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Shane Reynolds Music video proposal and treatment Song: Day Free Artist: JEKK My target audience for this music video will be teenagers, with my secondary audience young adults. I will be producing a music video for the song Day Free by JEKK. The genre of the song is Hip-hop and Electronic. It’s an upbeat song with strong make vocals. My video type will be on a mixture of concept based on guy holding a television this is based on people’s everyday life that evolves around consumer consumption and how people lose there own individuality. I want it to focus on the way people engage with different corporate brands e.g. Starbucks, Google, apple. I also want to touch on subjects like war, crime, politics that will feature on the television while the actor walks. It will also be based on narrative, as the visuals will match the lyrics of the song for example; ‘Wanna get free, I wanna know, The world is going bad’ which fits well within my music video based on consumer consumption.

Guidelines and Considerations: • • • • •

It’s a mixture of concept and narrative Will be shot indoors and outdoors Don’t use to many special effects Vast amount of shot types Extra’s will be random people that I’ve never seen before

To promote my track I will be making a Digipak. The photography for the cover will be a shot from the music video. The middle pages will present the lyrics to the song ‘Day Free’ with artist comments. The front cover will consist of the artist. I will also making a promotional poster for my artist. This will be a single page that consists of information around the artists single and album. The artist will be situated in the centre of the poster with typography around the outside.

Music video proposal