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Michael Jackson-This is it Digipak This is the front cover of Michael Jackson Digipak; it’s simple but effective design involves lots of colour that helps attract the audience’s attention. This also tells the audience the style of music within the album in being lively and energetic. The main focal point of the cover is the centred silhouette image of Michael Jackson against the white background; this helps the audience to know who the artist is without seeing his name. The back cover of the Digipak is very much like the front cover with the Silhouette of Michael Jackson but features the song playlist along with the record label and barcode.

A slip in the top of the Digipak allows the user to slot in there cd back the case. This is a different convention from other Digipaks that just Involves putting the cd back in the holder.


The main design of the Digipak varies from every other page of the book. This enables the Digipak to be more creative, through its use of pictures displaying Michael Jacksons last moments before his death. Looking at this Digipak it will help me towards my choice of colours and images when planning my design, helping me to stick to the conventions of my genre. The main unique selling point to this Digipak is it can be seen as memorabilia as it’s the

last album released before his passing. Another selling point is its similarity and that of a book. Michael Jackson’s style was very much pop-like and also because of the genre, the music probably appealed more to a wider audience, but mainly around the ages of young adults to adults. David Guetta- One Love Digipak I have because of artist. This that follow

chosen to look at David Guetta’s Digipak his music genre is similar to that of my gives me a good insight into the conventions pop music albums.

The Digipaks overall image is kept simple but appealing towards the audience. The bold sharp colour of pink contrasts against the white and black background and the picture of the David Guetta himself, which entitles the album to remain eyecatching. He remains evident with the same house style throughout the back cover of the album; the choice of a white background clearly gives the audience focus towards the track list. This use of a playful font promotes towards Guetta’s upbeat nature of music and the artists profile. The use of a close-up shot of David Guetta’s face engages the audience into recognising him. Colour scheme:

Owl City – Ocean Eyes Digipak I have chosen to look at Owl City’s album ‘Ocean eyes’ as the electronic genre fits in with my artist’s song ‘Day Free’. This gives me a clear indication between different genre styles of Digipak designs.

This is the main image on front cover of the album, the image ties into the theme of possibilities and boundlessness. The name of the artist and album title are in a sans serif font, which is clear and simple for the audience to read. The title of the album correlates to the picture of the ocean often associating with depth and stability. The use of the light blue colour scheme highlights the themes of healing, tranquillity, and softness. The picture of the ‘Burj Al Arab’ being the most expensive hotel in the world promotes futurism and dreams. The back cover of the album parallels, with the front cover theme of fantasy and future. The use of two moons represents the coming together of worlds far apart from earth. The use of a low angle shot of the ‘Burj Al Arab’ signifies power, dominance and authority. The Digipak also sticks to the conventions of a copyright stamp, which I will be including on my artists Digipak. Colour scheme:

Michael jackson digipak analysis  
Michael jackson digipak analysis