topic specific articles - don't like to write? No big deal. Outsourcing article creation is easier than you think! You can learn all about it inside NPC.) Third, you will create a ten email length "mini-ecourse" newsletter that you will host online with an email management software company. What do I mean by that? Companies like aweber will manage entire email lists on your behalf and allow you to generate a series of email messages that will be sent whenever and in whatever order you desire. This means that by using a service like this, your site will appear to interact with users in a one-on-one fashion without you ever having to lift a finger. Visitors can then choose to subscribe to your mini-ecourse. Your ten message mini-ecourse will send one message per day on the topic of your site. An example of day one would be "Introduction to Parrot Care: The Most Dangerous Mistake New Parrot Owners Make." This is key to the success of your site. Many site owners underestimate the value of creating and maintaining an email list of prospects. The average visitor comes to your site once, reads a couple articles, and then never returns. By using an automated email newsletter you can keep in touch with potential customers, build relationships, and ultimately sell even more products! Fourth, instead of paying significant amounts of money to attract visitors to your site, you will use article marketing and other free methods to attract traffic. Adam and Alen have developed a simple way to select keywords that will allow you to actually rank within the top ten of Google! This method is called the "Money Word Matrix" and relies on a simple ratio of monthly searches to existing websites. By using the simple techniques described above, you can begin building as many profit generating websites as you like without spending lots of money!

If you are interested in taking your online business to an entirely new level, go to Niche Profit Classroom to discover the secret to simple websites that sell 24/7 on autopilot!

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Simply the Best Niche Profit Training Period! Test Drive it for $1. ==== ====

Honest Review of Niche Profit Classroom  
Honest Review of Niche Profit Classroom  

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